Connecticut State Library with state seal

State Library Board Minutes

State Of Connecticut, Record Of Proceedings
State Library Board
November 22, 1999

Ann Clark, Robert Gallucci, Joy Hostage, Mollie Keller, Judge Joseph Flynn, Larry Kibner, Jack Short, Edmund Sullivan, Edwin E. Williams

Judge Francis Hennessy, Comm. Ted Sergi, Hazel McGuire McGuire

Others Present
Kendall Wiggin, Jane Beaudoin, Lynne Newell, Sharon Brettschneider, Mary Louise Jensen (State Library), Michael Golrick (CLA), Richard Lowenstein (ACLPD), Pamela Bombara (CLSUs), Anita Barney (CLSUs)

Chairperson Clark called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m.

The minutes of the September 27, 1999, Board meeting were approved.

Public Comment

State Librarian's Report
Ken Wiggin reported that the State Library's Staff Development Day went very well. 133 State Library staff members met in Keeney Memorial Hall at the Old Wethersfield Historical Society. Mr. Wiggin informed the Board that the meeting facilitator, Deanne Shapiro, will be preparing her notes for the Executive Committee's review. Mr. Wiggin will share these notes with the Board.

Mr. Wiggin informed the Board that the Library of Congress is celebrating its bicentennial with a commemorative stamp. The Library of Congress is giving individual libraries an opportunity to create a cachet design for the second-day issue events. Mr. Wiggin noted that the State Library will be participating and encouraged the Board to let him know if they have any ideas for the cachet design. Jack Short stated that it would be nice to use a Connecticut illustrator for this purpose.

Other Reports
Connecticut Library Association (CLA): Michael Golrick, CLA President, updated the Board on recent CLA activities. Mr. Golrick attended the annual meeting of the Northeastern Massachusetts Regional Library Systems, which was created three years ago.

Mr. Golrick also updated the Board on the CLA Conference coming up in April, 2000. On Tuesday evening the speaker will be John Updike and on Wednesday evening the speaker will be Esmerelda Santiago. Ms. Santiago is the author of When I was a Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman. The Friends will be doing a dinner at the Conference on Tuesday evening. There are also several pre-conferences being planned.

Mr. Golrick brought the Board up to date on his activities with the local chapter of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. Mr. Golrick has concerns with the lack of ethnic diversity in librarian leadership in Connecticut. The Black Caucus Chapter will have a program at the CLA Conference and will also be sponsoring a preconference.

Michael Golrick, the CLA Legislative Committee Co-Chairs, and the State Librarian have met with several legislators to further CLA's legislative agenda.

Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD): ACLPD Chair Richard Lowenstein distributed the meeting notes from the October 20th ACLPD Planning Day to the Board for their review. The Council is re-evaluating its priorities in an effort to channel its energies more effectively. Mr. Lowenstein welcomed the Board's suggestions or comments on what ACLPD could do to continually focus in the direction that the State Library Board is moving. ACLPD has decided to have a representative at each State Library Board meeting, in the future.

Cooperating Library Service Units (CLSU): Pam Bombara, Chairperson of the CLSUs, informed the Board of some of the less traditional services provided by the CLSUs. Ms. Bombara gave some examples of these services provided by Eastern Connecticut Libraries, Capitol Region Library Council, Southern Connecticut Library Council and the Western Connecticut Library Council. Anita Barney, also from the CSLUs, distributed a fact sheet which details these less-traditional services provided by the CLSUs.

Association of Connecticut Library Boards (ACLB): Sharon Brettschneider reported for Phil James, President of ACLB. Ms. Brettschneider stated that Joan Emmet is working on the ACLB web page which the State Library is hosting. Ms. Brettschneider also stated that Mr. Walt Crawford will be the ACLB speaker on Tuesday morning of the CLA Conference in April.

Advocacy Committee: Advocacy Committee Chair Larry Kibner reported that the Committee is in the planning stages of a new State Library brochure. The Committee is looking at the possibility of a new State Library logo and theme for the brochure. Mr. Kibner stated that he has been contacting his local legislators for additional help in the upcoming legislative session for the State Library. Ann Clark commented that all the efforts made by the Board with their legislators are very helpful to the State Library. Ms. Clark added that she would like to commend Board member Ed Williams on submitting to two of his legislators a letter requesting help for the State Library. Mr. Williams did receive a response back from one of them, Representative Robert Simmons, who is also a member of the Connecticut Heritage Foundation. Ms. Clark encouraged the entire Board to speak to their legislators.

Friends: Jack Short reported that Leonard Everett Fisher will be the Honorary Chair of Friends of Library month in April, 2000. Mr. Short stated that the Friends are so large in number that he would like to find a way to harness all of the energy in the group for dialoguing with legislators. Ann Clark suggested that the Advocacy Committee work with the Friends to generate letters to legislators on behalf of the State Library.

At this point in the meeting Ken Wiggin introduced Lynne Newell, Director of Information Services. Ms. Newell showed a portion of a video recorded from the Crossroads Magazine program on WTXX. The program visited the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH) in Rocky Hill and gave a very good overview for the general public of what LBPH does and has to offer.

Old Business
FY 2000-2001 Biennial Budget: Ken Wiggin reported that it is not likely that the budget will improve in the near future. However, because of Sharon Brettschneider's perseverance in working with the Universal Service Fund, the State Library will be receiving two discounts. The State Library will be billed at a reduced rate for its phone system as well as receiving funds towards a new phone service which has not been updated since 1955.

Mr. Wiggin added that hiring freezes are still in place. Ann Clark suggested that Ken Wiggin meet with the State Library Board's Finance Committee.

Coltsville Heritage Park: Ken Wiggin stated that he met with two individuals interested in developing a living history technology museum at Coltsville Heritage Park. At the request of these individuals, Mr. Wiggin will be setting up a meeting with the Museum Advisory Board, the Connecticut Heritage Foundation, and the State Library Board, so that they may make their presentation. Board member Ed Sullivan expressed serious concerns about another party being interested in creating a new museum when there is already a Museum of Connecticut History.

New Business
Approval of 1999-2000 State Public Library Construction Grant Recommendations: Ann Clark stated that the State Library Board has reviewed the State Public Library Construction Grant Recommendations. The state bonding grant allocation for FY00 is $2.5 million with an additional $859,023 in funds that were not used from previously awarded grants. It was MOVED (B. Gallucci) seconded (L. Kibner) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD ACCEPTS THE RECOMMENDATIONS WITH THE STIPULATIONS STATED ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE FOR THE STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSTRUCTION GRANT AWARDS FOR FY 99-00 AS FOLLOWS: Category #1 (projects that create additional usable library space, such as new buildings, additions, and renovations) - Hartford $500,000, Plainville $500,000, Oxford $500,000, Waterbury $500,000 (subject to the stipulation that soil-boring tests and the architect's letter about the soil be submitted to the State Library staff before signing with a building contractor), Old Saybrook $500,000 (subject to the stipulation that soil-boring tests and the architect's letter about the soil be submitted to the State Library staff before signing with a building contractor), Norwalk $500,000 (subject to the stipulation that new structural work must be done for support beams and columns), Granby $160,871.46, Category #2 (projects that make buildings handicapped accessible and in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), correct fire or building code violations, remodel to accommodate new technologies, or provide for energy conservation) - North Canaan $54,945 (subject to the stipulation that soil-boring tests and the architect's letter about the soil be submitted to the State Library staff before signing with a building contractor and also subject to the stipulation that the floors must be reinforced to 150 pounds per square foot load bearing), Middletown $100,000 (subject to the stipulation that the floor(s) must be reinforced to 150 pounds per square foot load bearing), Middlefield $10,000, New Canaan $33,207 (subject to the stipulation that the floor(s) must be reinforced to 150 pounds per square foot load bearing). PASSED unanimously.

Approval of the State Library Board's Year 2000 meeting calendar: Ann Clark asked the Board if there was any discussion on the Year 2000 calendar as presented. Ed Williams suggested that the Board try a breakfast meeting to see if the earlier time suits the Board for use in future meetings. Mr. Williams stated that he finds afternoon meetings more difficult to attend and added that he would also prefer not to meet on Mondays. Bob Gallucci commented that he stills feels strongly that the Board should be meeting monthly to address concerns in a more timely fashion and relieve the State Librarian from decisions that should include the Board. Jack Short reminded the Board that we are a policy setting Board, and the daily operations of the Library should be left to the State librarian and his staff. Joy Hostage stated that it would be a good idea to meet more often during the legislative session. Ann Clark stated that it would be possible to work a breakfast meeting into the year 2000 schedule. Ms. Clark added that she personally doesn't feel it is necessary to meet more often to accomplish legislative goals. Ms. Clark shared that legislators have commented to her that the State Librarian needs to have more visibility at the Capitol if the State Library's financial agenda is to move forward. It is more important that the State Librarian invest time in visiting and building relationships with the Executive, Judicial and legislative branches of government. It is Ms. Clark's feeling that if an issue comes up that requires the Board's immediate attention, a special meeting can be called. Ms. Clark stated that if there is any issue that needs the Board's attention she expects Mr. Wiggin to alert her so that a special meeting can be called. It was MOVED (E. Williams) seconded (E. Sullivan) THAT THE STATE LIBRARY BOARD APPROVES THE FOLLOWING DATES FOR ITS REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETINGS IN THE YEAR 2000: January 24, March 27, May 22, July 24, September 25, and November 27. PASSED with 6 yes votes, 1 no vote, and 2 abstentions.



It was MOVED (B. Gallucci) seconded (L. Kibner) TO ADJOURN. PASSED unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:59 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 24, 2000 at 1:15 p.m. (lunch at 12:30 p.m.) in the Attorney's Conference Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Kendall F. Wiggin, Secretary
Jane Beaudoin, Recorder