Connecticut State Library with state seal

State Librarian's Report

July 29, 2002

This report is prepared bi-monthly in conjunction with the regular meetings of the Connecticut State Library Board. Items to be routinely covered include the following: the significant activities of the State Librarian and the staff, significant administrative decisions affecting the operation of the Library, status reports regarding in-progress activities, information regarding external events having an impact on the Library, media coverage of the Library, and information of general interest to the members of the Board.

The following report by the State Librarian, which will be included in the minutes of the July 29, 2002 meeting of the Board, covers the period of May 21, 2002, through July 28, 2002.

Financial Report
Attached to this report.

Personnel Report
All vacancies cancelled per OPM letter dated 6/18/02.

Positions Filled Since Last Report

State Librarian's Report

After the regular legislative session ended without a budget agreement, the Governor, through the Office of Policy and Management, issued a series of directives to the Executive Branch agencies in an effort to control spending. In addition, the agencies developed and submitted prioritized lists of contracted services based on FY02 and anticipated contracts for FY03. Each agency also developed and submitted a plan on how it would handle a 5% reduction in personal services. At this point, the State Library did not face a 5% reduction, but OPM is holding the plan for possible future need.

With the passage of the budget agreement, a number of directives are still in place:

At this point in time the State Library's budget, including the Commission on the Arts, was reduced a total of $867,245 or -5.86% from the original FY03 appropriation. We are still awaiting passage of the implementer bill for any additional funding language. It should also be noted that the reduction to the CLSUs was actually greater because they received additional funding not originally included in the State Library appropriation for FY02.

The significant and unexpected reduction in the Library Materials budget will have far reaching and long-term consequences for the collections. The cost to maintain just the existing law subscriptions exceeds the available funds. More details will be forthcoming.

The reduction to the Cooperating Library Service Units (CLSUs) comes amid the strategic planning process we are going through with the CLSUs. In some cases the CLSUs are laying off staff, not replacing vacancies, and/or using reserves to get through this year.

The funding for iCONN was some good news. The inclusion of a portion of iCONN funding in our regular budget provides us with a good starting point next year.

We have determined that the budget reductions have brought us out of compliance with our federal maintenance of effort requirement as part of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding. We have notified the Institute of Museum and Library Services (the agency that administers LSTA) and they are checking with their legal counsel. Several other states are also suddenly in this situation. We have also notified the Office of Policy and Management. What this means for the State Library is still unclear.

The following is a comparison of the budget as passed. It should be noted, that while the reductions are very troubling, overall, libraries didn't do any better or worse in this budget situation than many other programs in state government.

State Library

 Orig. FY03 Appropriation Rev. FY03 Appropriation

Net Difference

% Change

Personal Services





Other Expenses

903,615 890,061 (13,554) (1.49%)


1,000 1,000    

State-Wide Digital Library


500,229 500,229 100%

Interlibrary Loan Delivery Service

255,555 251,722 (3,833) (1.50%)

Voices of Children - Parents Academy

50,000 0  (50,000) (100%)

Legal/Legislative Library Materials

758,573 500,000 (258,573) (34%)

State-Wide Data Base Program

758,969 710,206 (48,763) (6.52%

Other Than Payments To Local Governments

Basic Cultural Resources Grant

2,903,311 2,524,534 (378,777) (13.05%)

Support Cooperating Library Service Units

777,674 600,000 (177,674) (22.85%)

Connecticut Educational Telecommunications






753,358 492,058 (261,300) (34.68%)

Payments To Local Governments

Grants to Public Libraries

472,109 347,109 (125,000) (26.48%)

Connecticard Payments

726,028 676,028 (50,000) (6.89%)

Agency Total

14,792,755 13,925,510 (867,245) (5.86%)

Additionally, from FY02 Carryover funds, $130,000 was appropriated for three targeted organizations and $205,000 was appropriated for the Connecticut Humanities Council.

Longevity Awards
On June 5, in a ceremony held in Memorial Hall, the following State Library/Commission on the Arts employees were recognized for their service to the state.

10 Years
Elizabeth Barrett
Stephen Cauffman
Jennifer Cotter
Kathryn Hotchkiss
Jaime Ortiz

20 Years
Susan Docker 
Rose Hill
Luis Paiva

15 Years
Judith Ceccarini
Judith Delaney
Mary Louise Jensen
Kevin Johnson

25 Years
Clementina Prioli

New York Times Librarian Awards
I attended a meeting at The New York Times to discuss the expansion of their librarian award to Fairfield, Connecticut. Last year The Times gave awards just within the five boroughs of New York City. This year they are extending it to include surrounding counties in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. One librarian from Fairfield County will be selected for a $2,500 award. I will be involved in the selection process.

Progress continues on the GreatKidsCT website project. We are currently working with several state agencies and statewide organizations to pilot a training calendar as part of the site. We have purchased the necessary software and are now working on implementing a collaborative model whereby agencies and organizations can add information about childcare/child development related training to the calendar. We are also beginning work on both Spanish language translation of the major pages of the site and a Spanish version which will be culturally sensitive. Unfortunately, our grant from the Council on Development Disabilities for second year funding of GreatKids has been rescinded. This was due to a large budget shortfall at the Council and their belief that we were in a better position to find alternative funding.

Connecticut Heritage Foundation
In conjunction with the Connecticut Heritage Foundation, the State Library presented a History on the Move program at the Driggs School in Waterbury. Assistant Archivist Bruce Stark brought examples of Waterbury postcards (all children received copies) and talked about the history one can see through a postcard. Kevin Johnson did an excerpt of his William Webb Civil War soldier program. In an impromptu question and answer period, I fielded a variety of questions about the State Librarian.

Competition for corporate dollars is very tight in this economy and post 9/11 era. To try and bolster our funding, the Foundation Board has decided on a direct appeal letter to a variety of the State Library's constituent groups.

Professional Activities
I attended the regular meetings of the Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development, Commission on Educational Technology, Nelinet Board of Directors, Nelinet Digital Service Advisory Committee

I attended and gave brief remarks at a reception for Dr. Kim, the retiring Director of Quinebaug Valley Community College Library, the dedication of the Trumbull Library's children wing, the annual meeting of the Western Connecticut Library Council and the kickoff for the Governor's Summer Reading Challenge. I attended the annual meeting of the Friends of Connecticut Libraries, Fairfield Library Administrator's Group and the Capitol Region Library Council.

I gave a presentation on iCONN at an Educational Technology Conference hosted by the State Department of Education. I also read for the Department's 21st Century Learning Center competitive grant competition.

I traveled on my own to the annual meeting of the American Library Association (ALA) and the summer meeting of the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies which is held in conjunction with this meeting of ALA. I have accepted the Chairman position of one of the ALA scholarship award panels. It will be this panel's job to select the recipients of three of ALA's educational scholarships next spring.

I served on a national panel to evaluate and make funding recommendations for the Institute of Museum and Library Services' Museum and Library Collaboration grants.

Information Services Division

Reference Services
Oak Street was closed to vehicle traffic on Saturday June 15th for the fourth time this year. Security has been asked to contact the Hartford Police to let them know the Library and Museum are open on Saturday and to ask them to notify us ahead of time when the streets in the area need to be closed for special events.

Law/Legislative Reference staff are preparing to participate in a virtual reference pilot project in cooperation with the New England Law Library Consortium (NELLCO). Almost 20 participating institutions, including the CT Judicial Branch libraries, Yale University Law School Library, University of Connecticut Law School Library, Quinnipiac Law School Library, Boston College, Social Law Library, and Mass. Trial Court Libraries, will offer virtual reference service from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Friday, and Saturday and Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Library Lawline allows users to chat with legal reference librarians, in real time, over the web. Librarians will help patrons use books in their library or with resources on the Internet. The pilot will be conducted from September 2002 through June 2003. Starting this fall, patrons will be able to access the service by clicking on a button like this on the CSL web pages.

Government Information Reference Librarians Nancy Peluso and Nancy Lieffort created posters highlighting state and federal document resources for the Judicial Diversity Committee's display in the Legislative Office Building Concourse on June 21. Nancy Peluso attended Judicial's Diversity Day luncheon. The posters will be displayed for staff to see them.

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH) Unit Head Carol Taylor staffed an LBPH exhibit at the Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians in Southington with LBPH volunteer Tom Grossi on June 7, attended the GHO Celebrity Long Shot for Charities representing Connecticut Radio Information System (CRIS) on June 18 with Tom Grossi; the celebrity team for CRIS came in third and received a check for $6,500.

Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Hilary Frye staffed the SNELLA booth at the Connecticut Bar Association Annual Meeting in New Haven on June 3.

Government Information Reference Librarian Al Palko spoke about the 1999 and 2002 State Documents Librarians Conferences to the State and Local Documents Task Force of GODORT (Government Documents Round Table) at the annual American Library Association Conference from June 15-June 17.

H&G Office Assistant Kevin Johnson performed as William Webb at the Roosevelt Middle School in New Britain on May 10; the Orchard Middle School on May 21; the Har-Bur Middle School on May 22 and June 4; the Forbes School on May 24; the Briggs School in Waterbury on May 30; and at Diversity Day at the Legislative Office Building on June 21. Mr. Johnson also participated in the "Great Kids" video production on May 21.

LBPH Unit Head Carol Taylor gave LBPH presentations for the MS Support Group in Bloomfield on April 25 with LBPH volunteer Tom Grossi; to the Board of Education Services for the Blind (BESB) Senior Grant Program in New Britain on May 15; to BESB Senior Grant Program in Torrington on May 28; and to the BESB Senior Grant Program in Fairfield on July 10.

Carol Taylor spoke about LBPH on the WRCH radio show "Spotlight Connecticut", hosted by Allison Demers on May 20. A repeat of the show was broadcast on June 2.

Government Information Reference Librarians Nancy Lieffort and Nancy Peluso, Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Janis Lefkowitz, and H&G Reference Librarian Mel Smith conducted a tour for the Capitol Region Library Council (CRLC) reference librarians on June 6.

Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Janis Lefkowitz, Government Information Reference Librarian Nancy Peluso, H&G Reference Librarian Carolyn Picciano, and many others conducted a tour for the local chapter of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) on May 21. They also conducted a tour for approximately 8 students from the Albany Avenue Public Library summer reading program on July 10. Other staff also assisted with the tours.

Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Janis Lefkowitz gave a tour for Attorney General interns on June 20.

Library staff (State Librarian Kendall Wiggin, Government Information Reference Librarians Nancy Lieffort, and Nancy Peluso, and Library Specialist Bruce Stark) and Judicial staff, participated in a series of tours for school groups on June 7.

Compact microfilm storage cabinets have been installed in the Newspaper Room (Rm. L112) to house our growing collection of microfilm newspapers. The room will also house the current newspapers after the next phase of the internal moves.

New shelving has been installed in a new cage on level 7 to house the Library's Special Collection material.

Due to the 34% reduction in the book budget, the Division faces a $300,000 deficit in its serials encumbrance. The Division is considering initial options to reduce the collections including elimination of subscriptions to current newspapers for which we will ultimately receive microfilm, elimination of subscriptions for material that we have online subscriptions, and canceling items that may be available for purchase at a later date. The guiding principle of the first round of cuts is to maintain the long-term integrity of the core collections in law, Connecticut history and genealogy, and public policy. We are also considering giving patrons the opportunity to contribute support to our Library's collections; a draft form is being created. We may also make a list of titles that have been eliminated due to the budget cuts available to patrons.

Procedures for offsite retrieval have been finalized. The retrievals are going well with mostly archival material and some law items being retrieved. There have not been as many items in the Thursday p.m. retrieval. Material (returns and requests) is generally picked up at 9:00 a.m. and arrives at Van Block by 9:15 a.m. The retriever arrives back at 231 Capitol Avenue at 11:30 a.m. with the requested material.

Newspapers stored at Van Block are being cataloged, barcoded, and labeled.

All state agencies are required by law to deposit at the State Library copies of all Connecticut documents they publish. We have begun to 'claim', that is to request titles not received, by e-mail and we are receiving a very good response from the agencies.

Contact has been made with the Hartford Public Library concerning articles in the Hartford Courant about parts of the Hartford Times Morgue being discarded because of lack of space. Hartford Public Library staff are now re-reviewing the materials. They will advise of us of any material that will be discarded so we can consider housing it here at CSL.

Library Automation
OCLC Connexion is the name of the new browser-based cataloging interface. OCLC Connexion incorporates the functions of CORC, which has been discontinued as a separate project. The functions of CORC continue to be available and are heavily used by the Library.

A new State Portal website to replace the old ConneCT site is being created. CSL is working with DOIT and Infoline on the pilot portal. CSL staff have created Dublin Core records for approximately 100 web sites slated to be included in this new State Portal. These records include subject headings from a controlled vocabulary, which have been contributed by Connecticut Infoline staff. The purpose of this project is to model how value-added metadata can improve access to state government information on the Web. Sites that include the added metatags will be searchable by title, description, and controlled subject terms, as well as by keywords.

CSL has joined the OCLC Digital Cooperative; as a member we get support from OCLC to create a digital collection. We are exploring options in our collection for a pilot digitization project.

The Digital Archive Pilot Project continues. We will add a small number (less than 200) of digital Connecticut documents to the Archive in the pilot phase. The pilot digital documents will be chosen from CSL and as many other state agency sites as possible.

The Government Information Reference staff created a new pathfinder on CT Disasters for the CSL website. It is linked from the 'So You Have To Do A Report on Connecticut' pathfinder. Also, public library statistics have been added to the 'Elementary and Secondary Education' and 'Social Indicators' pathfinders in the 'Connecticut Statistics' series, and the Connecticut Government Resource link has been updated.

Library For the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH)
LBPH Unit Head Carol Taylor conducted tours of LBPH for the Windsor Seniors on May 14 and a tour for the BESB Vision Support Group on June 11.

The Library for the Blind staff hosted a Volunteer Recognition Program/Luncheon for all in-house volunteers and General Workers on July 12, in conjunction with the LBPH Advisory Committee meeting.

The Sensory Garden at LBPH is a project completed by Eagle Scout, James Dosset, who earned his Eagle Scout Rank for creating the garden. Many organizations and individuals contributed to his work. He was recognized at the Eagle Scout Court of Honor on June 16, which LBPH Unit Head Carol Taylor attended. Carol read commendation letters from Information Services Director Lynne Newell and State Librarian Kendall Wiggin. The garden is complete with many perennials, a fountain, a globe and other decorations. An article appeared in the New York Times, "For a Scout on a Mission, a Good Deed Blossoms" on June 30.

LBPH has received a donation of $200.00 from the Windsor Lions Club.

Government Information Unit Head Julie Schwartz attended the Early Childhood DataCONNections State Agency Steering Committee meeting on May 15.

Government Information Reference Librarian Al Palko attended the Government Publications Libraries of New England (GPLNE) meeting at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst on May 17.

Government Information Reference Librarian Nancy Peluso attended a CT Government Documents Roundtable (GODORT) meeting at Connecticut College on June 14.

H&G Reference Librarian Carol Ganz attended the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation's "Preserving the Past, Invigorating the Present" Statewide Preservation Conference on May 10 at the Legislative Office Building.

Information Services Director Lynne Newell and Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Hilary Frye attended the NELINET Annual Meeting on May 10.

Information Services Director Lynne Newell attended the ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta from June 14 to June 18. She reported the biggest topics at ALA to be Virtual Reference/Digital Reference and copyright/intellectual property rights including how digital reference and database licenses may interact. .

Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Cheryl Schutt has become a Notary Public and will offer services to patrons and staff at no charge

Law/Legislative Unit Head Denise Jernigan attended the NELLCO Director's meeting at Yale Law Library on June 12.

LBPH Unit Head Carol Taylor attended the Connecticut Radio Information System (CRIS) Board Meeting on May 16, and the CRIS Board Meeting in Windsor on June 20, 2002.

Preservation Librarian Jane Cullinane attended the Historic Documents Committee meeting on May 29, attended a meeting of the Historic Documents Fund Security Workshop subcommittee at Van Block on June 27, and attended a Digital Project Management seminar at NELINET on June 25.

A special division staff meeting was held on June 25 where awards were given to General Workers in gratitude for their contribution to the Division's accomplishments. A discussion of extended hours was also held at this meeting.

Press Mentions
Government Information Reference Librarian Al Palko has a review of notable Connecticut documents published in the Journal of Government Information, article 28 (2001) 655-688. "State Publications".

The May 2002 issue of Connecticut Libraries mentions CSL staff presentations at the 2002 CLA Conference.

Division Of Library Development

The Annual Statistical Survey and Application for State Aid is being moved to the web for Fiscal Year 2003. Using Informata's COLLECT system, libraries will enter their data online. Joanne Turschman, State Data Coordinator, has set up training sessions for libraries, and will be available for telephone and email support to assist libraries through the transition period. Library directors have shared concerns that the traditional paper annual survey was too long and poorly designed, that questions were outdated, and that the data, once collected, was not timely or in a useful format. Partnering with Informata, a company experienced in survey design and data collection, is an attempt to address these concerns. Compilations of the public library statistics will be available in a short time after the November 15th deadline for submission. The State Library did not commit to the product until dozens of other state libraries had used it for at least two years, and we were sure our libraries had the capability for access.

In June, the Middletown Library Service Center (MLSC) staff finished setting up the new computer equipment for the MLSC Training Center. The Center replaced 14 older computer workstations with 14 new ones equipped with flat screen monitors (to allow for additional desk space) and the latest in office, internet, and graphics software. MLSC staff were able to replace the computer equipment without interrupting the schedule of computer workshops. Since 1998, the MLSC Training Center has been hosting approximately 100 training sessions per year for staff from Connecticut libraries.

Jane Emerson and Betty Goyette, State Department of Education, gave a presentation on iCONN to Department of Education staff members on June 18, 2002 at the State Office Building in Hartford.

Jane Emerson exhibited iCONN at the Principals' Center of Connecticut's Technology Conference on June 25, 2002. Over 100 school principals attended the conference. In addition to including iCONN in the vendor exhibits, the program included an iCONN breakout session, conducted by John Landry, the Library Media Specialist at Smith Middle School in Glastonbury.

Stephen Cauffman, reQuest Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, gave an update on the C-Car situation at the Western Connecticut Library Council (WCLC) ILL Roundtable on May 16, 2002.

Steve Cauffman attended NELINET's 22nd Annual Spring Meeting "Letting Go of the Past, Delivering the Future," on May 30, 2002, at Marlboro College in Marlboro, VT.

Steve Cauffman coordinated a viewing of the OCLC Webcast, "Weaving the Library into the Web" symposium at the Middletown Library Service Center on June 14, 2002.

William Sullivan attended "Word - Beyond the Basics" at the Middletown Library Service Center on May 8, 2002.

Kendall Wiggin, Sharon Brettschneider and Mary Engels attended the Friends of Connecticut Libraries annual meeting on June 8th at the Guilford Public Library. At the meeting, awards were given to Friends groups from six communities for their outstanding efforts on behalf of their library. Mary Engels coordinated the event for the Friends.

Gail Hurley wrote an article on the use of CatExpress by reQuest participating libraries. The article is entitled, "CatExpress provides a solution for Connecticut" and was published in the OCLC Newsletter for March/April (p. 36).

David Ohanesian, iCONN, successfully completed the Secretarial Certificate Program Advanced on May 29, 2002.

Gail Hurley was officially designated Co-Chair of the Connecticut Library Association (CLA) Annual Conference 2003.

Steve Cauffman and Gail Hurley gave three marketing presentations on reQuest for school library media specialists: at the Eastern Connecticut Libraries / LEARN (Region 6) School Media Specialists Roundtable at LEARN in Old Lyme on May 13, 2002; at the School Librarians Roundtable at Beecher Road School in Woodbridge on May 14, 2002; and at an independently arranged meeting at the Capitol Region Library Council office in Windsor on May 22, 2002.

As a result of the $500,229 funding of iCONN and the addition of some LSTA funding, all databases available to public and school libraries will be available through June 30, 2003. All but two of the academic databases will be available to the academic libraries. The ATLA religion database and Lexis Nexis Statistical Universe Basic Power Tables are being eliminated from iCONN budget.

iCONN - Database Usage Statistics
More than 4.5 million searches have been conducted on iCONN databases from July 2001 through May 2002. 40% from academic library patrons, 32% from school libraries and 28% from public libraries.

From July 2001 through June 2002, more than 900,000 searches were conducted in reQuest, the statewide catalog. More than 48,000 interlibrary loan requests were filled through reQuest. ReQuest currently has more than 3.7 million records with more than 17.8 million holdings.

Public Awareness
The United Technologies Corporation posted a link to iCONN on its main corporate intranet site (viewable by 152,000 employees worldwide), and also provided the link to each of its seven business units, each of whom operate their own intranet sites. Northeast Utilities/CL&P will include an article about iCONN in the September issue of the newsletter that it distributes to its 60,000 senior citizen customers. Aetna agreed to include information about iCONN in its weekly newsletter that is e-mailed to 20,000+ employees in CT. The Small Business Administration-Connecticut office established links to iCONN from two locations on its website and will also include an article about iCONN in its next member newsletter. These activities were coordinated by William Sullivan.

iCONN was exhibited at the Connecticut Parent and Teacher Association Conference in Meriden on May 10-11, 2002, the Connecticut Home School Network Conference in Manchester on May 11, 2002, and the Gifted Education in the 21st Century Conference in Meriden on May 13, 2002.

Home Page
Improvements to the iCONN website have been made to make it more "public-friendly," with more mouseover explanations, and with more visible remote access links (now with their own icons). Reactions to the changes have been very positive.

Scientific American and The New Yorker Now Available on iCONN
Over 20 years of full-text articles from these prestigious publications are now included in InfoTrac OneFile, Student Edition, Expanded Academic and General Reference Center Gold. A variety of financial publications from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and a significant number of professional business, law and healthcare journals from Aspen Publishers have also been added to these iCONN databases.

Our 3-year contract with Auto-Graphics for production of the reQuest catalog was due to expire on June 30, 2002. Prior to that date, we exercised the first of two options to extend the term of the agreement by one year, to June 30, 2003. The second option to extend, when exercised one year from now, will extend the term to June 30, 2004, after which a new system obtained through a competitive selection process will have to be in place. In order to be prepared to have a new system operational by July 1, 2004, and given the amount of time that needs to be reserved for RFP development, evaluation of responses, contract negotiation with the preferred vendor, and system implementation, we plan to develop and issue an RFP in coordination with DOIT by January 2, 2003, so that an official award can be made no later than September 30, 2003. That would allow contract negotiation to be concluded so that system implementation, including database conversion (if needed), can begin by April 1, 2004 and be completed by June 30, 2004. As part of the RFP development process, we are investigating the capabilities of portal products and virtual union catalogs.

Public Records Administration
On May 21st Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson and Donald Ballinger participated in a tour of the State Library conducted for the Hartford/Springfield Chapter of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators. At the dinner meeting that followed the tour, the State Library was presented a Special Recognition Award " in appreciation for its continuing support, development, and programs that further the records management profession." Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson, Stephen Slovasky and Julie Schwartz accepted the award on behalf of the Library.

On June 11, the Office of the Public Records Administrator, in collaboration with the Northeast Documents Conservation Center, presented a workshop to Connecticut Town Clerks at the Holiday Inn in Cromwell, entitled "Disaster Response and Recovery." The Historic Documents Preservation Account funded this workshop. Lori Foley, Field Service Representative for the Northeast Document Conservation Center was the presenter. Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson, Donald Ballinger and Lizette Pelletier also attended the workshop.

On June 12, Eunice DiBella proctored the Town Clerks Certification Examination that was given at the Newington Town Hall.

On June 18, Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson and Donald Ballinger participated in a conference call and Webex demonstration of the software package OmniRIM. The software is designed to consolidate active file management, inactive records center management and retention schedule development in a single enterprise system.

On June 25, Eunice DiBella participated in a staff reception that took place at the State Library's Van Block facility. State Archivist Mark Jones conducted four staff tours of the Archives storage area. As part of the preparation for this reception LeAnn Johnson and Mark Jones put together a permanent exhibit at Van Block entitled, "The Colt Legacy: The Armory and Park. The official "opening" of the exhibit was the day of the staff reception.

On June 26, Eunice DiBella spoke at the Hartford County Town Clerk's meeting in West Hartford. In the evening Ms. DiBella and LeAnn Johnson attended the evening meeting of the Litchfield County meeting in Bethlehem. Ms. Johnson presented on the Historic Preservation Grant program and Ms. DiBella presented on PA. No.02-137, "An Act Concerning the Confidentiality and Retention of Military Discharge Documents...The Electronic Scanning of Public Records."

On June 27, Eunice DiBella and LeAnn Johnson attended a security subcommitte meeting of the Historic Preservation Grant Advisory Committee. The committee is working on planning the 4th workshop for Connecticut Town Clerks sponsored by the Historic Document Preservation Account. On July 10, the subcommittee met again to finalize plans for the workshop that is planned for October 22.

Eunice DiBella and LeAnn Johnson visited the town of Chester on July 2, to review the site for the new town hall facility to include new records vault.

Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson and Donald Ballinger participated in a conference call on July 12, with two representatives of Colorflex based in Denver, Colorado. The topic was an information management software package called Colortrax.

On July 17 Eunice DiBella attended a meeting of the Electronic Recording of Land Records Study Committee at the Legislative Office Building.

State Archives
Assistant State Archivist Bruce Stark participated in "History on the Move" at Driggs School in Waterbury on May 30.

Mr. Stark delivered four talks on the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut to students from Bolton and Wallingford on June 7 at the Supreme Court Chambers.

Bruce Stark completed a six-month interim report to National Historic Preservation Commission (NHPRC) for the Judicial Records Preservation/Access Project. Through the end of May 2002, project archivist Debra Pond processed, arranged, and preserved 75 boxes of Litchfield County Court Records, 1751-86, while Project Director Bruce Stark completed 43 boxes of New London County Court Records, 1691-1735. They have found 133 cases concerning African Americans and 99 involving Native Americans. The court records contain a wealth of heretofore virtually inaccessible historical documentation of great interest to those studying biographical, genealogical, legal, or local history subjects.

O'Neill Project Archivist, Barbara Austen met with staff at U.S. Representative John Larson's campaign office on June 10 to discuss how to prepare his campaign records for donation to Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) Center for the Study of Public Policy and Practical Politics.

Along with State Archivist Mark Jones, Ms. Austen gave a tour of the Van Block facility to the Director of the Center for the Study of Public Policy and Practical Politics and the Librarian and Assistant Librarian from the Elihu Burritt Library at CCSU.

Barbara Austen attended a Board meeting of the New England Archivists (NEA) on June 24 to report on the program being developed for a joint meeting between NEA and the Mid-Atlantic Region Archives Conference. Ms. Austen is Co-chair of the Program Committee for the October 2002 meeting.

Ms. Austen completed a draft of the O'Neill Records finding aid.

On July 12, 2002, Ms. Austen officially assumed her duties as Local Government Records Archivist.