Connecticut State Library with state seal

State Library Board Minutes

State Of Connecticut, Record Of Proceedings
State Library Board
January 2000

Ann Clark, Judge Francis Hennessy, Joy Hostage, Mollie Keller, Edmund Sullivan, Edwin E. Williams, Larry Kibner

Robert Gallucci, Judge Joseph Flynn, Jack Short, Comm. Ted Sergi, Hazel McGuire

Others Present
Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Lynne Newell, Sharon Brettschneider, Richard Kingston, Dean Nelson, Mary Louise Jensen (State Library), Phillip James (ACLB), Dorothy Willett (ACLB), Pamela Bombara (CLSU), Anita Barney (CLSU), Kevin Rasch (CT Heritage Foundation), Fred Petersen (CT Heritage Foundation), Dick Lowenstein (ACLPD & Friends), Michael Golrick (CLA)

The meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m. by Chairperson Clark. Ms. Clark began by stating that the State Library Board and the Connecticut Heritage Foundation had just come from a joint meeting. Ms. Clark added that the meeting was very productive and gave the boards an opportunity to be introduced to each other and discuss items of mutual interest. Ms. Clark introduced four members of the CT Heritage Foundation who were also attending the State Library Board meeting. They were Kevin Rasch, Fred Petersen, Phil James and Dorothy Willett.

It was MOVED (E. Williams) seconded (E. Sullivan) THAT THE MINUTES OF THE NOVEMBER 22, 1999, BOARD MEETING BE APPROVED AS PRESENTED. PASSED unanimously.

Public Comment

State Librarian's Report
Mr. Wiggin reported that he and his Executive Committee have met with the Department of Public Health and the Department of Public Works regarding the Van Block Avenue space. The Department of Public Works has assumed that the Department of Public Health's material located at 80 Washington Street would be moved into any new location that the library moved to. However, it has become clear that the Department of Public Health is doing more than storing records at 80 Washington Street and is requiring more space than originally planned. They also need access to bathrooms, workspace, etc. It will negatively impact the State Library's use of Van Block if all of the Department of Public Health's requirements have to be met. We are now waiting to hear from Commissioner Anson of the Department of Public Works on this matter.

Mr. Wiggin informed the Board of his participation on two working groups. The first is an Ad Hoc group that wants to have greater web access to state statistics on children's health education and development. The second is a group representing the cultural institutions in Hartford. This group meets irregularly and discusses issues of common concern.

Mr. Wiggin concluded by informing the Board of a meeting he and the Museum of Connecticut History staff had with Ed Dombroskas of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism Division. Issues on increasing the Museum's visibility in the tourism field were discussed.

Board member Joy Hostage added that she attended a legislative reception hosted by the Southern Connecticut Library Council at which Ken Wiggin was a speaker. Ms. Hostage reported that Mr. Wiggin gave a great speech which was heard by many legislators.

Other Reports
Connecticut Library Association (CLA): CLA President Michael Golrick reported that while he was in Texas attending the American Library Association Conference there was a unanimous consent from his colleagues that he was very lucky to be dealing with Ken Wiggin as Connecticut State Librarian. Mr. Golrick added that this was also the consensus at the Western Connecticut Library Council's legislative reception in Fairfield where legislators commented on how well the State Librarian is respected in the legislature.

The CLA legislative agenda is now posted on its web site. CLA is still working on making its legislative bookmark. The CLA Legislative Committee will have a background paper for legislators and their staff which will give information on the role of libraries. This document is divided into sections by library type. This document will be distributed early in the legislative session. Mr. Golrick stated that it is his goal to have a copy distributed to every librarian in the state, including school librarians. Mr. Golrick credited Mr. Wiggin and other members of the State Library staff in helping with this document.

Mr. Golrick concluded by reminding everyone that CLA's Annual Conference is April 18-19 with preconferences beginning on April 17th. A personal invitation was extended to everyone in the room.

Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD): Chairperson Richard Lowenstein reported that the members of ACLPD responded very well to establishing three Task Forces which include non-ACLPD members. These Task Forces will research important trends and work is already being done. The three task forces are: Funding for Libraries; Library User Services; and Structure and Policy. ACLPD continues to have problems filling the library user positions on the Council. Mr. Lowenstein asked anyone with suggestions for individuals who can fill the user positions to alert Sharon Brettschneider, Ken Wiggin or himself.

Cooperating Library Service Units (CLSU): Anita Barney distributed a handout which describes the services that the CLSUs provide. Ms. Barney welcomed any questions the Board may have. Ms. Barney concluded by thanking Mr. Wiggin for agreeing to attend the Legislative Brunch coming up on Saturday, February 5, at the International College of Hospitality Management. At this time, six legislators have registered to attend.

Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): Phil James, President of ACLB informed the Board that ACLB will be sponsoring a trustee's program at the Connecticut Library Association Conference on Tuesday morning. Mr. James reported that there will be a Leadership Seminar this fall. This seminar will be a cooperative effort of the Connecticut Library Association, the State Library and the Association of Connecticut Library Boards. ACLB now has its own website. ACLB member Dorothy Willett is responsible for this website and updates the information on it regularly. The address for this website is This web site also has a link from the State Library's web page Mr. James closed by encouraging everyone to visit this website.

At this point in the meeting Michael Golrick commented that he had neglected to mention the CLA Potluck Supper. It is scheduled for March 22, and will be held in Memorial Hall at the Connecticut State Library's Museum of Connecticut History. This year's slogan is "Real Food for Real Legislators."

Advocacy Committee: Larry Kibner, Chair of the Board's Advocacy Committee, reported that the Committee's number one goal is to update the State library's present brochure. Mr. Kibner's second goal will be to enhance the State Library's visibility through networking. This year's legislative session starts on February 9. Mr. Kibner will be working with the Public Safety Committee this legislative session. Mr. Kibner encouraged the Board to let Ken Wiggin's office know who their legislators are so that he can network with them in particular. Ken Wiggin informed the Board that he has talked with Michael Golrick about combining the Board sponsored reception to honor legislators who have been active in moving the State Library's agenda forward, with the Connecticut Library Association's Potluck Supper. Mr. Wiggin will send those legislators who will be honored a letter alerting them to this fact. Sharon Brettschneider, Director of the Div. of Library Development, added that Building Consultant Mary Louise Jensen will again be coordinating a display of architect plans of libraries who have benefited from construction grants.

Friends: Richard Lowenstein reported in Jack Short's absence. The Friends met last week. Their membership is up to 157. Mr. Lowenstein invited all the Board members to join. The Friends will be celebrating its 20th anniversary soon and will be celebrating with a reception. The Friends are also participating in the Pot Luck Supper.

Board Chair Ann Clark asked Ken Wiggin to provide Board members with a monthly calendar of events that he attends, including location, date/time and host.

Old Business
FY 2000-2001 Biennial Budget: Mr. Wiggin stressed the hiring freeze and informed the Board that it may continue through the next biennium. The State Library has received the combined audit of the Connecticut Heritage Foundation and the State Library. Rich Kingston informed the Board of three recommendations in the report made by the State Auditors.

Coltsville Heritage Park: Mr. Wiggin informed the Board that he, Ed Sullivan, and Dean Nelson met with the two individuals interested in developing a living history technology museum at Coltsville Heritage Park. This is one of several proposals involving Coltsville Heritage Park which Mr. Wiggin will keep the Board apprised of.

New Business
Approval of Extensions of the State Public Library Construction Grant for the Pomfret Public Library: Building Consultant Mary Louise Jensen reported that the Pomfret Public Library is in the planning process of making their library handicap accessible. Due to deterioration in some areas of the front of the library and additional renovations that may result from this, the location of the lift may be changed. Additional time is being requested in order to resolve this issue. It was MOVED (L. Kibner) seconded (J. Hostage) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES POMFRET PUBLIC LIBRARY's EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TO INITIATE ITS PROJECT FOR THE $6,666 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TO MARCH 25, 2001. PASSED unanimously.

Approval of FY2000 LSTA Budget: Sharon Brettschneider reported that the FY 2000 LSTA budget allocates the Federal LSTA funds available from October 1, 1999 - September 30, 2000. At their October, 1999 meeting, the Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development approved a draft budget based on the FY99 allocation with the understanding that if the FY2000 allocation is greater, the additional funds would be assigned to the grants line. Mr. Wiggin stated that he received a call from Board member Jack Short who felt that additional funds should go to Continuing Education. Mrs. Brettschneider responded that she felt there was sufficient funding this year for Continuing Education. It was MOVED (E. Williams) seconded (E. Sullivan) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE FY2000 LSTA BUDGET. PASSED unanimously.

Other Business
Ann Clark stated that several Board members have expressed an interest in a day-long retreat to examine long term and short term goals for the State Library. Ken Wiggin will look into facilitators for this retreat. Ms. Clark polled the Board on what days would be best for scheduling such a retreat.

Joy Hostage inquired about the libraries that are still waiting for the Bond Commission to approve their construction grants. Those libraries are Mansfield, East Granby, and Bridgeport. Ms. Hostage encouraged the Board members to write to their senators so that the information will reach the Governor. Ann Clark asked Ken Wiggin to encourage the towns waiting for their grant to attend the State Library's hearing before the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee scheduled for January 27th.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:22 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 27, 2000, at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) in the Attorney's Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary
Jane Beaudoin, Recorder