Connecticut State Library with state seal

State Library Board Minutes

State Of Connecticut, Record Of Proceedings
State Library Board
July 28, 2003

Members present: Judge Francis Hennessy , Larry Kibner, Fred Petersen, Bob Harris, Mollie Keller, Ed Williams, Betty Sternberg

Members absent: Joy Hostage, Ann Clark, Judge Joseph Flynn

Others present: Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Lynne Newell, Rich Kingston, Mary Louise Jensen, Mark Jones, Eunice DiBella, Dean Nelson, Bonnie Delaney (State Library), Marge Storrs (Friends of CT Libraries), Chris Bradley (CT Library Consortium), Beth Harney (Bentley Library Board), Paul Ganquinto (Salem Library Bldg. Committee), Joyce Stille (Town of Bolton), John Treacy Beyer, Darcy Beyer, Ann M. Burton (St. John's Church, Washington, CT), Michael Golrick (Bridgeport Public Library), Les Kozerowitz (Norwalk Public Library/CLA), Peter Sielman (Town of Salem)

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Vice-Chairperson Mollie Keller called the meeting to order at 1:17 p.m. Ms. Keller advised the Board that they will be working from the Revised Agenda that was distributed before the meeting.


It was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (L. Kibner) THAT THE MINUTES OF THE MAY 19, 2003, BOARD MEETING BE APPROVED AS PRESENTED. PASSED with one abstention (M. Keller.).


Mr. Wiggin stated that there is one correction to his written report. The Personnel Report portion has "Positions Filled Since Last Report" entered twice. The First entry, which states that a Librarian I position has been filled in the Information Services Division, is the correct entry.

Mr. Wiggin updated the Board on the budget situation. The State Library is still operating with continuing weekly resolutions from the Governor.

On July 31 at 9:00p.m. the program "Positively Connecticut" will have a segment that features Kevin Johnson of the History and Genealogy Unit, portraying Private William Webb, a black Civil War soldier of the 29th Regiment. The segment will include an interview of Kevin Johnson and comments by Kendall Wiggin.

Mr. Wiggin was pleased to report the Judicial is recalling two security officers that were laid off. This will reduce the number of times the south entrance of the Library will be closed due to staff shortages. The two additional guards will alleviate security issues overall.

Connecticut Library Association (CLA): President Les Kozerowitz stated that there is no CLA report at this time.

Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD): Ken Wiggin reported that ACLPD will meet again in August. ACLPD has decided that it would be a good idea to hire someone to help write LSTA reports. These reports will be posted on the American Library Association (ALA) and Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) websites.

Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC): Chris Bradley, Interim Director, reported that the CLC Board has met only three times. They are trying to consolidate the merger of the four Cooperating Library Service Units. Employees of these four Units have been laid off with only a few remaining staff working until September 30, 2003. Ms. Bradley distributed a fact sheet that states the Mission, Vision, Values, Programs and Services of the Connecticut Library Consortium. This document will be filed with the State Library Board meeting packet and minutes for this meeting. The CLC's new website is CLC has a new logo and expects its first newsletter to go out on August 1, 2003.

Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): Ken Wiggin reported that on October 9, 2003, ACLB will jointly sponsor, with the State Library and Connecticut Library Association, the 4th Annual Leadership Conference. This year's conference is titled "Library Board Leadership and Loose Cannons". The conference will once again be held at the Water's Edge Resort and Spa in Westbrook, Connecticut. Mr. Wiggin distributed the conference registration form and encouraged attendance.

Friends: Marge Storrs reported that the Friends had close to 50 guests at their May 19 program on Successful Membership Drives. Ms. Storrs reported on the activities of the Friends. Dues will be raised to meet expenses.

The Friends, with the help of Mary Engels, have established a listserv for Connecticut Library Friends groups. It is known as the FOCL-Form and can be found at

The Friends are working on their October 15, 2003 program "Jazzing up your Newsletter." Membership mailings will be handled the first week of August. This year the membership forms will be prefilled for a quicker return.

Advocacy Committee: No report at this time.


Budget Update: Mr. Wiggin reported that there was still no budget agreement. The agencies are receiving enough funds to meet payroll and to pay some bills by Executive Order. Until there is a budget, contracts cannot move forward. Some vendors have agreed to continue providing services on good faith. The major concerns remain the funding for iCONN; the CLC; and the Library's book budget. Funding for iCONN and the CLC had been in each of the budgets that were voted out of the General Assembly (and later vetoed). Only a third of the book budget has ever shown up in any version of the budget. The additional funds have been promised in the bonding bill, but that has not been written.

Legislative Update: Ken Wiggin reported that the Commission on the Arts is still operating under the State Library's budget but it appears that it will be moved to operate as part of a new agency incorporating Arts, History and Tourism.

Museum Advisory Committee: Dean Nelson reported that the Museum Advisory Committee meets three times a year. The last meeting was held on May 27, 2003.

Mr. Nelson reported that the last recommended budget narrative included the closing of four historical sites operated by the Historical Commission.

Mr. Nelson circulated an article that was in the New Haven Register entitled "Patently Interesting".

Ed Williams asked about the Museum Assessment Program. Mr. Nelson explained that the program will help the Museum move toward the future. Mr. Wiggin added that the American Association of Museums will send a consultant to go over the report and discuss recommendations with the Museum.


Grant Extension to the Bentley Memorial Library: Mary Louise Jensen introduced Bolton's Administrative Officer, Joyce Stille and also Beth Harney, Chair of the Bentley Memorial Library Board. Ms. Stille reported that the Bolton Facilities Project, which involves both the expansion and renovation to the Bentley Memorial Library and the Notch Road Municipal Center, failed at referendum. Bolton's Selectmen passed a motion setting another referendum for late September to vote on the library project contingent upon funding. It was MOVED (E. Williams) seconded (B. Harris) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES BENTLEY MEMORIAL LIBRARY'S EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TO INITIATE ITS PROJECT FOR THE $500,000 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2004. PASSED unanimously.

Grant Extension to the Black Rock Library (Bridgeport): Mary Louise Jensen explained that the first extension given to the Black Rock Library took five years to get passed by the Bond Commission. The State Library approved the extension in November of 1997 but the Bond Commission didn't approve it until March of 2003. Director of the Bridgeport Public Library, Michael Golrick, stated that it is a matter of costs changing as well as municipality changes. More time is needed to secure funding and complete the City's permitting process. It was moved (E. Williams) seconded (L. Kibner) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES BLACK ROCK LIBRARY'S EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TO INITIATE ITS PROJECT FOR THE $375,000 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TO SEPTEMBER 27, 2004. PASSED with one abstention (M. Keller).

Grant Extension for the Norwalk Public Library: Mary Louise Jensen stated that this is Norwalk's third request for a grant extension. The Mayor of Norwalk wants to hire a different architect. Local funds are in place and the community is behind this renovation and expansion project. Additional time is being requested in order to finalize drawings and go out to bid. Director of the Norwalk Public Library, Les Kozerowitz, stated that he will do everything he can to move this project along. It was MOVED (E. Williams) seconded (B. Harris) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES NORWALK PUBLIC LIBRARY'S EXTENSION OF THE DEADLINE TO INITIATE THE RENOVATION AND ADDITION OF THE SOUTH NORWALK BRANCH LIBRARY PROJECT FOR THE $500,000 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2004. PASSED unanimously.

State Public Library Construction Grant Timetable and Guidelines for 2003-2004: Mary Louise Jensen explained that the Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development endorsed the revisions to the Timetable and Guidelines for 2003-2004 at their June 18, 2003 meeting. The revisions include a priority list for the next fiscal year so that future applicants will know how they will be ranked. The extensions are being further defined in order to discourage those libraries that have already received a grant from holding on to funds without moving forward on their projects. Fred Petersen suggested a few additional revisions to the document, which was agreed on by the Board. It was MOVED (F. Petersen) seconded (F. Hennessy) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE REVISED STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT TIMETABLE AND GUIDELINES FOR 2003-2004, WITH THE ADDED REVISIONS, WHICH SHALL BE MADE A PART HEREOF BY REFERENCE. PASSED unanimously.

Transfer of Parish Records to St. John's Episcopal Church: State Archivist Mark Jones reported that the State Library Board has the authority to approve transfers of non-governmental archival records from the State Library. In March of 2002, the chief officers of the governing board for John's Episcopal Church asked that the State Library return four volumes of its parish records. Mr. Jones discovered that the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut had deposited an earlier record book with the State Library and recommended that it also be transferred to St. John' s Episcopal Church. The Diocese approved the transfer. The State Library has copies of the volumes for use by on-site researchers. It was MOVED (F. Petersen) with some language change in the Motion which was approved by the Board, seconded (L. Kibner), THAT IT BE RESOLVED THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD CONCURS WITH THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE STATE ARCHIVIST AND THE PUBLIC RECORDS ADMINISTRATOR AND APPROVES THE TRANSFER TO THE ST. JOHN'S CHURCH IN WASHINGTON, CONNECTIUCT, THOSE PARISH RECORDS IN THE CUSTODY OF THE CONNECTICUT STATE LIBRARY. PASSED unanimously.

State Public Library Construction Grant for the Salem Free Public Library: Mary Louise Jensen explained that the Salem Free Public Library wants to reduce their square footage again because the cost estimate exceeded the construction budget by almost $250,000. The problem is that the reduction in square footage puts the Library below the recommended minimum of 7,738 square feet. Ms. Jensen introduced Salem's First Selectman, Peter Sielman. Mr. Sielman stated that Salem has experienced a very tough financial year. The Salem Library project has passed referendum by a vote of two to one. Board member Ed Williams expressed a concern that staff is approving a project that is below the state standards. Ms. Jensen replied that there is a concern with this but certain circumstances are allowed. It was MOVED (E. WILLIAMS) seconded (B. Harris) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES SALEM FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY'S REVISION TO ITS $500,000 STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT; HOWEVER, NO FURTHER APPROVAL OF SQUARE FOOTAGE REDUCTIONS BELOW 7,051 SQUARE FEET WILL BE CONSIDERED. PASSED unanimously.

Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Five -Year Plan: Ken Wiggin reported that the Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development (ACLPD) formed an LSTA Planning Task Force to write a new LSTA Plan for Connecticut. ACLPD and the State Library Board approved the new plan in 2002. The Institute of Museum and Library Services required more revisions to the plan. ACLPD approved the additional revisions and are now bringing it to the State Library Board for approval. It was MOVED (F. Petersen) seconded (L. Kibner), with the revision that "which will be a part of hereof by reference" be included at the end of the motion, THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE REVISED LSTA FIVE-YEAR PLAN FOR 2002-2007 WHICH WILL BE A PART HEREOF BY REFERENCE. PASSED unanimously.

Report of the Nominations Committee / Election of Officers: Molie Keller thanked Judge Hennessy and Fred Petersen for serving as the Nominations Committee. Ms. Keller turned the meeting over to the Board's Secretary Ken Wiggin. Mr. Wiggin appointed Bob Harris temporary Chairman of the Board. Mr. Harris asked Judge Hennessy to give the report of the Nominations Committee. Judge Hennessy reported that he and Fred Petersen have met and sent out letters to the Board asking for nominations for the position of Chair and Vice Chair of the State Library Board for a one-year term. No new nominations were received. Ann Clark and Molllie Keller did express an interest in continuing as Chair and Vice Chair. It was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (F. Petersen) THAT ANN CLARK AND MOLLIE KELLER CONTINUE IN THEIR ROLES AS CHAIR AND VICE CHAIR OF THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD FOR ANOTHER ONE-YEAR TERM. PASSED unanimously.


There was no other business at this time.


It was MOVED (F. Hennessy) seconded (B. Harris) TO ADJOURN. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 22, 2003, at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) location to be determined.

Respectfully submitted,


Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary


Jane Beaudoin, Recorder