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Willington, Tolland County,

Town established in May 1727

The Tolland Probate District was constituted June 4, 1830 from the Stafford Probate District and processed probate matters for the Town of Willington from that time.  The Tolland Probate District merged with the Mansfield Probate District on January 5, 2011 to create the Mansfield Tolland Probate District which serves the municipalities of Coventry, Mansfield, Tolland, and Willington.


Town of Willington, Probate District chronology:

May 1727 May 1759,  Hartford District
May 1759 June 3, 1830,  Stafford District
June 4, 1830 January 4, 2011,  Tolland District
January 5, 2011 Present,  Mansfield - Hartford District
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