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These are acts that either generated a lot of press coverage or were frequently asked about by our patrons during the 2006 legislative session. For a comprehensive index to all acts for the 2006 session, please view the State Library's Subject Index to Public and Special Acts.

Alcohol consumption by minors on private property (House parties) - HB5211 PA06-112

Breast cancer screening – SB422 PA 06-38

Budget –HB5845 PA06-186

Bullying policies in schools – HB5563 PA06-115

C.H.E.T. income tax deduction HB5845 PA06-186 sec.76-78)

Campaign finance reform – SB66 PA06-137

DWI – ATVs and snowmobiles – SB599 PA06-147

Freedom of the press - HB5212 PA06-140

Item pricing of commodities – SB496 PA06-66

Motor vehicle violation surcharge – remit $10 to municipality SB537 PA06-106

Nursing home rates –SB 703 PA06-188 sec.1-5

“Phishing” protection  SB566, PA06-50

Pocket bikes – HB5664 PA06-133 sec.17

Property tax credit increased from $400 to $500 – HB5845 PA06-186 sec.79

Provisional pardons – HB5846 PA06-187  sec.84-87

Rental property, failure to return – HB5611 PA06-118

Sex offender registry list - HB5846 PA06-187  sec.31-41

Sexual assault, definition expanded – SB439 PA06-11

Social security numbers not required for motor vehicle registration – SB328  PA06-130 sec.1

Soda ban in schools SB373 PA06-63

State Supreme Court, Superior Court judges serving for members of – SB156 PA06-152 sec.12-13

Trafficking in persons – SB153  PA06-43

Workers’ Compensation Social Security offset – SB25 PA06-84