Connecticut State Library with state seal

State Librarian's Report

May 22, 2000

This report is prepared bi-monthly in conjunction with the regular meetings of the Connecticut State Library Board. Items to be routinely covered include the following: the significant activities of the State Librarian and the staff, significant administrative decisions affecting the operation of the Library, status reports regarding in-progress activities, information regarding external events having an impact on the Library, media coverage of the Library, and information of general interest to the members of the Board.

The following report by the State Librarian, which will be included in the minutes of the May 22, 2000 meeting of the Board, covers the period of March 28, 2000, through May 21, 2000.

Financial Report
Attached to this report.

Personnel Report

  1. Material Storage Supervisor 1(Public Records) - Subject to OPM hiring freeze.
  2. Library Technician (BIS) Subject to OPM hiring freeze.
  3. Supervising Program Associate - (Arts) - On hold.
  4. Secretary 1 (Admn Serv.) -ERIP/Hold.
  5. Fiscal Administrative Manager 1 (Admn Serv.) To be reclassified.
  6. Lead Hand Bookbinder and Restorer (Conservation Lab) - On hold.
  7. Systems Developer 3 (Library Development) - Request to establish denied by OPM.
  8. Administrative Assistant - Request for refill denied by OPM.

Vacancies (Federal Funds)

  1. State Library Unit Head (DLD) - to be reclassified.
  2. Messenger and Supply Clerk (LBPH) - On Hold.
  3. Clerk (LBPH) - On hold.

Positions Filled Since Last Report

  1. Financial Clerk (Admn. Serv.)
  2. Library Specialist (reQuest)

State Librarian's Report

The hiring freeze will continue in place and is continuing to impact negatively on library services. Most frustrating is getting approval for a position related to our parent's website project that is grant funded.

The appropriation bill that was passed in this past session included:

$255,175 and four new positions were added to the State Library's budget for the purpose of opening the Library one evening a week and on Saturdays and opening the Museum on weekends. The Division of Information Services is developing a plan for opening the library with its new hours. It appears likely that the new hours will be in effect for the museum after July 1, and for the library in September.

$50,000 was added for a parents academy.

The balance of the $2 million for the relocation of the archives was carried forward. Originally this had been appropriated for just this fiscal year.

Operating expenses, the Connecticut Digital Library, and the Cooperating Library Service Units will not be funded at the original FY01 appropriation level, but in the case of the reQuest and the CLSUs, there are small increases from the current year. This still leaves CLSU and reQuest funding below FY99.

Legislative Activity
I spent considerable time meeting with Legislators and others between the time of our last meeting and the end of the session on May 3rd. As I reported to you earlier we had a very productive session. The various initiatives that passed are discussed in greater detail below. The Cultural Heritage bill (SB566) died, but it went further along in the legislative process than many expected. I believe that a version of this bill will be before the next session. Bruce Fraser deserves much credit for the attention that this bill received.

Historic Records
HB 5178 "An Act Concerning Real Estate Filings And The Preservation Of Historic Documents", was passed by the House and Senate and has gone to the Governor. The bill establishes a $3.00 filing fee on real estate filings. It is estimated that this could generate $2.7 million annually. Of that approximately $540,000 would be available for use by the State Library for records management and preservation activities. $1.26 million would be used in a grant program administered by the State Library.

Early Reading
A library partnership program has been funded in the six communities with underperforming schools. The libraries will receive no less than 10% of the total grant to the school board. I do not have figures for this yet. The Department of Education will administer the program, but the State Library will consult on the library portion of the plan for expenditure of the funds by the school board. The libraries are to use the money for programs that will improve family literacy and parent involvement. It is our hope that this program will prove successful and can be expanded to other communities in future years.

Off-Site Shelving Facility
Progress continues to be slow. We have resolved issues with the Department of Public Health. The State Library and the Department of Public Works have signed off on the Lease Proposal, but it is stalled at the Office of Policy and Management. We have responded in writing to several questions that OPM has raised. We are now awaiting their final approval. As mentioned above, funds for the project were carried forward in the appropriations bill.

Digital Library
The most significant funding for library service in years has come in the form of funding for the Connecticut Digital Library.

$2 million was included in the final budget for the Digital Library. The money was appropriated to the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) to be evenly allocated between the State Library and the Department of Higher Education.

HB 5297 "An Act Concerning Underperforming Schools and School Readiness", actually includes the language creating the "Commission on Education Technology" which will oversee the development of the education network and the Digital Library. The State Librarian, or designee, will be a member of the Commission as will a representative of the Connecticut Library Association. The State Library, "in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education (DHE)," will administer the Connecticut Digital Library."

We have already begun planning and I have a meeting scheduled with DHE on May 31st. Sharon Brettschneider has set up an ad hoc advisory group to formulate a request for proposal and she and I met with Rock Regan, Commissioner of DOIT to discuss the RFP process. I would like to get some of the first databases up by the start of school this September.

Professional Activity
I attended the Spring meeting of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), the Spring meeting of the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA), the Governor's Conference on Tourism and the National Online Meeting.

It was my pleasure to attend the concluding event of a joint program on multiculturalism conducted by Easton Public Library and the school library. The multicultural dinner and music program was held at the library.

I had several speaking engagements this spring. I spoke on the relevance of libraries at the Nelinet Reference Services Committee's Conference in Worcester, MA. Sharon Brettschneider and I presented the "State Library Confidential" at the CLA Annual Conference. I was on a panel of New England State Librarians discussing statewide issues at the Vermont Libr ary Association. I also Chaired the Nelinet Annual Meeting.

I provided welcoming remarks at a CEMA workshop, the LBPH Open House, Workshop for Records Liaisons, and the State Documents Librarians meeting.

I had a very productive meeting with Susan Southworth and Paul Giguere, President and Chief Executive Officer of Connecticut Network (CTN) to discuss his plans for archiving the many hours of video tape they are accumulating as they broadcast legislative sessions, hearings, and the like.

I joined a large group of library Friends at the 20th Anniversary Dinner of Friends of Connecticut Libraries.

I attended the regular meetings of the reQuest Board, Nelinet Board, ACLPD, JCET, ACLB Leadership Conference planning Committee, and Friends of Connecticut Libraries.

Public Records Administration

Workshop for State Agency Records Management Liaison Officers
On Thursday, April 13, 2000, the Office of the Public Records Administrator and State Archives presented a half-day workshop entitled, "Records and Information Management in the New Millennium: Statutes, Policies, and Procedures for Connecticut State Agencies." The workshop was designed for state agency records management liaison officers and other state agency employees who have records management responsibilities. Held at the DOT building in Newington, the workshop attracted 130 state employees from 67 agencies or divisions. The program included a review of the new State Records Management Manual published in 1999; legal requirements governing the maintenance of public records; and records retention, disposition storage and archival preservation. In addition, current issues in records and information management including e-mail, optical imaging, and e-commerce were discussed. Speakers included Kendall Wiggin, Eunice DiBella, Mark Jones, and LeAnn Johnson.

Division Of Library Development

Steve Cauffman will join reQuest as the new reQuest Interlibrary Loan Coordinator effective May 19, 2000. Mr. Cauffman has been responsible for interlibrary loan operations at Central Connecticut State University since September 1998. He also serves on the NELINET Interlibrary Loan Advisory Committee. He received an MLS degree from Simmons College and a BA in English from Central Connecticut State University.

Gail Hurley will join reQuest as the new reQuest Statewide Library Catalog Coordinator effective June 2, 2000. Ms. Hurley has been the System Operations User Coordinator for the Capitol Region Library Council (CRLC) since 1991. In that capacity, she has provided support and training on the CARL integrated library system to 34 CONNECT libraries, and has been managing the planned conversion from CARL to SIRSI. She is also a trainer in the "Effective Customer Service" program. Gail received an MLIS degree from the University of Rhode Island and a BA in political science from Drew University.

Alfred Hopkins, Jr. (ACES) stepped down as Chair of the reQuest Governance Board after completing two one-year terms. He will remain as a member of the Board. Betty Goyette (State Department of Education) will serve as the next Chair of the Board. Patricia Holloway (Eastern Connecticut Libraries) stepped down as a member of the Board after serving two two-year terms. Membership application forms to fill this vacancy were distributed throughout the library community and posted to the reQuest Home Page with a return due date of May 24, 2000.

We have renewed our contract with the Gale Group to provide free access to popular GaleNet databases through reQuest. All Connecticut schools will receive access to DISCovering Authors, DISCovering Science and DISCovering US History. Public libraries and Community Colleges will receive access to Contemporary Authors, DISCovering Science, DISCovering US History and Gale's Ready Reference Shelf. Statewide discounts are available for other GaleNet products.

Statewide discounts have also been negotiated for AccuNet AP/Photo Archive, Diversity Your World with Ethnic NewsWatch, eLibrary, Encyclopedia Britannica, Grolier Online, and SIRS on the Web. Over 350 libraries are participating in the discount program which is coordinated by Jane Emerson.

To increase awareness of the statewide library catalog among state employees, we have arranged to insert an informational notice in the paycheck envelopes of every state employee (this distribution list now numbers 70,000). We are printing 30,000 additional notices for distribution to reQuest participating libraries. A pdf version of this notice (28.78kb) can be seen on the reQuest Home Page. (This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you can not access it, please email the webmaster for an alternate version.)

Sharon Brettschneider, Jane Emerson and Bill Sullivan attended a workshop on "Authentication Issues in Libraries" " at Simmons College on April 15, 2000. Sharon Brettschneider and Bill Sullivan also attended "Access Management: Linking Patrons to Electronic Resources" at Simmons College on May 6, 2000. This was in support of the CT Digital Library project.

reQuest arranged for two sessions of an all-day workshop on "Introduction to Descriptive Cataloging and the MARC Record" given by Diane Baden (NELINET) at the Middletown Library Service Center on May 1 and May 8. This was intended to provide supplemental training to libraries using the reQuest Cataloging service. The workshops were well attended and well received.

Continuing Education
Mary Engels, Director of the Middletown Library Service Center, was co-chair of the 2000 Connecticut Library Association Conference held on April 17-19th at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Cromwell.

Kendall Wiggin and Sharon Brettschneider gave a presentation, State Library Confidential at the Conference. Susan Cormier, Director of the Willimantic Library Service Center and Mary Louise Jensen, Building Consultant, presented a program Weeding in the Garden of Good and Evil. Mary Louise also presented a program Beyond Large Print: Adaptive Technology for Public Libraries, and was a facilitator for Librarians are from Mars, Architects are from Venus at Connecticut Library Association's Annual Conference (April 17-19th)

Sharon Brettschneider, Mary Engels, Susan Cormier and Mary Louise Jensen, attended the Public Library Association Conference in March.

Mary Louise Jensen attended Library Architecture: Shaping Place, Shaping Purpose symposium at Connecticut College on April 29th (the Connecticut State Library was a co-sponsor of this program). She also attended Woodbridge Town Library 's dedication on April 8th.

Libratect Seminar, a workshop sponsored by the Connecticut State Library and attended by architects, librarians, and library board members, was held at the Glastonbury's Welles-Turner Memorial Library on April 13 th with an attendance of twenty one to discuss the expanded and renovated library.

Discuss Library Architectural Plans in Process for Farmington, Oxford, and Plainville workshop was held at the Hebron's Douglas Library on May 9th with an attendance of thirty two.

Public Library Construction Grant workshop conducted by Mary Louise Jensen, Building Consultant, and attended by architects, librarians, and library board members was held at Middletown Library Service Center on April 25th with an attendance of eighteen.

Sharon Brettschneider, Mary Engels, Susan Cormier and Linda Williams attended workshops on Understanding Media on May 5th, 10th and 12th. The workshop was organized by Sharon Brettschneider to train Connecticut librarians to be effective managers of the media, especially in regard to Internet concerns.

The Task Force on Structure and Policy of the Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development has developed a Continuing Library Education Certificate program to encourage high quality, professional continuing education opportunities for library staff; to encourage library staff participation in continuing education; to recognize library staff participation in continuing education; to provide library staff with a method to keep a record of their continuing education achievements; and to verify that certain professional development activities have met certain standards and are contributing to the competencies of the staff of Connecticut libraries. The program, which will be implemented beginning on July 1, will award certificates of completion for continuing education for all library staff and recommends a minimum of 15 hours of training each year.

Information Services Division

Outreach: Visitors, tours, and training
Government Information Reference Librarian Nancy Lieffort and Federal Documents Librarian Nancy Peluso gave tours and presentations to High School students from Senator Aniskovich's district. Nancy Lieffort also gave a tour for the Avon Rotary Club's visitors from Holland.

Staff from Government Information, Bibliographic Services, Administration, and Preservation made presentations to groups of parents and daughters from the Library and other state agencies on "Take your Daughters to Work Day". Nancy Lieffort organized the tours and presentations.

Government Information Unit Head Julie Schwartz and Bibliographic Services Unit Head Stephen Slovasky made presentations on the Library's participation in the Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (CORC) pilot project to the State Library Board, the ConneCT Management Advisory Committee (CMAC), and to attendees at the NELINET annual meeting.

Several staff attended the Connecticut Library Association Annual Conference. History and Genealogy Unit Head Dick Roberts presented "Developing your Library Genealogical Collections" and LBPH Unit Head Carol Taylor presented "Repair of Audio and Video Tapes". Division staff also helped present the Library' s services at a booth in the Exhibits area.

Press mentions
Two state document publications reviews written by State Documents Librarian Al Palko were published in the Journal of Government Information.

Records for titles selected for offsite storage are being updated in the online catalog to provide for efficient and correct retrievals following the move.

Connecticut Newspaper Project
The Library has been awarded $330,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue Connecticut Newspaper Project for two years.

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
LBPH Unit Head Carol Taylor gave a presentation to the BESB Senior Grant program in Bloomfield, participated in a taping with WTIC on "Focus on Aging" with Cynthia Matthews, and gave a presentation to the ACLPD taskforce on user services.

A very successful Open House for LBPH patrons was held. The Open House also served as the kickoff for a statewide outreach campaign targeting senior adults in Connecticut who have experienced recent vision loss, and eligible residents of nursing and other healthcare facilities.

History and Genealogy Reference Librarian Carolyn Picciano has returned from maternity leave.

Collection Management Unit Head Diane Pizzo, Serials Librarian Carol Trinchitella, and Bibliographic Services Unit Head Stephen Slovasky attended the Innovative Interfaces Inc. Users Group Annual Conference in Philadelphia.

Serials Librarian Carol Trinchitella attended a "Library Authentication Issues" workshop at Simmons College.

Law/Legislative Reference Unit Head Denise Jernigan attended the NELLCO Directors' meeting at Yale Law School; and Law Legislative Reference Librarians Joanne Turschman and Cheryl Schutt, Serials Librarian Carol Trinchitella, and Collection Management Unit Head Diane Pizzo attended the NELLCO Acquisition and Collection Development Librarian's meeting.

Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Steven Mirsky attended the Law Librarians of New England meeting at Yale Law School.

Law Legislative Reference Librarian Joanne Turschman attended an AALL/SNELLA sponsored videoconference at Yale entitled "Books & Bytes - Balancing Collection Formats". She also attended the "Copyright and Fair Use" workshop sponsored by UConn Library's Chancellors Advisory Committee.

Preservation Librarian Jane Cullinane attended a Deacidification Conference, a 19th Century Binding workshop, and the third part of the "Managing Preservation" series.

Information Services Division Director Lynne Newell attended the Governor's Tourism Conference and Unity Dinner.

Federal Documents Librarian Nancy Peluso, Library Technician Gertrude Owusu, and Office Assistant Gary Klein attended the Federal Depository Library Conference in Rhode Island.

LBPH Unit Head Carol Taylor and Librarian Gordon Reddick attended the biennial National Conference of Librarians Serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped held near Los Angeles.