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January 29, 2007

Members present:     Mollie Keller,  Bob Harris, Daphne Deeds, John Barry, Judge Francis Hennessy , Joy Hostage, Mary Etter, Jackie Hemond, Allen Hoffman, Judge Joseph Flynn




Members absent:     Barbara Westwater





Others present:       Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Sharon Brettschneider, Lynne Newell, Bonnie Delaney, Rich Kingston (State Library) 


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Chairperson Mollie Keller called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. 






It was MOVED (M. Etter) seconded (B. Harris) THAT THE MINUTES OF THE November 27, 2006, BOARD MEETING BE APPROVED AS PRESENTED.  PASSED unanimously.






There was none.






Mr. Wiggin handed out an addendum to the written State Librarian’s report that was in the Board packet.  Emphasis was placed on the new provision to the campaign finance law that limits the campaign contribution that contractors can make to state and local elections.  Not-for-profits are included in this restriction so association libraries that have contracts greater than or equal to $50,000 or if the combined contacts are greater than or equal to $100,000 in a fiscal year, are affected by this law.  Mr. Wiggin feels that this is an unintended consequence of this statute.

Mr. Wiggin stated that he is very appreciative of all the time his staff have committed to the Pandemic Planning process.






Connecticut Library Association (CLA): No report at this time.




Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD):  Sharon Brettschneider stated that ACLPD will meet again in February.  The Council has begun the process of compiling the LSTA 5 Year Plan.  A subcommittee was formed to work on the LSTA 5 year plan, hold focus groups and also develop a blog to get input from the community for the plan.  Ken Wiggin asked Ms. Brettschneider to send the Board members the blog address.   




Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC): Mary Etter reported that the CLC is involved in evaluating the InfoAnyTime Program.  There is a program scheduled for this Friday in Wilton on “Accelerating Towards the Home Stretch”.  This program is geared to prepare library boards and librarians for retirements that may decrease their workforce. 




Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): Sharon Brettschneider reported that ACLB will have a program at the CLA Annual Conference in April.  The program will focus on how library boards can prepare for when library directors retire.




Friends of Connecticut Libraries (FOCL):  No report at this time. 




Connecticut Heritage Foundation (CHF):  Mr. Wiggin reported that the Foundation met on December 11, 2006.  The Board decided to arrange a brainstorming meeting to revive the Foundation and get new ideas.  This meeting has been scheduled for February 13, 2007.  Mr. Wiggin reminded the State Library Board members that if they know of any potential Connecticut Heritage Foundation Board members to let him know. 




Museum Advisory Committee:  No report at this time.






Budget Up:  Mr. Wiggin reported that the State Bond Commission approved $300,000 for the acquisition of library materials for the State Library.  The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) has also approved $258,000 for the State Library to buy computers and other equipment.  Mr. Wiggin is hopeful that the Governor’s budget address, which is scheduled for February 7, will include additional funding for the State Library.

Budget Update




Legislative Update:  Ken Wiggin reported that he met with Representative Fleischman, Co-Chair of the Eduation Committee, and presented the State Library’s legislative issues to him.  Mr. Wiggin is tracking many bills that may impact the State Library. 

Legislative Update







Approval of Resolutions:  Ken Wiggin stated that the State Library’s Executive Committee has decided to bring resolutions to the Board for employees who are retiring from state service.  Mr. Wiggin stated that there are two resolutions for the Board’s approval. It was immediately moved (J. Flynn) seconded (J. Hostage) , THAT THE RESOLUTION FOR ELLEN MORRISON AND ROSE HILL-BERRIOS BE APPROVED.  PASSED unanimously.

Resolution for Ellen Morrison & Rose Hill-Berrios




Adoption of Strategic Plan for Museum of Connecticut History:  Ken Wiggin reported that the State Library and Museum of Connecticut History hired a consultant to lead a strategic planning process.  The planning group and the Museum Advisory Committee adopted a final draft on November 27, 2006 and a copy was given to the State Library Board that same day for their review.  The Strategic Plan is now before the Board for adoption.  It was MOVED (M. Etter) seconded (B. Harris) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD ADOPTS THE MUSEUM OF CONNECTICUT HISTORY’S STRATEGIC PLAN, :TELLING THE STORIES OF CONNECTICUT IN NEW WAYS” AND INSTRUCTS THE STATE LIBRARIAN IN  CONSULTATION WITH MUSEUM STAFF AND THE MUSEUM ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS TO IMPLEMENT THE PLAN AND TO MAKE QUARTERLY PROGRESS REPORTS TO THE BOARD.  PASSED unanimously.

Strategic Plan for Museum









Board member John Barry requested a list of legislative bill numbers the State Librarian is tracking so that he can track them as well. 

Mary Etter updated the Board on the Connecticut Book Party.  This is an effort to raise funds for libraries destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  Friends groups are getting involved and there will also be some fundraising efforts at the CLA Conference.

Judge Hennessy stated that he attended the 300th presentation of Kevin Johnson’s William Webb presentation.  Judge Hennessy thought it was a wonderful evening and requested that the Board formally thank Mr. Johnson.  It was agreed.

Judge Flynn stated that not long ago he had an occasion to use the Law library.  Judge  Flynn stated that he was in the Law Library for over 2 hours and there were no other patrons in there during that time.  Judge  Flynn questioned whether the unavailability of parking is a factor.  Lynne Newell responded that there is an increase in phone and email requests and a decrease in onsite visits except for the History and Genealogy section of the Library.  Judge Flynn asked if there was any response from the Dept. of Public Works on parking options.  Mr. Wiggin replied that he spoke with the Commissioner of Public Works who stated that he does not recall receiving the letter Mr. Wiggin sent him.  Judge Flynn stated that he would like to see this matter pursued.  Mr. Wiggin will follow up on this matter. 

Judge Flynn also asked if there was any information to share regarding insurance coverage and appraisals regarding the collections.  Mr. Wiggin stated that he needs to arrange a meeting with the insurance carrier and the Judicial Dept. Judge Flynn stated that he would like to have something in writing from the Insurance Company if they are not willing to change things.  






At 2:03 p.m., it was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (J. Hemond) TO ADJOURN.  PASSED unanimously.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 26 2007, at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) at the Van Block Facility.




Respectfully submitted,








Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary








Jane Beaudoin, Recorder