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September 22, 2003

This report is prepared bi-monthly in conjunction with the regular meetings of the Connecticut State Library Board. Items to be routinely covered include the following: the significant activities of the State Librarian and the staff, significant administrative decisions affecting the operation of the Library, status reports regarding in-progress activities, information regarding external events having an impact on the Library, media coverage of the Library, and information of general interest to the members of the Board.

The following report by the State Librarian, which will be included in the minutes of the September 22, 2003 meeting of the Board, covers the period of July 29, 2003, through September 21, 2003.

Financial Report
Attached to this report.

Personnel Report

Vacancies (State Funded)

  1. Personnel Officer 2 - Administrative Services - Interviews in progress.
  2. Clerk Typist (part-time) Records Center (PRA) - Position offered/to be filled in October

Vacancies (Federal Funds)
  1. Librarian I (State Library) WLSC/DLD - Position offered/to be filled in October

Positions Filled Since Last Report

  1. Library Technical Assistant (Part-Time) Coll. Mgmt/ISD

State Librarian's Report

On August 20th the budget standoff ended with the signing by the Governor of HB 6806 (Public Act 03-6) AN ACT CONCERNING GENERAL BUDGET AND REVENUE IMPLEMENTATION PROVISIONS. The Act includes the establishment of the Connecticut Commission on Arts, Tourism, Culture, History and Film. This effectively moves the Commission on the Arts out from the State Library. The transition should be completed by October 1. The most crippling element of the budget was the severe cut in funding for the Cooperating Library Service Units from $600,000 to $150,000. This has resulted in a significant staff reduction for the new Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC) at a time when it is just getting started. Also of concern in the budget is the reliance on capital equipment dollars to fund 2/3 of the State Library's book budget. (A complete assessment of the new budget and its impact will be presented at the September Board Meeting).

Computer Security
The State Library, like many organizations and companies around the country, was hit hard by several computer virus attacks this summer. In addition, at least one desktop machine was being used by someone from the outside for illegal music file sharing which resulted in a formal complaint by the Record Industry Association of American to our Internet provider, Connecticut State University. All of this prompted us to speed up our planned implementation of a firewall to reduce our vulnerability. Upgrading virus software, adding software patches, and getting the firewall in place took an enormous amount of staff time, but substantial progress has been made.

Professional Activities
In addition to continued inquiries by the press regarding the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) decision and the Patriot Act, I also responded to inquiries regarding library funding and the developments at the Colt building.

I attended the "Digital Resources for Cultural Heritage: Current Status and Future Needs" strategic assessment workshop at the invitation of the Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, D.C., August 24-26.

Attended meetings of ACLPD, Commission on Educational Technology, CONSULS, Connecticut Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History (CCCPH), Connecticut Digital Library Advisory Committee, Connecticut History Online Project Management Committee, Connecticut Library Association Legislative Committee, Connecticut Library Consortium, Historic Documents Advisory Committee, and GreatkidsCT. In addition, I attended the annual meeting of the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies.

Sharon Brettschneider and I attended the dedication of the Information Technology Center at the Silas Bronson Library on September 3. This project was partially funded with a directed LSTA grant and funds from the Gates Foundation's U. S. Library Program grant to Connecticut.

Information Services Division

Reference Services
The Information Services Division clarified the policy on Interlibrary loans out of the country. Any item that circulates or that can be copied and mailed will be sent via Interlibrary Loan to libraries in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This includes the U.S. territories: American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Microfilm Newspapers and second copies of the CT Archives microfilm will continue to circulate through Interlibrary Loan only.

Following the withdrawal of the SC/SL Police from the procedure for issuing passes for use of the Archives and Secured Collections, the Division has instituted a new procedure which issues a special version of the Library `circulation' card with Archives/Secured Collections privileges.

The library card is also now being used by patrons to access the public computers. Selected information from the circulation patron database is entered into the Smart Access Management (SAM) program. SAM allows patrons to reserve a pc anywhere in the library and manages patron's logins and time allowances. Both staff and patrons have enthusiastically adapted to the new software.

The use of the library card for Archives/Secured Collections access, public computer access, and traditional circulation has simplified and standardized the procedures for both patrons and staff.

Sets of aerial survey photos from 1980, 1985, 1990, and 1995 are being transferred to the Library from the Dept. of Environmental Protection. The finding aids that `index' the photos are not available currently as DEP is having copies made for themselves. This is making access by patrons very difficult. The Library is working to provide the best possible access for patron convenience balance with the need to protect and preserve the photos.

The "Request for Permission to Publish, Exhibit, or Broadcast Reproductions of Materials from the Connecticut State Library or the Museum of Connecticut History" document has been approved by the Executive Committee and the Attorney General. The `Permission to Publish' procedure and form will be used for all requests for reproductions other than those for private research.

Law/Legislative Reference Librarian Janis Lefkowitz held an orientation session for new Supreme Court and Appellate Court clerks on September 2.

History and Genealogy Office Assistant Kevin Johnson gave a Jordan Freeman presentation in Norwichtown on Saturday, September 6.

Press mentions
An article, "Climbing the Family Tree", that features information on the History and Genealogy Unit of CSL and a picture of History and Genealogy Unit Head Dick Roberts appeared in the Journal Inquirer Science & Technology section.

An article and pictures of Bibliographic Information Unit Head Stephen Slovasky and Government Information Unit Head Julie Schwartz were featured in a new OCLC publication called Connecting Libraries with Government Information: Governmental Agencies Case Study. The article is titled "State Creates Connecticut Digital Archive" and also features an article on the US Government Printing Office.

Due to the amount of rain we have had this season, leaks in certain areas of the building have become problematic. While awaiting a solution by Plant Facilities, it may be necessary to move collection material from these areas.

Different digital production software programs, i.e., contentDM, Millennium Media, Endeavor, are being evaluated by the Division in order to determine the best methods to serve our digitization needs for the Connecticut History Online II project, the OCLC Digital Coop project, the CT Digital Archive project, and others.

Library For the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH)
The LBPH Open House was held on July 12th and was a huge success. Over 200 people attended, including Kurt Cylke, Director of the Library of Congress National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The West Hartford News and other area newspapers featured articles with pictures of the event. Door prizes contributed by vendors were distributed.

Library Technician Mary Minow and Library Technical Assistant Kathy Hotchkiss staffed a LBPH exhibit for the Senior Expo 2003 at the Crystal Mall, Waterford, sponsored by Senior Resources Agency on Aging, Norwich on July 10.

LBPH Director Carol Taylor and Volunteer Tom Grossi did a taping on the Aging Process. It airs on WTIC on September 14 and September 20.

Ms. Taylor and Mr. Grossi gave an LBPH presentation to participants of the Board of Education Services for the Blind Senior Grant Program, Colchester, on July 31.

Ms. Taylor gave an LBPH presentation on children's services to the Connecticut Library Association (CLA) Joint Roundtable for Children's Librarians, at Wallingford Public Library on September 8.

LBPH participated in the United Way's Day of Caring on September 5. Volunteers from GE ERC assisted with a variety of in-house project and work in the Sensory Garden.

Law/Legislative Library Specialist Hilary Frye attended the SNELLA Board Meeting on July 24. She was recently appointed as Assistant Vice President/President-elect.

Preservation Librarian Jane Cullinane attended a "Nuts and Bolts of Digital Collections" workshop at Nelinet.

Library Technician Norman Ferriere has been recalled to CCSU. Jaime Ortiz was called back from the rehire list to fill the part-time Library Technical Assistant position in Collection Management.

Karen Nadeski has been hired as the Library's CHO2 Project cataloger.

Library Technical Assistant Claire Murphy has been called back from the rehire list to a durational position for 6 months to work in the Bill Room while Richard Scholz is on leave.

Division of Library Development

The Division of Library Development is sponsoring a list serve for the Friends of Connecticut Libraries: FOCL-Forum. This electronic discussion group is hosted by the Department of Information Technology and moderated by Mary Engels of the Middletown Library Service Center. So far over 60 people have signed up and questions and answers have been posted on a number of topics, from membership drives to fundraising ideas, to Friends. The Friends are sponsoring two workshops this fall. The first on "How to Jazz up your Newsletter", on October 15 at the Cheshire Library and the second on "Friends in Diverse Communities" on November 5 at the Meriden Library.

The Association of Connecticut Library Boards will be holding their 4th Annual Leadership Conference on October 9th at the Water's Edge Resort in Westbrook. The title of the program is "Library Board Leadership and Loose Cannons". Jo Ann Pinder, President of the Public Library Association in 2002-2003 will be the keynote speaker. A panel will discuss the question of developing excellent boards of trustees. The workshop will also address selecting and using a legal advisor and proper policies and procedures for gifts and bequests. Baltimore mystery writer Laura Lippman will be a featured speaker. The Division of Library Development supports the conference through a grant from the Library Services and Technology Act funds. Kendall Wiggin serves on the planning committee for the conference.

Mary Lousie Jensen, Public Library Construction consultant, organized two Libratect Seminars attended by architects, librarians, and library board members. One was held at the renovated Granby Public Library on August 7th with attendance of twenty-eight. The second was held at the renovated and expanded Derby Neck Library on September 4th with attendance of twenty.

Joanne Turschman, State Data Coordinator compiled and distributed the twelfth annual Connecticut Interlibrary Loan Activity to the 170 public libraries, 35 academic libraries, and 4 special libraries who send in their monthly statistics. Ms. Turschman sent out a survey in May to participating academic libraries to ask whether they found the report valuable and if they would like to continue to see academic libraries represented in the report. 25 of the 35 libraries completed the survey; 5 responded "no" to using the report, but preferred to see academics represented. The 5 were from UCONN, and indicated they keep their own internal reporting system. The results indicate these statistics representing academic libraries are valuable and will continue to be collected and compiled as part of the annual ILL activity report.

Connecticut Library Association's Joint Roundtable meeting for Children's Librarians was held on September 8, 2003. Sharon Brettschneider spoke to the meeting on "CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act), Understanding the Supreme Court Ruling." Susan Cormier, Children's Consultant spoke on the Preschool Language and Literacy initiative she has been undertaking. Linda Williams, Children's Librarian, spoke on the Annual Nutmeg Children's Literature Award.

In June, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the filtering mandate of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was applicable to public libraries. In response, Sharon Brettschneider issued an update to libraries detailing the impact on e-rate funding through the Universal Service Fund and Library Service and Technology Act funding through the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The Division is also sponsoring four workshops on CIPA and filtering on September 19th and 24th, October 2nd and November 5th. These workshops are intended to provide public librarians with the understanding of the CIPA ruling, and filters to make informed decisions for their libraries. The workshop will also provide resources for libraries developing Internet Safety Policies as required by CIPA. Barry Woods, Continuing Education Coordinator, organized these workshops.

The Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development, in cooperation with the Connecticut Library Association, established a Connecticard Task Force to "Examine the Connecticard statutes, funding levels and regulations, review the goals of the program, and explore possible improvements to address the impact on both net lending and net borrowing libraries and the library patron." The Task Force will include members from the Advisory Board, the Connecticut Library Association Board and other public libraries and/or trustees and Friends. Sharon Brettschneider is coordinating the Task Force. Joanne Turschman, State Data Coordinator, will serve as a member.

The Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC) Board has met frequently over the summer to address the enormous task of creating a new organization and address the significant budget cut from $600,000 to $150,000. Sharon Brettschneider and Kendall Wiggin have attended their meetings to provide whatever assistance and or leadership was needed. CLC has begun a search for a permanent Executive Director. Their new website is now

Connecticar is completing four months of operation as a partially outsourced service. The partnership with BeavEx is providing a much more cost effective and efficient way of providing service to libraries. Walt Magnavice, Ccar supervisor, has done an excellent job of guiding the service through this transition. One of the opportunities that this partnership affords is the ability of libraries, not currently being served by Connecticar, to purchase delivery at the state contracted price. Sharon Brettschneider distributed information to libraries about this opportunity in August. Several school and private libraries are considering "joining" Connecticar by paying separately for BeavEx delivery.

The budget signed by the Governor includes sufficient funding for both iCONN and reQuest to continue current services for the next two years. For iCONN, the budget contains $1,897,200 for FY 2004 and $1,894,322 for FY 2005. For reQuest, it contains $710,206 (same as FY 2003) for each of the next two fiscal years.

From July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2003, users performed more than 10 million searches in iCONN databases (40% academic, 31% school, 29% public libraries), and more than 1.8 million searches in reQuest. During FY 2003, users conducted more than 5.6 million searches (41% academic, 30% school, 29% public libraries) in iCONN databases, an 18% increase over FY 2002, and over 951,775 searches in reQuest.

A press release on the occasion of iCONN surpassing 10 million searches was issued by Lt. Governor M. Jodi Rell on August 11, 2003. The press release is linked from the main iCONN homepage at

iCONN Times
The July 2003 issue of the iCONN Times is included in this packet and is also available at . The next issue will be published in October 2003.

ReQuest Serials Catalog Updated
The reQuest Serials Catalog, which is updated once annually, is now current as of July 5, 2003. It contains 69,483 titles and 203,449 holdings. It also now includes detailed holdings for the CT Newspaper Project, showing specific holding date ranges for each format type (e.g., see Ansonia Evening Sentinel). The next serials catalog update will be produced on July 5, 2004.

The serials catalog can be accessed directly at or it can be accessed through the main reQuest catalog (by selecting it from the Use Database drop-down menu).

Next Generation of reQuest
Vendor proposals in response to a Request for Proposal were received on July 14 and the Proposal Review Team has started the evaluation process which is due to be completed in October.

William Sullivan, Administrator for iCONN, and Stephen Cauffman, Statewide Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, attended a half-day ProQuest training session at the Middletown Library Service Center (MLSC) on Tuesday, August 5.

Stephen Cauffman is serving on the Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC) Interlibrary Loan Task Force. The task force has been formed to discuss options for providing the brokering or referral of interlibrary loan requests to the OCLC system. The task force is expected to complete its work by the end of December 2003.

Steve Cauffman provided an update on C-Car (re: the ability for school libraries to participate for a fee) to the Interlibrary Loan Roundtable on September 11 at the MLSC.

Public Records Administration

On July 14, Archives and Public Records Staff met with the State Librarian to discuss job tasks as they relate to the recent staff cuts resulting from layoffs and the early retirements.

On July 16, Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson, Mark Jones, and Archival Consultant Lizette Pelletier attended the Historic Documents Preservation Advisory Committee meeting in Middletown.

On July 22, Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson, Mark Jones and Lizette Pelletier met with David Febonio, Account Manager for Professional Image Filing Technologies, Inc. and saw a demonstration on the DocSTAR electronic imaging system. This meeting was held at the Van Block facility.

On August 5, Eunice DiBella attended a meeting with staff at the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) to discuss the retention of electronic mail.

On August 28, 2003 Eunice DiBella and LeAnn Johnson performed an inspection of the vault in the new town hall facility in Chester, CT. They also visited the towns of Haddam, East Haddam, Cromwell, and Wethersfield.

On September 2, Eunice DiBella, LeAnn Johnson and Lizette Pelletier met with Cynthia Swank and Peter Parker of the Inlook Consulting Group regarding the Historic Documents Preservation Grant Program. The Inlook group has been hired by the State of New Hampshire to assist them in developing a local records grant program specifically aimed at vital records.

We have begun working with the Division of Library Development to review and revise existing records retention schedules for that division. On September 5 Eunice DiBella and Mark Jones met with Sharon Brettschneider, Mary Louise Jensen and Sheila Mosman to update the retention schedule and develop procedures to transfer some non-permanent records to the State Records Center. The public records and archives staff hopes to continue the process with other divisions and units within the State Library.

Eunice DiBella attended a meeting of the Electronic Recording of Land Records Study Committee on September 10 at the Legislative Office Building.

On September 12 Eunice DiBella addressed the Health Information Management Association Conference, held in Wallingford, CT. Ms. DiBella's talk addressed the issue of electronic imaging of medical records.

Records Center
During the Month of August the Records Center continued with the destruction of eligible records from State Agencies. July and August totals were over 1300 boxes.

On August 5, 2003, Don Ballinger met with Debbie Russo of the Department of Economic Development to review records retention schedules. On August 27 Eunice DiBella, Mark Jones and Don Ballinger attended a meeting at the Department of Public Health to review existing records retention schedules and assist in the development of new schedules.

Due to the layoffs, and retirements there are many new Agency Records Management Liaisons requiring guidance and assistance with various public records issues.

State Archives
On September 18 and 19, Mark Jones and Bruce Stark will represent Connecticut at a regional planning retreat at the Learning Center in Marlborough, MA. As Historical Records Coordinator, Dr. Jones chairs the State Historical Records Advisory Board and Dr. Stark is a member. All the Coordinators and several Board members from all the New England states will be present to discuss regional cooperation.

In the most recent issue of the Hog River Journal; Hartford and the Region's Magazine of History, Culture & the Arts, two articles appeared on which State Archivist Mark Jones worked. One was a photo essay with Nancy Albert, the magazine's photo editor, entitled "Remaking Wayward Girls." The article is based on annual reports of Long Lane School and photographs recently accessioned with paper records and artifacts by the State Archives. In the other, "Audacious Alliances," Mark Jones wrote about the activities and tactics during World War I of Mary Townsend Seymour, an African American woman who was one of the founders of the Hartford chapter of the NAACP. Dr. Jones volunteers on the magazine's management committee.

State Archivist Mark Jones curated and installed a one case exhibit in Memorial Hall entitled, "Remembering World War I: The State Library's War Records Department." Created during the war and continued for several years, the department's mission was to "collect, classify, index and install in the library all available material relating to Connecticut participation, public and private, in the world war and thus to establish a permanent and accessible record of its extent and character." The exhibit will be up through Veterans Day.

Museum of Connecticut History

Dave Corrigan, as vice-president of the Connecticut League of Historical Organizations, participated in their regular meeting. Mr. Corrigan also served on CSL's Intellectual Property Committee helping to refine drafts of the "permission to publish" form. In this period, Mr. Corrigan also worked with the Militia Heritage Committee of the Connecticut National Guard on exhibit plans and a revised draft Memorandum of Understanding with the museum for joint projects.

Dave Corrigan won, on eBay, a fine 17" by 13" photograph of the Willimantic Linen Company stone factory complex taken soon after the buildings were completed ca. 1866. This very building has undergone major renovation in recent years using state grants.

Dean Nelson continued his pro-bono consulting with the Museum of Political Life's upcoming exhibit "Connecticut Originals", a $150,000 temporary exhibit highlighting many of the state's contributions to the national experience. Mr. Nelson is advising on the invention and industrial components; the intent is to link to the museum's on-line "Connecticut Patent Project" as one of the visitor interactives in the exhibit. The museum will be lending items to this project.

Dean Nelson and Dave Corrigan explored a hitherto unknown-to-us machine shop in southeastern Connecticut that was established in 1905 and still has 14-plus machines run by flat leather belts, overhead shafting and pulleys and wooden clutches. It is a virtual time machine. Mr. Nelson and Mr. Corrigan took preliminary photographs and plan to go back prepared to videotape two operating Connecticut-made machines (a Pratt & Whitney metal planner and a Hendy shaper) identical to ones the museum has in its collection for the future interpretation of our machines in exhibits.