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Series 1. Correspondence 1971-1975

Series 2. Subject File 1971-1975

Series 3. Pending File 1974-1975

Series 4. Memoranda 1972-1975

Series 5. Public Interest Correspondence 1971-1975

Series 6. Yellows 1970-1975

Series 7. Agency Files 1971-1975

Series 8. Legislative File 1973-1974

Series 9. National Governors' Conference File 1971-1974

Series 10. New England Governors' Conference File 1971-1974

Series 11. New England Regional Commission File 1971-1974

Series 12. Other Intergovernmental Relations Files 1971-1974

Series 13. Executive Orders 1971-1974

Series 14. Speeches 1971-1974

Series 15. Messages 1971-1974

Series 16. Public Relations and Communications Files 1971-1974

Series 17. Press Releases 1971-1975

Series 18. Job Requests, Acknowledgements, and Recommendations 1971-1975

Series 19. Federal Agency Relations File 1968-1974

Series 20. Scrapbook 1967 January-March

Series 21. Official Statements 1971-1975

Series 22. Papers of Task Force on Refineries 1974-1975

RG 005:035, Office of the Governor: Thomas J. Meskill (1971-1975)

Inventory of Records

Finding aid prepared by Connecticut State Library Staff.

Copyright © 2007 by the Connecticut State Library

Overview of the Collection

Repository: Connecticut State Library
Creator: Connecticut. Governor (1971-1975 : Meskill)
Title: Thomas J. Meskill records
Creation Dates: 1967-1975
Accumulation Dates: 1971-1975
Quantity: 341 cubic feet
Abstract: Gov. Meskill's correspondence, subject file, pending file, memoranda, public interest correspondence, yellows, agency files, legislative file, National Governors' Conference file, New England Governors' Conference file, New England Regional Commission file, other intergovernmental relations files, executive orders, speeches, messages, public relations and communications files, press releases, job requests, acknowledgements, and recommendations, federal agency relations file, scrapbook, official statements, papers of task force on refineries.
Identification: RG005_035
Accession: T001183
Language: The records are in English.

Biographical Note

Born: January 30, 1928, New Britain, Connecticut.
College: Trinity College, 1950, University of Connecticut Law School, 1956.
Political Party: Republican.
Offices: Mayor of New Britain, 1962-1964; New Britain Corporation Counsel, 1965-1966; U.S. Congress, 1967-1971; Governor of Connecticut, 1971-1975; Judge, U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.
Died: October 29, 2007, Boynton Beach, Florida.

After sixteen years of Democratic control the Republicans won the governor's office once more with the candidacy of Thomas Meskill. A native of New Britain, Meskill graduated from Trinity College in 1950 and then spent three years with the US Air Force. He returned to Connecticut, obtained a law degree, and opened his practice in New Britain in 1956. He married Mary Grady and they had five children.

Meskill entered local politics and was elected mayor of New Britain for 1962-1964. He ran for U.S. Congress in 1964, but lost. Two years later he ran again and won, serving from 1967 until 1971 when he became governor. When Governor Dempsey announced his plan to leave office, the Republican Party saw Meskill as its best candidate and he won the nomination with little opposition. A divided Democratic Party helped Meskill win a substantial victory and he began his term as governor in January of 1971.

There were several problems for Meskill during his first year in office. One was that he inherited a budget that was well out of balance. The second was that his public image became that of a tough, uncaring governor. Democratic leaders and the news media portrayed Meskill's conservative policies in a negative manner. The young Republicans that he hired to help run his administration were dubbed "Meskill's Kiddie Corps." and he became known as "Tough Tom". The budget battle during the 1971 session of the General Assembly was a tiring one that saw Meskill veto 44 legislative bills. On the last night of the session the Assembly passed an income tax bill that Meskill refused to sign, although he did not veto it either. By August the public's outcry was such that this bill was rescinded and a special session was called to pass a more conventional tax package that raised the sales tax to seven percent. Some achievements included passage of no fault auto insurance, granting 18 years olds the right to vote, adoption of tougher drunk driving laws, and the creation of the Department of Environmental Protection.

While Meskill's next three years in office went smoother than his first, and he was able to balance the budget and reduce the sales tax to 6 1/2 percent, he had difficulty overcoming the perception that he ran an austere administration. When an ice storm hit the state in December of 1973 Meskill was on vacation with his family in Vermont. Although he issued orders that allowed state agencies to properly handle the crises, his failure to return to Connecticut was used by the press to make him look bad to the voters. Upset at this bias, as well as a failure to receive credit for his accomplishments while in office, Meskill announced in early 1974 that he would not seek reelection. He was the first governor of Connecticut in more than 50 years who voluntarily limited himself to only one term. Shortly after leaving office Meskill was appointed to be a judge on the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals and was its chief judge before his retirement in 1993.


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Scope and Content

Gov. Meskill's correspondence, subject file, pending file, memoranda, public interest correspondence, yellows, agency files, legislative file, National Governors' Conference file, New England Governors' Conference file, New England Regional Commission file, other intergovernmental relations files, executive orders, speeches, messages, public relations and communications files, press releases, job requests, acknowledgements, and recommendations, federal agency relations file, scrapbook, official statements, papers of task force on refineries.

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Series 1. Correspondence, 1971-1975, 7 feet.
Correspondence considered of minor or negligible interest. Filed alphabetically by correspondent one folder for each letter of the alphabet, a few followed by folders for individual correspondents.

Series 2. Subject File, 1971-1975, 75 feet.
Alphabetical by subject.

Series 3. Pending File, 1974-1975, 1 foot.
Correspondence and memoranda awaiting decision or completion of action. Alphabetical by correspondent, with a few folders by agency at the end.
No separate container listing.

Series 4. Memoranda, 1972-1975, 1 foot.
Originals and copies of memoranda written by, for or to Gov. Meskill on many subjects. Roughly chronological.
No separate container listing.

Series 5. Public Interest Correspondence, 1971-1975, 6 feet.
These are retained examples of a much larger volume (see Disposal Inventory 29) of letters from the public expressing opinions about various issues.

Series 6. Yellows, 1970-1975, 17 feet.
Yellow carbon copies of outgoing letters written by the Governor and his staff. Alphabetical by addressee in the following groups:
October 1970
November - December, 1970
1971 (letters A - C missing)
1971 - 1975

Series 7. Agency Files, 1971-75, 180 feet.
Correspondence, memoranda, notes, reports, publications and reference materials pertaining to state departments and agencies and their work. Alphabetical by name of agency. Some smaller agencies are in the subject file and some are still unarranged.

Agencies Included: Agriculture Department, Annual Reports, Attorney General's Office, Bond Commission, Commerce Department, Community Affairs Department, Comptroller's Office, Correction Department, Courts, Planning Committee on Criminal Administration, Development Commission, Education Department, Environmental Protection Department, Health Department, Higher Education Commission, Housing, Insurance Department, Labor Department, Mental Health Department, Mental Retardation Office, Motor Vehicles Department, Personnel Department, Public Utilities Commission, Public Works Department, Safety Commission, Special Revenue Commission, State Planning Office, State Police, Tax Department, Transportation Department, Welfare Department including Human Rights and Opportunities Commission.

Series 8. Legislative File, 1973-1974, 1 foot, 6 inches.
Correspondence, memoranda, drafts, etc. pertaining to bills before the General Assembly in the 1973 and 1974 sessions. Partly arranged by subject, partly by correspondent.
Unarranged. No separate container listing.

Series 9. National Governors' Conference File
Correspondence and reference materials, some unfiled, some by date, some by subject.
No separate container listing.

Series 10. New England Governors' Conference File, 1971-1974, 1 foot, 4 inches.
Correspondence and reference materials.
Unarranged. No separate container listing.

Series 11. New England Regional Commission File, 1971-1974, 5 feet.
Correspondence and reference materials. General materials followed by subject file.
No separate container listing.

Series 12. Other Intergovernmental Relations Files, 1971-1974, 1 foot.
Includes materials on National governors' Council on Science and Technology, Republican Governors' Conference (1971-72), Republican National Convention (1972), Tri-State Regional Planning Commission, Tri-State Transportation Commission.
No separate container listing.

Series 13. Executive Orders, 1971-1974, 1 foot.
Texts of orders, 1 - 28, with some related material. Numerical.
No separate container listing.

Series 14. Speeches, 1971-1974, 7 feet.
Texts of speeches, with some drafts and related correspondence.
Alphabetical by subject, place, or organization addressed.

Series 15. Messages, 1971-1974, 8 inches.
Messages of greetings, congratulations, commemoration, etc.
Alphabetical by subject.
No separate container listing.

Series 16. Public Relations and Communications Files, 1971-1974, 2 feet, 6 inches.
Correspondence, schedules, "shield law" material, etc.
Unarranged. No separate container listing.

Series 17. Press Releases, 1971-1975, 9 feet.
Releases on Governor's appointments (1 foot), followed by releases on other subjects.

Series 18. Job Requests, Acknowledgements, and Recommendations, 1971-1975, 2 feet.
No separate container listing.

Series 19. Federal Agency Relations File, 1968-1974, 1 foot.
Correspondence with United States Government agencies.
Alphabetical by subject or name of agency, preceded by unfiled material.

Series 20. Scrapbook, 1967 January-March, 1 inch.
Mounted newspaper clippings pertaining to Mr. Meskill's first weeks in the United States House of Representatives.
No separate container listing.

Series 21. Official Statements, 1971-1975, 6 feet.
Texts of Official Statements by the Governor recognizing or supporting various movements, causes, etc. with related drafts, photographs and correspondence.
Alphabetical by subject. Folder of denied requests at beginning.

Series 22. Papers of Task Force on Refineries, 1974-1975, 5 feet.
Correspondence, reports, questionnaires, working papers.
No separate container listing.

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Index Terms


Meskill, Thomas J., 1928-


Connecticut -- History -- Sources
Connecticut -- Politics and government -- 1951- -- Sources
Connecticut. Office of the Governor -- Archives
Governors -- Connecticut -- Archives
Meskill, Thomas J., 1928- -- Archives

Document Types:

Press releases

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Container List

Series 1. Correspondence, 1971-1975
Correspondence considered of minor or negligible interest.
Filed alphabetically by correspondent one folder for each letter of the alphabet, a few followed by folders for individual correspondents.
A – C A-600
C – F A-601
F – I A-602
J – M A-603
M – Q A-604
R – S A-605
S – Z A-606
Series 2. Subject File, 1971-1975
Alphabetical by subject.
Accountancy Board
Action Grant – Dept. of Corrections
Action: SCORE/ACE Chapters
Action: VISTA
Administrative Procedures Act
Administrative Reports
Administrative: Responsive Governments Act
Adoption (Also Task Force)
Affirmative Action Plan
Age of Majority Commission, 3 folders
Agency Audit Reports
Aging, 10 folders A-608
Aging A-609
Audit Report
Elderly Citizens Day
Home Care
Mother Bernadette Clippings
Reference Materials
SSI Alert Grantees
Senior Citizens Intern Program A-610
Services for the Aging
Speaking Engagements
Triage, 3 folders
White House Conference on Aging, 4 folders
Agricultural Experiment Station, 3 folders A-611
Agricultural Task Force
Animal Welfare
Audit Report – Dept. of Agriculture
Food Prices
(Commissioner) Futtner
Hartford Regional Market – Ground Breaking Ceremony
Hatch Metcalf Law
Horse Council Seminar
Land Use Seminar
Meat Inspection
Milk Regulation Board
Preservation of Agricultural Land
Reference Materials
Rural Development
Shellfish Commission
Soil Conservation
Speaking Engagements
Veterinary Examiners
Air Line Pilots Association A-612
Albany Ave. Child Guidance Clinic
Alcohol, See Drugs – Alcohol
Ambulance Commission
American Arts Commission/American Shakespeare Theatre
American Banker
American Shakespeare Theatre
Animal Population
Annual Arrangement
Anonymous, 3 folders
Appointment Responses, 2 folders A-613
Appointments (Fairfield County)
Appointments Made by House Majority Leader
Appointments Made by the President pro-tem of the Senate
Appointments – Nomination
Appreciation, Letters of
Appropriations Committee
Architectural Registration Board
Art Commission Grant, 2 folders
Art Commission Grant – Waterbury Meetings, 1974 April 13
Arts, Commission of, 4 folders
Arts Commission Auditors Report A-614
Arts - Commission of, 3 folders
Arts Foundation
Arts Foundation – Audit
Arts Foundation Recipients
Arts in Connecticut
Assistance – offers of, 2 folders
Atomic Energy
Attorney General – Gasoline Prices
Audit Dept.
Auditors, 2 folders A-615
Auerbach Service Bureau
Austerity Program
Banking/Auditors Accounts
Banking Comm. Speaking Schedule
Banking – Conn. Banking Commission
Banking – Conn. Savings and Loan Assoc.
Banking Dept., 5 folders
Banking Dept., 5 folders A-616
Banking – Escrow & Interest
Banking/Escrow Bill
Banking – Legislation
Bar Association
Barber Examiners
Beach Park School Visit
Annual Report
“Bicentennial News”
“Connecticut Bicentennial Gazette”
Correspondence, 5 folders
Bicentennial A-617
Executive Order
Franklin Mint
New Spirit of ’76 Foundation
Parks Program
Reference Material (Discovery 7 Rediscovery)
Bloomfield Middle School
Blue Cross
Blue Cross Clippings
(State) Boundary Marks
Boy Scouts
Budget, 5 folders
Budget Message
Budget Reactor Letter, 1974 February
Building Commission (State)
Brannen A-618
Burns, Ellen
Business Week
Cadillacs for Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Campaign Promises
Capitol Center Commission, 2 folders
Capitol Preservation & Restoration
Capitol Region Council of Governments
Catholic Graduates Club of Conn.
Census, 4 folders
Census: U.S. Bureau of
Chamber of Commerce
Chaplaincy Program
Charity Drives
Child Day Council
Child Development Legislation
Children and Youth Services, 9 folders A-619
Children and Youth Services A-620
Advisory Council on Children and Youth
Alix’s Place
Connecticut School for Boys (Meriden)
Growth Pattern, 1974
HECUS Program
Intern Program
Outward Bound
Press Releases
Speaking Engagements
Status Reports
Thames House
White House Conference on Children and Youth
Youth Advisory Committee
Youth Involvement
Youth/Juvenile Behavior
Children’s Museum
City Problems
Civic Center
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Defense, 3 folders
Civil Defense, 7 folders A-621
Civil Defense
Advisory Council
Emergency Fuel Allocation Committee
Fuel Shortage
Phase II
Speaking Engagements
Civil Liberties A-622
Civil Preparedness, 2 folders
Civil Service
Civil Service Commission
Claims Against the State
Claims Commission
Clean Campaign Committee
Collective Bargaining
Commerce – U.S. Dept. of
Committee Attendance Record
Common Cause
Community Forum
Governor’s, 2 folders
Community Forums
Compensation of Elected Officials
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest – Fact Sheet
Congratulations – Haddam Academy
Congratulations to TJM
Congress, M.O. A-623
Congress of the United States
Congressional Inquiries
Congressional Record: “items of interest”
Conn. Medical Service
Constitutional Amendment
Constitutional Rights
Consumer Advisory Council
Consumer Affairs (Federal)
Consumer Hotline
Consumer News
Consumer Protection Audit Report
Consumer Protection – Gordon Allen’s Legislative File
Consumer Protection – Correspondence A-M, 4 folders
Consumer Protection A-624
Correspondence M-Z, 2 folders
Commissioner Dunn – Speaking Engagements
Gas Franchise
Health Spas
Jack’s Market
Legalized Boxing
Metric System
Pamphlet sent to High School Grads
Quechee Lakes
To and from Commissioner Dunn, 2 folders
Cost Accounting Standards Board
Cost of Living
Cost of Living Council (2 folders)
Cotter, Judge
Council on Churches
County Government
Crime A-625
Committee on Organized Crime Prevention & Control
Investigation Task Force
N.J. Commission of Investigation
Criminal Injuries
Criminal Investigations
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Program
Criminal Justice Reform
Data Processing
Daughters of the American Revolution
Daylight Savings Time
Decency, Standards of
Decentralization of Government
Defense Department
Dempsey’s Pension
Dental Commission
Desk Plates
Developmental Disabilities Council
Dinan Center, 2 folders
Distinguished Service Awards
Drinking – Age and Hours – See Liquor
Drug Abuse, 2 folders
Drug Abuse, 4 folders A-626
Drug Authority
Drug Conference
Drug Council, 5 folders
Drug Council, 2 folders A-627
Drug Education, 2 folders
Drug Information Center
Drug Legislation
Drug Plan
Drugs, 4 folders
Drugs, 3 folders A-628
Brian Hollander – Criminal & Social Justice Committee
Correspondence, 4 folders
Federal Legislation
Grant Information
Institute for the Future
Misc. Info., Press Releases, Publications, Inc.
Morris House Foundation
National Coordinating Council on Drug Education
New Hope Manor
Perception House
Drugs A-629
Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol & Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol & Drug Dependence Div.
Alcoholism (6 folders)
Alcoholism & Intoxication Treatment Act
Alcoholism – John Magee House
Education, Adult A-630
Education – Day Prospect School
Education – Reference Materials
Education – Speaking Engagements
Election 1972
Election 1976
Elections (5 folders)
Absentee Voting
1974 Election Information
Reference Materials
Elections – Republican Election, 1971 Fall A-631
Electrical Examining Board
Electrical Examining Board – Stanley Page’s File
Electrical Work Examining Board
Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Employee Selection Procedures
Employees Association
Disability Retirement
Letters of Endorsement
Retirement Commission
State – Retirement, 5 folders
Suggestion Awards Board
Suggestion Program
Employment – National Employment Association
Energy Advisory Board A-632
Agenda Utility Companies/State Emergency Officials Meeting, 1973 December 19
Children’s Letter
Connecticut Energy Board
Conservation Letter (Holiday Closing), 1973 December 4
Correspondence A-E, 13 folders
Energy: A-633
Correspondence F-N, 13 folders
Energy A-634
Correspondence O-Z, 9 folders
Energy Crisis A-635
Information, 3 folders
Letters to TV Stations
Liquid Gas
Statement by Atty. General of Mass.
Telegram to Federal Power Com./Liquid Gas
“Dear Commissioners” Ex. Order No. 21
Dear Concerned
Emergency Energy Agency, 3 folders
Emergency Energy Agency/Legislation
Emergency Energy Agency Press Releases
Federal Energy Office
Gas Rationing
Energy A-636
Gasland Letter
Gasoline Shortage
Gasoline Shortage, 1974 February 1
Governor’s Summertime Energy Program
Highway Lighting
Ice Storm
Letter – Executive Order 21
Meeting for First Selectman, 1973 November 26
Meeting, 1973 December 20
Municipal Energy Coordinators
National Energy Plan
New Energy Alert 24
Northeast Utilities Weekly
Planning – Governor’s Conference Room, 1973 December 20
Policy Booklet
Policy Shortage (NERC Resolution)
Policy Statement
Printed Letter Sent in Response to Pledge Card
School Closing
Speech Outlines
Task Force
Environmental Arts and Crafts Council
Environmental Protection Agency
Equal Rights
Equal Opportunity
Equine Commission
Equipment, 2 folders
Equipment – Stanley Page’s files
Etherington Commission – See Services & Expenditures Commission
Ethnic Groups
Examining Boards
Executive Order
Executive Order 23 (Comprehensive Training)
Executive Papers
Executive Reorganization
Fact Sheets A-637
Family Planning
Family Relations
Favorable Letters
Federal Appointments
Federal Budget
Federal Census
Federal Executive Board
Federal Government
Federal Grant Award Notification & Dissemination
Federal – ICC
Federal Income Tax
Federal Legislation
Federal Legislation – Meeting with Congressional Delegation, 1973 August 20
Federal Legislation – 93rd Congress
Federal Regional Intergov. Conference, 1972 June
Federal Regional Council – June 24th
Federal Regional Council – Minutes of Meeting in Hartford -, 1971 March
Federal Regional Council – Minutes of Meetings
Federal Regional Council of New England, 2 folders
Federal – State, 2 folders
Federal – State, 2 folders A-638
Federal – State
ACIR (Advisory Comm. On Intergovernmental Relations)
Children & Youth
Community Affairs
Consumer Protection
Criminal Adm., Planning Committee
Development Comm.
Environmental Project
Higher Education
Historical Comm.
Integrated Grant Administration Program
Mental Health
Motor Vehicle
Public Works
Reg. Bilingual Info. Center
Revenue Sharing
Rural Development
State Police
Tax Department
Treasurer’s Office
Univ. of Connecticut
Federal Technical Assistance Program
Field Services Bureau
Finance Advisory Committee
Finance Advisory Committee – Audit Report
Finance & Control, 2 folders
Finance & Control, 6 folders A-639
Finance & Control
Allotments Log, 1970 April - 1972 June
Barry Budlong’s Schedule
Central Collections
Central Collections Audit Report
Contingency Finance
Finance & Control: Purchasing Division Audit
Fire Administration
Fire Fighting Commission
Fire Marshall
Fire Service Coordination Committee
Firearms – Registration A-640
Firearms Association – Connecticut
Fiscal Policy – History
Flag Rules
Flying Feds Report
Food Prices
Foreign & Interstate Commerce
Foreign Affairs & Aid
Foreign Trade
Fourth of July
Francophone Cultural Commission
Freund (General)
Fuel Allocation
Fuel Shortage
Fund Freeze – Job Freeze
Fund Raising
Gasoline Exemption Bill
Gasoline Phone In
Gasoline Price Increase, 4 folders
Gasoline Shortage A-641
Gasoline Stations Abandoned
Gasoline Station Closings
Gasoline Tax Exemption Letter
General Accounting Office
General Assembly/Special Session, 1974
General Services Administration
Geological Survey
Get Well Wishes
Goldwater – Roaney Amendment
“Good” Letters
Government Economy
Government Efficiency
Government Reorganization (State)
Government Spending
Gov. Meskill – Personal
Campaign (Offers of Assistance)
Personal Security Force
Programs: Info. Mgt. Task Force
Grant, Dr.
Grants to Towns
Greater Hartford Community Council
Greater Hartford Open
Greater Hartford Process, 2 folders
Greater Hartford Process – Drafts
Greek Independence Medal
Grievance Committee
Gun Control
Hartell, Lee R. – Resolution
Hartford Chamber of Commerce
Hartford Juvenile Court & Detention Home
Hawaiian Room
Health, Education & Welfare/ABCD #H-0441, Box A-642 A-642
Health, Education & Welfare Grant H-1083 WACAB
Health, Education & Welfare: Health Services Legislation
Heating & Piping Board
Historical – Noah Webster Foundation
Historical Commission, 5 folders
Audit Report
Historical Commission A-643
Interest Group Lists
Museum, 2 folders
Historical Societies Budget
Holy Land – Catacombs
Homeopathic Exam. Board
Honorary Chairmanship, 2 folders
Hospital Costs, 4 folders
Hot Dogs
Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 3 folders
Human Resource A-644
Human Rights Commission, 8 folders
Human Services, 3 folders
Human Services, Council
Humane Society
Humanities Council
Hunting A-645
Huntington Historical Society
Ice Storm
Inaugural Ball
Inauguration, 1972
Independence Day – July 4
Independence Day re: Bell Ringing And Hall of Flags
Industrial Modernization Committee
Inflation Fact Sheet
Information Bureau, Governor’s State, 4 folders
Information Bureau, Governor’s State, 2 folders A-646
Civic Organizations
Fire Chiefs
Letter Sent to Banks
Letters to Police Chiefs
(Pins) Jan. 10, 1974 President of Public, Private
Parochial Higher Education Facility
(Pins) Letters to Insurance Companies on Info Pins
Information Management Task Force
Integrated Grant Adm. Program (IGA)
Interand Corporation
Interfaith Commission
“Intergov” (ACIR) Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 2 folders
Intergovernmental Cooperation
Intergovernmental Personnel Act (1970), 2 folders
Intergovernmental Personnel Act (1970), 2 folders A-647
Intergovernmental Personnel Act – Grants, 2 folders
Intergovernmental Relations Comm. (Boston Federal Executive Board)
Interior Dept. – Milford Lab
Interior, Department of the
Internal Revenue Service
International Issues
Interstate Commerce Commission, 2 folders
Interstate Sanitation Commission
Introduction, Letter of
Inventor’s Day
Investment Advisory Council
Irish No. A.C. (Northern Aid Committee)
Israeli Arab War
Issues: Federal
Judicial, 6 folders A-648
Judicial – Admin. Procedures Act
Judicial – Audit 18th Circuit Court at Winsted
Judicial Department
Judicial Review Council
Junk Mail
Justice, Department of – FBI
Keepsakes A-649
King, Martin L.
Knights of St. Patrick
Landscape Architects
Law Enforcement, 3 folders
Law Enforcement Asst.
Law Enforcement: Planning Comm. on Criminal Administration
Law Revision Commission
League of Women Voters
Legacy of Parks
Legal Aid (Gordon Allen)
Legal Assistance – New Haven Legal Assistance Association, Inc. – VISTA
Legal Holidays
Legal Matters, 2 folders
Legal Publication
Legal Services
Legal Services A-650
Legal Services Program
Legislation (2 folders)
Bills, 10 folders
Federal, 2 folders
S.B. 484
Senate Joint Resolution 108
Audit Review Committee
Management – Audit Report
Legislative Management (Joint Committee) A-651
Legislative Pay Increases
Legislative Reapportionment
Legislature – Committee on Program Review and Evaluation
Legislature, 1973
Legislature – Trailer Session, 1974 June 17
Letters to the Editor
Libraries and Connecticut State Library Association, 3 folders
Libraries – State Library Committee
Lieutenant Governor
Liquor Control
Liquor – Drinking Age & Hours
Local Government
Marketing Authority A-652
Marketing Research
Mayors, Connecticut Conference of
Mayors, U.S. Conference of
Medical Association, American
Medical Examining Board
Medical Service, Inc.
Medical Society – Conn. State
Medicolegal Investigation
Memorandums from TJM
Memorandums – Miscellaneous
Memorandums to Gov. Meskill
Memorial Day
Message by State Governors
Metropolitan District Commission
Middle East Oil
Military, 3 folders
Air Force
Army Corps of Engineers, 2 folders
Coast Guard
Constituency Mail
Personnel A-653
Releases 24-28, 1973 September
Releases 18-31, 1973 October-November
Releases: 28, 1974 May-June
Top Leadership
Gen. Freund
Governor’s Foot Guard
Horse Guard
Information from Walsh
National Guard, 2 folders
National Guard Congratulations
Speaking Engagements
Military: Special Orders & Press Releases, 7 folders A-654
Military: Special Orders & Press Releases, 1 folder A-655
Military Staff
U.S. Air Force Academy
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
West Point Academy
Mini Bikes
Minorities – Communications: Spanish/Polish/Women
Minorities – Women
Minority Affairs Meeting
Minority Enterprise
Minority Groups
Missing in Action
Missing Persons
MIT Research
Mobile Homes – Jensen’s
Mobile Homes Parks
Model Cities
Model Code Laws
Mortgage Authority, 2 folders
Mystic Seaport
National Council of Teachers of English (Congratulations)
National Election, 1976 A-656
National Science Foundation, 2 folders
National Science Foundation – Proposed Trial R & D Program, 1971
Naturalized Citizens
Naturopathic Examiners Board
Nazi Party March, 1974
Neighborhood Youth Corps
New Britain Murders
New England Regional Commission
New England Republican Governors’ Association
NIKE Base – Ansonia
Nixon – Form Letters Pro & Con
No Address File – Letters
North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO
Norwich Office
Notary Public
Nuclear Weapons
Nurses, Association of & Board of Examiners for Nursing
Nursing Home Administrators
Occupational Licensing A-657
OEP – Office of Emergency Preparedness
Office – General
Office of Management & Budget
A-95 and A-98
A-95 and A-98 – Quarterly Reports of Federal Grants
Federal Grants
Federal Task Force “Flying Feds”
Research Material
Official Legal Publications
Official Legal Publications – Audit Report
Official Statement Denials (See Also Boxes A-928,ff)
Official Statements (See Also Boxes A-928,ff), 4 folders
Official Statements (See Also Boxes A-928,ff), 1974
Oil Exporting
Oil-Gas Prices
Oil Import Program, 2 folders
Ombudsman A-658
Opera Association, Connecticut
Opticians, Commission
Organizations, Regional and National
Osteopathic Examination Board
Out of State Travel, Vehicles
Parent Teacher’s Association of Connecticut
Paris Peace Talks
Parking Tickets
Pay Board, See Wage and Price Freeze
Pension Report (Fed. Leg.)
Pension Reform Bill – Federal Legislation
Pension Study Committee – Request for Appointment
Petroleum Control Commission
Petroleum Products
Petroleum Products Commission
Pharmacist Letter
Pharmacy Commission
Pharmacy License
Physical Therapists/Exam. Board
Piping – Examining Board
Plumbing: Also Board of Examiners
Police, 2 folders
Police Academy, Conn.
Conn. Chief of Police Association
In-Service Training Course
Municipal Police Training Council
Municipal Police Training Course – CT Police Academy, 2 folders
New England Institute of Law Enforcement
Quota System
Political Process
Political Programs
Pornography, 5 folders A-659
Power Shortage – OEP
Post Office Department
Postal Service – First Day Covers
Postmaster General
Power Facility Evaluation Council, 3 folders
Power Facility Evaluation Council, 3 folders A-660
Power Failure
Power Transmission Corridor – Petition
Prayer Amendment
Prayer Breakfasts
Prisoners of War
Proclamations – Arranged Alphabetically
Proclamations – Correspondence
Proclamations -- Correspondence, 3 folders A-661
Proclamations – General
Proclamations – Special Proclamations – Special Session of the General Assembly
Psychologists/Board of Examiners
Public Concern
Public Defender
Public Expenditure Council, 4 folders
Public Interest
Purchasing Division
Questionnaire A-662
Questionnaire – National Organization
Radio Broadcasting – Federal Communications Commission
Railroad Historical Association
Real Estate Commission, 2 folders
Real Estate Licensing
Reale, Dante
Recommendations from TJM, 3 folders
Red Cross Blood Program
Regional Councils
Regional Planning Agencies
Rehabilitation Dept.
Rent Commission
Republican Governor’s Association, 1 folder
Republican Governors’ Association, 2 folders A-663
Republican Governors Campaign Committee
Republican Governors Conference
Republican National Committee, 2 folders
Republican National Committee – Talking Papers
Republican National Convention
Republican Party
Republican Platform, 1972
Republican State Central Committee, 2 folders
Republican State Central Committee “Four Ten”
Research Commission, 1 folder
Research Commission, 1 folder A-664
Residence – Governor’s
Residence, Use of
Residency, State
Resources Management Program
Resources Priority Board
Responsive Government Act
Retired Persons
Retirement, 12 folders
Retirement:, 4 folders A-665
Audit Report
Auditors Report – Comptroller/Retirement Special Appropriations
System – Study Commission
Revenue Bonds Power Authority – State of N.Y.
Revenue – New Ideas
Revenue Sharing, 4 folders
Revenue Sharing, 4 folders A-666
Revenue Sharing:
Administration’s Special Proposals
Mills Bill H.R. 11950
National Governor’s Conference
National Citizens Committee
(Rural Comm. Development)
Seminar – Responses to Invitation
September, 1974
Revenue Task Force (State) A-667
Roaming Dogs
Rocky Hill
Rotary Club
Rural Development
Salary Increases – Elected Officials, 3 folders
Savings Bonds
Science & Astronautics
Science Policies
Seale-Huggins Trial
Secretary of the State, 2 folders
Secretary of the State – Audit Report
Sedimentation & Erosion Conference
Selective Service
Senate Page Appointments
Senate, U.S
Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens Conn. Council
Services & Expenditures (Etherington) Commission, 3 folders
Services & Expenditures A-668
(Etherington) Commission, 4 folders
Sewage Disposal System: Licensing Board
Sheltered Workshops: Christmas Donation
Sister City Program
Snowmobiles, 2 folders
Social Security
Social Services, 1974 November 22
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines; Fund
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines; Fund Audit
Southbury-Mansfield Xmas Pageant – Thank You Letters, 1972
Southern Office (Governor’s Office – Stamford ), 4 folders
Southern Office A-669
Southern Office – August Opening
Southington Armory
Spanish Language Brochure
Spanish-Speaking Americans, 4 folders
Spanish-Speaking, Governor’s Council on Opportunities for the-
Spanish-Speaking, Governor’s Council on Opportunities for the – (Draft of Report), 1973
Spanish-Speaking – News Releases
Spanish-Speaking Populations, Problems Encountered by New England’s (NERC)
Spanish-Speaking Task Force
Special Elections
Special Interest Groups
Speech & Hearing Association
Speech Schedule (Governor’s)
Sportsmen’s Alliance
Staff Salaries
Stafford Speedway
Stainless Steel Flatware
Stamford Area YMCA
Stamford Armory A-670
Stamps – Commemorative
Standards and Appeal, Board of-
Stanley Works
State Animal
State Armory
State Attorney
State Department – USA
State Governments, Council of, 3 folders
State Insect
State Library Newsletter
State Properties Task Force
State Seal
State Services
State Song (Pending Files) A-671
State Song: A –D
State Song: E – Parks A-672
State Song Penley – Z A-673
State Sunday A-674
States’ Council for Regionalism
Strike Force
“Beep” (Balanced Economic & Environmental Policy)
Connecticut Development Bank
Final Report – File Copy
First National Bank of Boston
For Full Employment – Preliminary Information
General Correspondence
International Corporation Headquarters in Connecticut (Maconi)
Invitation Lists
Preliminary Matters and Final Report Distribution
Transportation Cost (Schneller)
Vocational Training (Miller)
Subversive Activities
Summer Job Folder
Summer Youth Program
Summit Conference
Sunday Blue Law
Sunday Blue Law – Ice Storm
Sunday Blue Law – Reg. About Relaxation of Enforcement, 1974 January 3
Surplus A-675
Surplus Seminar, 1973 September
Sympathy Letters
Tape – WESU
Task Force – Information Management
Teacher Negotiations
Teachers – Advisory Board on State Certification of Teachers
Teachers Certification
Teachers Education – Conn. Conference
Teachers Sample Letters on Legislation – Labor Relations
Television Systems (PUC) – Cable Antenna
T.V. Examining Board
Temporary Help
Tenure – Teachers
Thank Yous
Town Chairman
Town Clerks
Town Government
Town Hall Office Hours
Toxicology Laboratory
Trailer Parks
Trailers – Development Commission
Treasurer, 7 folders
Treasurer, 5 folders A-676
Treasurer – Annual Report, 1972
Treasurer – “Connecticut Nutmeg Securities”
Treasurer Reports, 3 folders
Treasury Department Newsletter
Tree Exam. Board
Trucking – “National Truck Strike-Out”, 1974 January 15 A-677
United Nations
UN Day
U.S. Savings Bond
U.S. Treasury Dept.
Urban Affairs
“Urban Affairs Report”
Urban League
Vacation – Travel Advisory Council
Veterans, 6 folders
Veterans Administration
Veterans Assistance Letter
Veterans Benefit – Bonus, 2 folders
Veterans Fact Sheet A-678
Veterans Day Reception, 1973 November 12
Veterans Form Letter List, 4 folders
Veterans Home and Hospital
Veterans Home & Hospital Commission
Veterans Home & Hospital – Rocky Hill Vacancy
Veterans Home/Conn. Valley Hospital
Veterans (Jobs)
Veterans Leg. H.R. 12628
Veterans – Rocky Hill Veterans Hospital, 2 folders
Veterans/Southeastern Branch Facility A-679
Veterans – Vietnam Veterans
Veto Messages
Veto Messages, 1974
Veto of House of Good Shepherd Bill – Senate Bill 2006
Vice President
Vietnam Bonus
Voluntary Action, Governor’s Council on, 4 folders
Volunteerism Material
Voter – Complaint A-680
Voter Registration, 4 folders
Voter Registration – GOP
Voter Support
Voting – Age 18
Voting Eligibility
Wage and Price Control – Economic Stabilization Program, Phase II
Wage and Price Freeze
Wage and Price, Phase II
Washington Office, 2 folders
Washington Office, 5 folders A-681
Washington Office – Federal Legislation Summaries
Watergate, 2 folders
Welfare Report – CPTV
Welfare/Torrington Office
Well Drilling Board
Weather Control Board
White House, 6 folders A-682
White House – Cabinet Committee on Spanish Speaking
White House Fellows
Willimantic Library Center
Women: Governor’s Commission on the Status of Women
Women: League of Women Voters, “Legislative Newsletter”
Year End Reports
Young American Medals for Bravery
Young Republican Executive Board
Youth Development Program (Including Summer)
Youth Leadership
Series 3. Pending File, 1974-1975
Correspondence and memoranda awaiting decision or completion of action.
Alphabetical by correspondent, with a few folders by agency at the end.
Records A-683
Series 4. Memoranda, 1972-1975
Originals and copies of memoranda written by, for or to Gov. Meskill on many subjects.
Roughly chronological.
Records A-684
Series 5. Public Interest Correspondence, 1971-1975
These are retained examples of a much larger volume (see Disposal Inventory 29) of letters from the public expressing opinions about various issues.
Abortion A-685
Drug abuse
Farm workers
Blue laws A-686
Bus strike
Public Utility rate hike
Bus strike A-687
Children’s letters
Daylight saving time
Fuel adjustment
Gas rationing
Gas rationing A-688
Merritt Parkway
Interstate 84 A-689
State police pay raise
Taxation A-690
Series 6. Yellows, 1970-1975
Yellow carbon copies of outgoing letters written by the Governor and his staff.
Alphabetical by addressee in the following groups.
1970 A – Z A-691
1971 D – I (A – C missing)
1971 J – S A-692
1971 T – Z A-693
A – B A-694
B A-695
C A-696
C – D A-697
E – G A-698
G – H A-699
H – K A-700
K – L A-701
M A-702
M – O A-703
P – R A-704
R – S A-705
S – T A-706
U – Z A-707
Series 7. Agency Files, 1971-1975
Agriculture Department A-708
Dairy Division A-709
Tree Protection Agency
Resources / Inter-departmental messages
Gordon Allen’s Legislative File
Miscellaneous Information
Annual Reports
Accountancy – Health
Higher Education – Workmen’s Compensation A-710
Accountancy – Mental Retardation
Military – Workmen’s Compensation A-711
Accountancy – Plumbing and Piping Examiners
Podiatry – Tax A-712
Accountancy – Transportation
Treasury – Women, Status of A-713
Attorney General
Bond Commission A-714
Bond Commission A-715
Bond Commission A-716
Commerce Department A-717
Subject Files A-718
Audit Report, 3 folders
Bradley Gateway Status
Chamber of Commerce
Committee of Concern, 3 folders
Committee of Concern for Jobs
Letters to Company Executives
Conn. Development Authority, 2 folders
Commerce Container-port
Commerce “Dear Friend” Letter
Fact Sheet
Fortune 500
Conn. Industrial Building
Industrial Development Bonds
Ingraham Industries
Okay Industries
Mag Card, 2 folders
Minority Enterprises
Monthly Reports
Research Commission
Speaking Engagements
Switzerland Trip, 2 folders
Oil Refinery Task Force Files A-719
Community Affairs Department A-720
Commissioner & Deputy Commissioners, 4 folders
Subject Files:
Action, Conn.
Action – Grant Vista Volunteers
New London – Groton Volunteers, Inc.
Action/Vista – NH Volunteers
Action/Vista – Waterbury NOW
Advisory Council
Advisory Council on Community Affairs
ADC – Aid to Dependent Children
A-95 Process
Anti-Poverty Agencies
Audit Report
Better Communities Act
B.A.R. Black Active Republicans
Book for Children (Conn.)
Bond Commission
February Bond for DCA
March, 1972
March Bond Agenda
1972 April 28
April Bond Commission A-721
January Bond Commission
May Bond Commission
June Bond
Bond Agenda; 1972 May
Bond Commission; 1971 November
Bond Commission; 1971 December
Bond Commission; 1972 January
July Bond Agenda – July 23
Bond Commission Meeting – 1971 August
September Bond
October Bond; 1971 October 22
Budget Explanation, 1971
Budget, 1972
Budget’s View
Cable Television
Booklet/Capitol Improvements Programming
Carabetta Housing
Clemente, Roberto Memorial Fund
Community Action Program
Connecticut Humanities Council
CPAP (Comprehensive Planning Assistance Program)
Dauntless Lane Apartments A-722
Day Care
Day Care Funding
Day Care Building Code & Fire Code
Day Care Mag Card Letters
Day Care Nutrition Symposium – Mag Cards
Day Care Fee, Standard Child – Mag Card
Day Care Guidelines
Day Care Programs
CDC Letters (Pickens)
Day Care Mag Card Letters
Day Care Proposal & Berdon’s Housing Proposal, Governor’s Conference
Day Care Guideline, 1971 November 1
Day Care – State’s Role
Day Care Task Force
Day Care Good Shepherd
Day Care – Danbury
Day Care – Greenwich
Day Care – Groton- Miner A-723
Day Care – Mt. Olive
Day Care – Naugatuck
Day Care – New London, 1-177-CDC
Day Care – New London, 1-180-CDC
Day Care – Willimantic
Day Care – Petitions
Day Care – Woman’s League Day Care Centers
Disaster Assistance (701)
Drug Programs
Educational Instruction
Emergency Loan
Energy, Solar
Energy Letter
Environmental Impact
Evaluation Team (Housing), 1971
Farmers Home Administration
Federal Assistance for Community Development Activities Legislation
Federal Legislation
Governor’s Day Trips
Head Start, 1 folder plus envelope (postcards)
HEW – Health, Education & Welfare
Health Programs
Heating Fuel Funds
Heating, Solar
Hill Cooperative Youth Service
History, Community Affairs, 2 folders
Housing, 2 folders A-724
Housing Fact Sheet
Housing Authority
Housing Code
Housing Elderly, 2 folders
Housing Inquiries
Housing Program, Section 23 Leased
Housing Legislation, Low Rent
Housing – Mobile Home Ad Hoc Committee
Housing Moderate Rental Program
Housing Pilot
Housing Rehabilitation
Housing Mobile Homes
Housing Tax Abatement
Housing Study
Housing Leasing Center/Acuedo
Housing, Title I of & Community Development Act
Housing National Homes Corp.
Housing – New Britain
Housing Site Development A-725
HSD: Danbury – Beaver St. Interfaith Social Action Corporation
Hartford HSD – North Arsenal
Hartford HSD – Project Rehab
New London HSD – Manwaring Reed-Coit
Application for Execution Grant – Strawberry Hill Avenue Site
Stamford HSD – Clinton Avenue & Strawberry Hill
HSD: Waterbury – Saarsfield Terrace
HSD: Waterbury –Better Housing Assn.
HRD Letters (Pickens)
Institute for the Future (IFF)
Human Resources Development Job Corps
Job Vacancy
Labor/Personnel: Institute of Public Service (UCONN)
Equal Opportunity Activities
Legislation, 1972
Letter to Atty. General Killian re: to PA 73-607
Bureau of Local Assistance
Bureau of Local Governments
Migrant Farm Workers, 2 folders
Minority Business
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Model Cities
National Economic Development
National Headstart Schedule
Neighborhood Youth Corps (NYC) A-726
New England Farmers’ Work Council
New England Non-Profit Housing Development Corp.
OEO – Office of Economic Opportunity
OEO – FAC (Federal Aid Coord.) FIX (Fed. – Inf. Exchange System)
OEO Legislation
OMB Circular A-70
Pickens, Memos to
Press Releases, 2 folders
Progress Reports
Public Works & Economic Development Act of 1965
Puerto Rican Legal Services
Revenue Sharing
Self-Help Programs
Sparkman’s Bill
Spanish American
Spanish Institute
Speaking Engagements
Status Report of Applications
Status Reports
Summer Programs, 1969-1970
Summer, ABCD, 1971
Summer Programs, 1971
Summer Program, 1972 A-727
Tax Abatements, 9 folders
Folder: 1. Bridgeport – 1st Baptist
Folder: 2. Hartford – Garden Street
Folder: 3. No. Haven – Antillean Manor
Folder: 4. No. Haven – St. Luke’s
Folder: 5. No. Haven – Student Housing York Street
Folder: 6. Stamford – Coleman Towers
Folder: 7. Waterbury – Lambda Rho Apartments
Folder: 8. Waterbury – Prospect Towers
Folder: 9. Waterbury – Savings Towers
TWLAP (Tolland-Windham Legal Asst. Program)
OEO Grant CG-1001-B/1 (2 folders)
Correspondence & Petitions to ans.
Tolland-Windham Legal Asst. Prog., Inc. vs. Thomas J. Meskill, et al
Grants T & TA (Training & Tech. Asst.)
Uniform Relocation Assistance Act – P.A. 838 of 1971
Van Block Housing
Vehicular Noise Abatement Program
Veterans Grant
WACAP – Total Package
Youth Bridge
Town Files A-728
Bridgeport (ABCD
Bridgeport – C.O.O.L.
ABCD Summer Employment
(ABCD) Grants
Beardsley & Pequonnock Apartments
Day Care, Headstart, etc.
Housing NERC Contract
Modular Housing
Housing “Rehab City” HUD
Housing Rotary Housing Corp.
Housing Waterview Housing Site
Housing I.B.D. (Project OWN)
Canaan & No. Canaan Housing
Danbury – CAC – Grants
Danbury – SSR
OEO, TEAM Grant “Headstart”
Senior Center
East Hartford
East Haven
East Windsor
Enfield A-729
Enfield – Ind. & Business Development (IBD), 2 folders
Fairfield – Elderly Housing
CRT (Community Renewal Team)
North End Adult Learning Center
CRT (Community Renewal Team) Correspondence
CRT (Help, Inc.) (Prison Rehabilitation Agency)
Housing Rehabilitation
Hartford Housing
Hartford Housing Tax Abatement
Hartford SAND
Meriden – Grants
Grants – OEO 10662-72/02 Community Action
Grants CAGM
Milford Peter Prudden/CASEY
New Britain OEO
New Britain/Spanish Speaking Center
New Britain
New Canaan
New Hartford A-730
New Haven – Grants – LAA
New Haven
New Haven:
Grants – Dixwell Legal Rts.
Grants: CPI, CG-0115G/3
Coalition for Housing & Human Resources
OIC (Opportunities Industrialization Center)
Housing Carabetta
Grants CPI
Day Care – Elm Haven
OEO: Dixwell Legal Rts. Assn.
New London
New London – Housing
New London – Pilot Program for Placement of Spanish American Residents
New Milford
Norwalk Grants (NEON)
Norwalk-Stamford-Danbury Regional Legal Services
OEO Grant CG-1411-E/O
Norwalk Housing
Norwalk Housing – OEO/NSD Regional Legal Services, Inc.
Norwich A-731
Harbor Improvement (R. Sharpe Arch.)
Industrial Park
North Canaan
Plainfield Housing
Rockville Housing
So. Windsor
So. Windsor: Candlewood Apts. Heating
Stafford Springs
Stamford Grants – CT & E
Stamford Housing
Stowe Village
Thomaston A-732
Broadview Acres
Housing Broadview Acres
NOW Training Programs
West Hartford/Mayor Grants Puerto Ricans
West Hartford Redevelopment
West Haven
Windham Area CAP Grants WACAP
Grant Files by product, unarranged, 1971-1973 A-733
Grant Files by product, unarranged, 1971-1973 A-734
Comptroller’s Office A-735
General correspondence and monthly reports, unarranged
Corrections Department A-736
General Correspondence
Correspondence, A – J A-737
Correspondence, K – Z A-738
Subject Files A-739
Adult Probation, Department of
Annual Report, 1973
Appeals, Board of
Audit Report – Resources and Opportunities Center
Brooklyn Site
Capital Punishment, 4 folders
Carrona File
Cheshire Reformatory
Connecticut Correctional Institute
Correction Council
Drug Programs
Care of Federal Prison
Financial Reports
Grant, Dr.
Green, Leslie D., 2 folders
Interdepartmental Messages A-740
Interfax Inc.
Jail Site
Long Lane School
Mag Card
New Hartford Correctional Center
New Haven Jail Site
Pardon and Parole, Boards of
Penal Institutions
Press Releases
Probation and Parole
Ombudsman Quarterly Report
Recidivism Scroll
Somers State Prison
South Carolina
Speaking Engagements, 2 folders
Staff Meeting Minutes
Traveling Van, Put on
Vista Volunteers
Year End Reports
Courts A-741
Correspondence A-Z, unfiled
Subject Files A-742
Conelly vs. Meskill
Danbury Courthouse
New Haven Courthouse
New London Courthouse
Waterbury Courthouse
Elks and Moose, order of
Juvenile Court
Juvenile Court, 2nd district
Lituaitis (Little)
Property Taxes
Court Reorganization
Reports and Info.
Supreme Court Issues
Recommendations for Judge’s Appointments A-743
Criminal Administration Planning Committee A-744
Unfiled material
Unfiled material A-745
Unfiled material A-746
Subject Files A-747
Audit Reports
Command Training Institutes – Mag Card
Comprehensive Law – Mag Card
Enforcement and Criminal Justices
Executive Committee Minutes
Executive Meetings
Grant Application, Copy of
Juvenile Delinquency Youth Crime
Lakeville Conference HR 8152
Law Enforcement Revenue Sharing Act of 1973
L.E.A.A. H.R. 8152
L.E.A.A. Program in Connecticut – Speech
L.E.A.A. Programs
Police Commissioners Association, Speech to
Police In-Service Training Course
Police Management – Mag letter, July, 1973
Speaking Engagements
Stanton – Seiberling Amendment
Sudden and Mysterious Deaths
Development Commission A-748
General Correspondence and Publications
Correspondence A-749
Subject Files A-750
Annual Report, 1973
Arrow Hart
Black Capitalism
Bridgeport Waterfront Renewal
Business and Industry Info., Pamphlets, etc.
Central City, Downtown Areas and Inner-City
Conn. Council of Economic Advisors, 1973 1st quarter
Conn. Development Authority, 1973 November 16
Conn. Development News
Conn. Vest
Council of Economic Advisor
Development News
East Haven Industrial Park
Eastern States Exposition A-751
Eastern States Mag, 1974 April
Eastern States Scholarship, Governor’s
Economic Development Administration
Economic Development Administration – U.S. Department of Commerce
Electric Boat Co.
Etherington Commission
Export/Import Conference
Farmington Industrial Park
First National
General Electric
Greater Waterbury Ambassadors
Groton Industrial Park
Greater Waterbury Ambassadors
Groton Industrial Park
Gunther Project
Hartford Civic Center
Hartford North Meadows Industrial Projects
Industrial Building Commission
Industrial Building Development
Meriden Project A-752
Middletown Steele
Ming, Joe
National Federation of Independent Business
National Homes
Navy Underwater Systems
New England Council and Caucus
New (Great) Britain
New London Project
New London, Retention of Underwater Systems in
New York Hilton
New York Reception
New York Times
New York Visit
Norwich Industrial Park
Offshore Islands and Concepts
Press Releases
Product Development A-753
Product Development Corp., 3 folders
Regional Plan Association
Rehab. Old Buildings
Reverse Investment Trade Mission
Reverse Trade Mission (Japan)
Reverse Trade Switzerland, 1973
Rocky Hill
Sacia Conference
Sheffield Tube
Small Business Administration
Smith, Tom
Space Shuttle
Strike Force Proposals
Travel Forum
Trident Submarine Base
United Nuclear
Vertical (Plant Proj.), Economic Development
Wall St. Journal Ad
Wood stock IBD
Education Department A-754
Correspondence Arranged alphabetically according to the name of sender
A – G
H – R A-755
S – Z A-756
Miscellaneous and unfiled material (4 files)
1. Education
2. Education
3. Education
4. Education – Information
Subject Files A-757
Academic Awards - Congrats
Academic Awards, State
Arbitration Board
Blind , Board of Services for the, Minutes, 1973 September 20
Blind, Board of Education Services for the
Board of Education, State – Report of General Assembly
Board of Education, State – Audit Report
Board of Education, State (Energy Crisis)
Board of Education, State Budget Letter
Board of Education, State
Board of Education, State – New Members
Board of Education, State, 1974 May 1
Board of Education, State, 1974 April 3
Board of Education, State, Minutes, 1974 May 1
Board of Education, State, 1974 June 5 A-758
Board of Education, State, Minutes of Meetings, 1974 June 5, 19
Board of Education, State, 1974 June 19
Board of Education, State, 1974 September 4
Board of Education, State, 1974 November 6
Board of Education, State, 1974 December 4
Board of Education, State, Meeting, 1973 March
Board of Education, State, 1973 April 4
Board of Education, State, May Agenda, 1973
Board of Education, State, Meeting, 1973 June 6
Board of Education, State, 1973 July 5
Board of Education, State – Services for the Blind, March
Board of Education, State – Services for the Blind, 1973 May 17
Board of Education, State – Suits (Tedeschi)
Budget Letters – Education
Budget Mag Card – Letter on A D M
Busing, 2 folders
Career Education
Certificates, School, 1973
Certificates, Graduation, 1973-1974
Certificates, 1974
Certification of Sc. Per.
Certification, Teacher
Civil Defense
Community School
Construction Grants
Consumer Education
Deaf, American School for the
Deaf , School for the A-759
Mystic Oral School
Audit Report/Mystic Oral School
Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Commission on – Mag. Card, 1974 June 19
Deaf – Commission to Study Hearing Impaired
Disadvantaged Grants
Disadvantages – Handicapped
Dodd Memorial Library Committee
Driver Education, 2 folders
Early School Closing, Letter to School Superintendents on, 1971 January 8
Education Commission of the States, 2 folders
Education Council, Connecticut, 2 folders
Educational Services Center
Educational Testing Service
Elementary and Secondary Education Act A-760
Environment Education Act
External Degrees
Fact Sheet / Programs for Better Education
Federal Impact Aid
Financing, Commission to Study School
Financing Public Schools
Funding/Financing, School
Food Program
Food Programs, Special / Letters to Congress/ Reps./ Senators
Food Program – Breakfast Program –Mag Card
Goals Study
Grants – ADM – Mag Card
Grants – ADM – Mag. Card, 1974 February
Grants – ADM and Gen.
Grants, Education, 2 folders
Grants to Towns, Education
High School Principals
Legislation, 1973
Legislation, Federal – Pending
Master Plan A-761
Migrant Workers
NA/SBE, Board of Education and Comm. Association of
National Reading Center
National Youth Science Camp, 2 folders
Needs Assessment
NE Program in Teacher Ed.
Non-Public School Secular Education, Advisory Council on
[Non-Public – ] Anti-Parochial
Non-Public, Parochial
[Non-Public – ] St. Margaret’s School
Nursing High School, 2 folders
Nursing Task Force, 2 folders
Partners for the Americans
Press Release, CHE
Project Concern
Reading Assessments A-762
Regional and National / Travel and Part.
Retired Teachers Association, Officers of – Mag, Card Letter Sent July 9, 1976
Retired Teachers – Legislation – Mag. Card Letter
Retirement, Teachers
Retirement, Teachers – Legislation, 2 folders
Retirement Meeting, Teachers, March 26
Revenue Sharing
Science Center
School Closing Letter
School Closing, Printed Letter Sent in Response to Letters on
School Prayer
Seminar, Education
Skill Center
Smith Reception, 1973 July
Special Education
Special Revenue Sharing
Strike Force Proposals for Full Employment
Student Loans A-763
Student Loans – Berdun Proposal
Student Loan Foundation
Student Press Conference
Telecommunications, Commission on Education and Informational Uses of Cable
Public Television
Connecticut Instructional TV
Tuition A-K
Tuition L-Z
Vocational Education
Board of Education and Services for the Blind Board Members Manual
Vocational/Wilcox Tech. School/Meriden
Windham Regional Tech.
Vocational Reclassification
Vinal Regional Vocational Technical School
Audit Report/Waterbury Technical College, 1974
Audit Report/1974/Thames Valley Technical College
Audit/Norwalk State Technical College
Oliver Wolcott Technical School Audits
Windham Technical School
Eli Whitney Technical School/Audit Reports
Audit/E.C. Goodwin Regional Vocational
Industrial Arts Program
Waterbury State Technical College
Windham Regional Vocational-Technical School -- High/Audit A-764
Eli Whitney Reg. Tech.
Vocational Building
Vocational Ed. Waterbury Case
Enfield Vocational Tech
Advisory Council on Vocational Education
Vocational Education Public Hearings
Vocational Education
Enfield Vocational School A-765
Milford Vocational School
Board of T. Reg. C. C.
Groton Vocational Technical School
State Colleges/Master Planning
Branford Vocational Technical School
Cheney Vocational School
Warren F. Kaynor Vocational Regional Technical School
Thames Valley State Tech. College
Emmett O’Brien Vocational Technical School
Platt Vocational Technical School Milford
A. I. Prince
Hartford State Technical College
Hartford State Technical College/Audit
Vocational Rehabilitation
Norwalk State Technical College
Voucher System
Wallingford Board of Education
Environmental Protection Department A-766
General and Unfiled material
Correspondence A-767
A – G
H – M A-768
N – S A-769
T – Z A-770
Subject Files A-771
Abandoned Cars
Air Compliance
Air Pollution, 2 folders
Air Quality Plan
Alaska Pipeline
Ansonia Shredder
Antoline – Mag Card
Black Island
Bluff Point
Boat Commission – Boat Safety Act
Bunker Boats
Candlewood Lake
Candlewood Lake Authority
Certificate of Merit A-772
Clean Air Commission
Coastal Management
Conservation and Development Plan
Connecticut Historic Riverway
Connecticut River Basin
Connecticut River Basin Plan
Connecticut River Valley Flood Control Commission
Cos Cob Power Plant
Costle Appointment – Mag Card
Costle Memorandums
Costle Telegram Sent to Weicker and Ribicoff
Costle Testimony
Council on Environmental Quality, 2 folders
Deep Water Ports
Deer Poaching-Mag Card
Energy Awards Given
Energy Awards Pending
Energy Conservation Awards
Energy Crisis
Enfield Open Spaces Project
Fairfield County
Federal Land Use Policy
Fish and Game
Five Mile River Commission
Flood Control
Fluoridated Water
Forest Land
Governor’s Council
Harbor View March
Harkness Memorial, 2 folders A-773
Heublein Tower
Home Community
Hopper’s Open Space
Hopper’s Open Space – Bristol
Housatonic River Basin Project
Housatonic Valley – Army Engineers
Hudson River Basin Compact
Hunts Brook
Indian Affairs
Indian River
International Convention for Prevention of Pollution
Keep America Beautiful
Keep Connecticut Clean and Beautiful
King’s Mark – Mag
King’s Mark Resource Conservation and Development Area
Lake Lillinonah
Land Acquisition Unit
Land Use
Land Use – Mag Card, 1973 October
Land Use, Capitol Region –Transportation Study
Legislation – Lower Connecticut River Area
Long Island Sound A-774
Low Lead Gasoline
Marine Resources
Milford Wetland
Millstone Point
National Land Use
Natural Area Preserves Advisory Committee
Naugatuck Valley River Control Commission
New England Camping Trades Association – Mag, 1974 January 9
New England Natural Resources Center
New England River Basins Commission
New England Water Study
Noise Pollution
North Hartford Dam
Northeast Utilities
Northfield Mountain
North Haven Clean-Up
Norwalk Flood Control
Norwalk River
Off-Shore Oil
Oil Export
Oil Leases
Oil Spillage - Pollution A-775
Open Spaces Form Letter
Organizational Chart
Park and Forest Commission
Parks and Forests – Outdoor Recreation
Pesticide Control Board
Phosphate Ban Report
Phosphates Report to Costello
Pollution, 2 folders
Pomfret A-776
Presidential Environmental Merit Awards
Press Releases
Radiation Spill
Resources Recovery Authority
Resources Recovery Authority, Advisory Council for Connecticut
Rhode Island – Connecticut Environmental City
Rocky Neck
Ry-Kar – Industrial Corporation
Salom River
Scantic River Park
Sewage Disposal Association, Connecticut
Shellfish Commission
Shepaug River Water Resources
Solid Waste, 5 folders
Solid Waste, A-777
Solid Waste Advisory Council – Mag Card, December 31
Sold Waste Testimony (Costel), December 13
Speaking Engagements
Stratford Hurricane Barrier
Strip Mining
Sulphur Regulation
Taylor Farm
Testimony, 1974 March 12
Testimony (Not Approved)
Thames River
Thames River Letter to Honorables
Thames River Estuary –Mag Card
Thames River Valley Con.
Tidal Marsh
Trail Bikes
Trumbull Dam Project –Gordon Allen
United States Government
Vacancy – Mag Card
Water Pollution, 2 folders
Water Pollution A-778
Water Pollution – Mag Card
Waterford School
Water Resources
Water Resources Commission
Water Sewer – Darien-Stamford tie in – Gordon’s file
West Haven Dump
West Thompson Lake
White Memorial Foundation – Audit Report
White, Molly – Mag Letter
Wildlife Conservation
Yankee Power Plant, Connecticut
Youth Conservation Program
Zalessky Wildlife
Health Department A-779
General and Unfiled material
Correspondence A-780
A – L
M – Z A-781
Subject Files A-782
Arthritis Rheumatism
Auditor's Report
Birth Data
Blood Pressure
Blue Cross
Bridgeport Regional Center
Camp Gilowat
Connecticut Camp Safety Advisory Board
Cancer Day
Cancer Grant
Cancer Society-Mag Card, 1974 January
Capitol Area Health Consortium
Ceadercrest Hospital
Central Connecticut Regional Center
Cerebral Palsy Assn.
Child Day Care Council
Chronic Disease Hospitals
Clinton Elm Chronicle
Coachlight Terrace Apts.
Combined Health Appeal
Comprehensive Health Plan
Advisory Council For Comprehensive Health Plan
Advisory Council For Comprehensive
Connecticut Hospital Assn., 1973 November
Connecticut Regional Med. Program
Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis Letters Answered
Cystic Fibrosis Printed Letters
Day Kimball Hospital
Diabetes, Federal
Emergency Medical Services, 3 folders
Etherington Report, Box A-783 A-783
Fairfield Elderly Home
Federal Funds
Federal Legislation Telegram
Financial Statements
Fluoridation / Hemodialysis
Foster Grandparents
Gaylord Hospital
Hartford Hospital Board of Directors
Health, Education and Welfare, U.S. Department of
Grants, 11 folders
Grants, 24 folders A-784
Health Industry
Health Planning
Health Planning Assembly
Health Planning Council
Hearing Aid Dealers Advisory Council
Homemaker and Health Aid Service
Hospital Cost - Mag Card – Letter
Hospital Cost Commission - Mag Card
Hospital Costs
Hospital Planning Comm., Connecticut, Box A-785 A-785
Hospital Services
Interest Groups
Kidney Disease
Laurel Heights
Laurel Rest Home
Lead Poisoning
Lead Poisoning Report
Leukemia Society
Lloyd, Dr. – Mag Letter, 1973 November 8
Lord's Point (Stonington)
March Of Dimes
McCook Hospital
Monthly Activities
Multiple Sclerosis
National Heath Act
New Baby Form Letter
New Britain Memorial Hospital
NERG: Regional Center for Health and Demographic Statistics
New Haven Regional Center
New Horizons
New Milford Hospital
Newington Hospital
Northwest Regional Ct.
Nursing Homes
Occupational Safety Health Act (Form. Letter)
Physical Fitness
Poison Information Center
President’s Health Program
Prescription Drugs, Box A-786 A-786
Press Releases, Gen. Info., Etc.
Private Residential Care
Prospect Gardens - Nursing Homes
Public Health Council
Public Health Nursing Agencies
Red Tide
Regional and National Organizations
Registration Fees
Restaurant Standards
Service Contracts
Sickle Cell Anemia
Speaking Engagements
Spina Bifida Clinic
State Lab
State Planning
Supplemental Food Program Regulations
Title 18
Tuberculosis Control Hospital Care and Rehabilitation
Tuberculosis Council
TB - RD Conference
Tumor Registry
Tumor Registry – Cancer
Uncas on Thames, Box A-787 A-787
Uncas on Thames Surgical Building
Utilization Study
Venereal Disease/Mag Card, 1973 October
Venereal Disease decreases
Task Force Numbers – Mag, 1973 October 1
Vermin Control Committee
Voluntary Professional Activities
Weekly Activities
Weekly Health Bulletin
Wethersfield Manor
WIC Food Program
Windham Hospital
Winsted Memorial Hospital
Yale Cancer Clinic
Higher Education Commission A-788
General and Unfiled material
Correspondence A – Z A-789
Subject Files A-790
Academic Awards, Board for
Associated Student Commissaries
Briarwood - Bridgeport University
Campus Information Questionnaire
Carnegie Commission
Central Naugatuck Valley Education Center
College Costs
Commencement Messages
Comm. On Aid To Higher Education
Conn. Education Council
Conn. Institute Health Manpower
Conntac, 2 folders
Economic Development, New England Board of Higher Education’s Student Internship in
External Degrees
Fairfield University
Federal Contributions
Fed. Leg.
University Of Hartford
Health and Educational Facilities
Independent College – MAG
Law Suits and Court
Commission for Higher Education Legislation
Management Information Systems
Master Plan
Minority Involvement In Higher Education A-791
New England Board of Higher Education
New Haven Higher Education Center
Press Releases
Reform Legislation
Salary / Retroactive Pay
Services and Expenditures
Speaking Engagements
State College Reception, 1973 November 16
Teachers Retirement System
Travel, Out of State
Trinity College
Vacation Accrual A-792
Veterinary College
Veterinary Medicine Council
Veterinary School (Mag Card)
Vocational Education
Vocational Education, Advisory Council on
Vocational Education, Advisory Council on – Literature
Wethersfield Law School
Yale University
Board of Trustees Files A-793
State Colleges Files A-794
Central Connecticut State College
Eastern Connecticut State College
Southern Connecticut State College
Western Connecticut State College A-795
University of Connecticut Files A-796
Board of Trustees A-797
General A – I A-798
General L – Z A-799
University of Connecticut Health Center A-800
Community College Files A-801
Greater Hartford Community College A-802
Housatonic Community College
Manchester Community College
Mattatuck Community College
Middlesex Community College
Mohegan Community College
Naugatuck Valley Community College A-803
New Haven Higher Education Center
North Central Community College
Northeast Community College
Northwestern Community College
Norwalk Community College
Quinebaug Community College
South Central Community College
South Central Community College (cont.) A-804
Tunxis Community College
Waterbury Project Higher Education
Technical College Files
Board of Trustees
Audit Report
Occupational Education, Northeast Resource Center for
Henry Abbott Regional Tech.
Ellis Voc. Tech.
C. E. Goodwin Regional Technical School
Housing and Urban Development A-805
General and Unfiled material
Subject Files A-806
Bicentennial Mag Card (Spirit of 76) Foundation
CHFA Mag Card, 1974 January 29
Comp. Planning Asst. Act
Comprehensive Planning Assistance Program
Conn. Housing Assistance Authority
Conn. Housing Finance Authority, 2 folders
Federal Housing Authority
Federal Legislation - HR 9688
Housing Allowance Experimental Program
Housing And Urban Development
Housing Assistance Groups Mag Card, 1974 April 8
Housing Task Force Kit
Housing Task Force Report Draft
HUD Legislation
Legislation/Housing Code Enforcement
Project Selection Criteria
Regional Arrangement, 1973
Title VIII - Camm. Dev. Training Program
Title VIII - Institute Of Public Service
Governor’s Task Force on Housing
Governor’s Task Force on Housing A-807
Clippings, Box A-807
Final Report
Gen’l Correspondence
Housing Task Force
Interim Reports
Insurance Department A-808
Correspondence A – Z
Subject Files A-809
Consumer Advisory Committee On Insurance
Crime Insurance Program
Favorable Letters
Hartford Insurance Group Penalty
Inter-Department Messages
Inter-Office-Pages File
Public Hearings
National Association of Independent Insurers
Merchandising And No Fault
No Fault
No Fault Insurance
Pension Funds
Press Releases
Safe Driver Classification Plan
State Insurance Purchasing Board
State Insurance Purchasing Board – Audit, 1974
Commissioners Speaking Engagements
Vacancy (Job)
Labor Department A-810
A – F
G – Z A-811
Subject Files A-812
Audit Report - Labor Dept.
Audit Report – Unemployment Commission
Branch Offices Closed
Camps (State Manpower Planning Council)
Civil Service
Commissioner Fusari
Ct. Assoc. of C.C. Execs
Congrats Apprentice Grads
Emergency Employment Act, 2 folders
Employment Security Advisory Council
Employment Security Division, 2 folders
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Executive Order
40-Hour Week
Health and Safety Act
Information from Fusari, Box A-813 A-813
Interoffice Memorandums, 1971 February-December
Interoffice Memorandums, 1972
Interoffice Memorandums, 1973
Jewett City
Job Fair
Job Folder and Fact Sheet
Joint Apprenticeship Program
Labor Day Message Nat’l Apprenticeship Week, Box A-814 A-814
Labor News
Legislation, 1972
Legislation, 1973
Legislation – Compulsory Unionism
Labor – Effect of Energy Crisis on Labor
Manpower (4 folders)
Manpower – Mag Card sent to Congressmen
Manpower Electric Boat
Manpower Planning Committee Appts.
Manpower / Proposed Executive Order
Mediation and Arbitration Board
Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage Law
News A-815
News Re: Unemploy. Compn. Claims, wkly
Occupational Health Report CCAG
Occupational Licensing Patient Workers
Public Employees
Putnam Office
Social Security
Special Strike Force for Full Employment
Stanley Page's File
State Advisory Council for the Unemployment Compensation Act
State Apprenticeship Council, 1973 June 29
Unemployment Commission
Unemployment Tax
U.S. Dept. of Labor – Youth
Worker's Defense League
Workmen's Compensation Commission
Workmen's Compensation Laws
Unemployment Compensation Materials A-816
Mental Health Department A-817
A – J
K – Z A-818
Subject Files A-819
Alcohol and Drug Dependence Division
Alternate Spending Proposal
Audit Report Ct. Valley & High Meadows
Audit Report/Under Cliff
Auditors Report
Blue Hills
Blue Hills Hospital
Board of Mental Health, 2 folders
Bridgeport Mental Health Center
Bridgeport Mental Health Center Dedication
Bridgeport Mental Health Mag, 1974 February 1
Central Conn. Community Mental Health Center
Children’s Center in Plainville - Wheeler
Children's Unit
Conn. Valley Hospital
Detoxication and Therapy Center
Face the State Mental Health
Facilities Survey Group, Ohio
Fairfield Hills Fire
Fairfield Hills Hospital
Grants A-820
Growth, 1973
Hartford Mental Health Center, 2 folders
Hartford Regional Center
High Meadows
The Institute of Living
Keney House - Day Treatment Serv.
Laurel Heights, 2 folders
Legislation/Child Psychiatry Service
Thank You Letter to Members of Advisory Boards and Superintendents
Mental Health Printed Letter
Milford Academy Speech
New Britain Child Guidance
News Releases
Norwich Hospital
Personnel Rpts.
Pamphlets, Bulletins, Info., etc.
Public Works Projects
Ribicoff Research Center A-821
Revenue Sharing
Security Treatment Audit Report
Security Treatment Center, 2 folders
South Central Mental Health Region
Speaking Engagements
State Board of Mental Health
Steering Committee Final Report
U.S. District Court – District of Conn.
Westbrook Mental Health Day Center
Wheeler Affiliates
Wheeler Affiliates – Letter, 1973 September 18
Wheeler Mental Health Clinic
Whiting Forensic Institute
Mental Retardation Office
Correspondence A – Z
Subject Files A-822
Auditors / OMR / John Dempsey Regional
Autism, 1973 October 16
Autism Distinguished Service Awards
Autism – Budget, 1974
Baldwin Bridge
CARC Board Member, 1973 June 29
Central Ct. Regional Center
Child Guidance
Christmas Pageant, 1974
Contract for Services Analysis
Danbury Regional Center
Deinstitutionalization Brochure
Dempsey Regional Center
Development Disabilities
Development Disabilities: State Planning & Advisory Council
Draft Letter for OMR Pins
Fairfield Regional Center
Fairfield Regional Center, 1973 September 1
Form Letters Thank You / Governor's OMR Policy
Foster Grandparents
Fred Finn
Governor’s Committee on Autism, 1973 September 28 A-823
Group Home Project
Group Homes
Growth, 1973 January
Harkness Memorial
Hartford Regional Center, 3 folders
Land Grant from City of Bridgeport
Long Range Plan
Lower Fairfield Regional Center
Lower Fairfield Regional County, 1974 January 31
Lower Fairfield Regional County, 1973 November 7
Lower Fairfield Regional County, Thank You Letters
Mary Mansions
Mental Retardation Council
New Haven Regional Center
North Central Regional
People Who Have Written to the Governor
Pamphlets, Info., etc.
President's Council on Mental Retardation
Printed Letter re 1974 Budget
Project Challenge
Project Challenge Flyers
Project Challenge Legislature, 1974 January 24
Project Challenge, 1973 January 24
Project Place OMR
Public Work Projects
Regional Services Delivery Systems People and Programs
Schmickel File A-824
Seaside Regional Center
Southbury Training School
Title 19
Waterbury Regional Center (3 folders)
Motor Vehicles Department A-825
A – L
M – Z A-826
Subject Files A-827
Accident Statistics
Alcohol Programs
Ansonia Branch Opening
Branch Office Cost
Centennial Marker Plates
Chevrolets – 1965 Model Deficiencies
Driver Education (Stanley Page File)
Driver Education
Drunk Driving
Energy Crisis
Fact Sheet
Federal Legislation
Federal State Clearing House (Grant Applications)
Highway Safety Programs
Info. from Com. Leuba
Interoffice - from Leuba
Labor Day Safety Message A-828
Legislation (Stanley Page’s Files)
Legislation, 2 folders
Lentini – Clemency, 1974 January 14
Licenses - Photo
Memorial Day
Miscellaneous (Stanley Page’s File)
Motor Vehicle Institute
Motorcycle Helmet Laws
Motorcycles (2 folders)
Noise Abatement
Payroll Audit
Payroll Audit Report, 1974 July 12
Reflecting License Plates
Safety Belts in State Vehicles A-829
Safety Commission
Safety Kits
Sale of Lists (Stanley Page’s File)
School Bus Regulations
Seat Belts, 2 folders
Spanish Manual
Speaking Engagements Motor Vehicles
Speed – Left-hand Lane (Stanley Page’s File)
Speeding and Drunken Driving (S.P. File)
Speeding Statistics (S.P. File)
Stamford Branch
State Ambulance Commission (S.P. File)
State Owned Cards – Closed File
State Owned Cards - Pending
Torrington Branch Closing
Traffic Safety School Course #71-1
Uniform Vehicle Registration
Waterbury Branch Office
Personnel Department A-830
A – L
M – Z A-831
Subject Files A-832
Blood Donor Program
Collective Bargaining, 2 folders
Commissioner Pay Raise
CSEA, 2 folders
Defense Driver Course
Emergency Employment Act
Employee Relations Committee
Forty (40) Hour Week
Hartford Courant Allegations
Interoffice Memorandums
Leave of Absences, Vacations & Vacancies
Pay Increases (Elected Officials)
Pay Raise
Pay Raise for State Employees
Pay Raise
Pay Raises for State Employees
Personnel Appeal Board
Personnel Suggestions
Public Employment Relations
Public Employment Relations Commis.(E.O.#11)
Raynor, Ronald
Salary (State Employees), Box A-833 A-833
Seaside Regional Center
Speaking Engagements
State Employees Cost of Living
State Employees Pay Raises
State Employees Salaries
State Employees Speech Made by Com. Simpson
State Employees Week
State Personnel
State Vehicles
Tyler, Joe
U – Wildey
Public Utilities Commission A-834
General Correspondence
Correspondence A-835
A – P A-836
Q – Z
Subject Files
Adj. (Non-payment)
Adj. (Standard)
Audit, 1974 June 25
Burnham’s Testimony
Bozrah Light and Power
Bridgeport Hydraulic
Bus Crisis
Citizens Groups
Con Edison, 2 folders
Conn. Natural Gas, 4 folders
Consultants / Refinery
”Continued Rise”
Diorio A-837
Documents – PUC
Federal Communications Comm.
Fuel Cost Adjustment Mag.
Fuel Cost Adjustment Follow Up
Fuel Cost Petition
Fuel Cost Petition / Short
Fuel Cost Petition / Short, 1974 April 19
Gov. Meskill Agency Files
Legislation, 1975
Legislation, 2 folders
Miscellaneous & Publications
NEEPS / Working Papers
N.E. Energy Policy Staff
New Haven Water Co.
Northeast Utilities, 2 folders
Northeast Utilities & Moody’s of all Utilities
Northeast Utilities New Rate Increase, 1974 April
Olmstead Water Co.
Public Utilities Commission / Connecticut Company, Box A-838 A-838
PUC Hearings
Penn Central
Petition to Intervene New Haven Water Company
Press Releases
Printed Letters Banking & Regulated Activities
Printed Letters for PUC Petitions Signers, 1973 September 10
Printed Letters PUC TAP, 1974 February
Public Intervenor
PUC, 1974 April 29
PUC Dockets
PUC Letters
PUC Mag Letters
PUC Miscellaneous
Rate Hikes 1973 / Form Letters
Rate Hikes HELCO - CL&P
Rate Hikes Letters
Rate Hikes / Post Testimony
Rate Hike Request
Rate Taxes & Approval (Support Letters)
Repeal of Utility Tax, 1973 October
Response to Tedesco Coupons
Rules & Regulations
Sales Tax on Utility
Stamford Water Co.
Southern Ct. Gas, 2 folders
State Sales Day on PUC
Stockholders Temporary Help
Thank You / AARP, 1973 December 19
United Illuminating, 4 folders
Public Works Department A-839
Correspondence A – Z
General Correspondence
Subject Files
Appraised Property UConn
Bidding Public Contracts
Bridgeport Leasing, 1974 January
Building Codes
Building Codes Conference, 1973 May
Central Naugatuck Center
Commission on Demolition
Community Correctional Center
Deferred Projects
Eastern Conn. State College
Eastern Conn. Veterans Homes & Hospital
Eastern Office
Education Buildings
Fact Sheets
Fairfield County Regional Center
Federal Govt. Legislation
Governor Conference Room
Groton Technical School
Hartford Juvenile Court A-840
Hartford Regional Center
Health Center
Leases - S. Page's File
Leasing Fraud
Manafort (Memos From)
Memos from Biggs
Memos to and from Com. Edward Kozlowski
Misc. Projects / S. Page
Monthly Reports
New Haven Correctional Center
New London County Court House
Norwich Hospital, 2 folders
Press Releases A-841
Preston Court House
Public Relations
Public Safety-Commissioner
Public Works Bi9ll 8857 Conn. Fire Marshall Assn.
Public Works File - G. Allen
Puerto Rican Population of New Haven
Quarterly Report
Silver Sands
South Central
South Central Public Works
Space Allocation
Speaking Engagements
Stamford Court House
State & Urban Development Committee on Public Works Leases, 1971-1972
State Land – Middletown Ct. Reverend Lorenzo Woods
Supreme Court Building
UConn Health Center
UConn Med.-Dental Center
Veterans Hospital Almquist
Vinal Technical School
Washington Office
Waterbury Court House
Waterbury Higher Education Complex
Well Drilling Board
Western Conn. State College, 2 folders
Safety Commission A-842
Special Revenue Commission A-843
Correspondence A – Z
Subject Files A-844
Commission on Special Revenue / Lottery
Federal Legislation
Horse Racing
Lottery, 2 folders
Lottery Line
Memos to MacDonald
Off Track Betting
Spanish Speaking Fact Sheet
Speaking Engagements
Telegram - HR 6668
State Planning Office A-845
State Police A-846
A – P
Q – Z A-847
General Correspondence
Subject Files
Auditors Report/Norwalk State Police
Auxiliary Graduates
Babson College – Correctional Management Skills
Christmas Tree
Conn. Fire Marshall
Emergency Plan
Feisal Folder
Fire Advisory Council Fire Marshall
Fire Prevention Letter
Fuessenich - Normal State Technical
Garner, David
Garner, David – Rescue
Governor’s Security Report
Hot Dot (National Guard)
Investigative Crime Task Force
Japanese Ministers Visit
Law Enforcement Manual
List of Conn. Police Chiefs & Fire Chiefs
Mail to and from Fuessenich A-848
Memorial Day Weekend
Monthly Reports
National Fire Academy
Operation Checkmate
Out-of-State Travel
Pay Raise Letters
Payroll Audit Report
Motor Vehicles Statistics
Pocket, Janice, 3 folders
Police Promotions
Regional & National Organizations / Travel & Participation
Safety / Hot Dots
Safety on the Streets
Security Officer’s Reports
State Police Letter
State Police Reports
State Police Speeding Statistics
357 Revolvers
Trooper of the Year Award
Wage Adjustments
Tax Department A-849
Correspondence N – S (remainder missing)
General Correspondence A-850
Subject Files A-851
Against Tax Program, Box A-851
Amusement Tax
Anti-Income Tax – Pro Sales Tax
Anti-Real Estate Exchange Tax
Articles from the Press
Auditors Report
Boating Fee
Cabaret Taxes
Capital Gains and Div. Form Letter
Capital Gains – July
Capital Gains Tax
Cigarette Tax
Cigarette Smuggling Legislation
Circuit Breaker, 3 folders
Circuit Breaker (Crouch Letter), 1973 December
Circuit Breaker Fact Sheet
Circuit Breaker Offset Letter
Conveyance Tax, 2 folders
Corporation Businesses
Dividends Letter, 1973 July
Dividends Refund Education
Exemption Number
Form Letter (Dividends), 1973 July
Form Letter Surplus
Grants to Towns
Hiring State Policemen
Income Tax
Inheritance Tax, 2 folders
Job Vacancy
Legislation, 2 folders
Legislation, 1973
Licensing Fees Lawyers
Liquor Tax
Meal Tax, 2 folders A-852
Non-Profit Organizations
Out-of-State Tax (R.I. – N.Y.)
Physicians Licensing Fees
Printed Tax Letter, 1974 February
Pro-Meskill Program - Taxes
Property Taxes
Reduction Fact Sheet,
Registration Fees
Response to Supporting Letters on Dividends
Sales Taxes
Sales Tax Letter Sent in Appreciation to State Auditors
School Funding
Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements (F. George Brown)
Tax Administrators News
Tax Form Coupon A
Tax Letters - No Addresses
Tax Newsletter & Info.
Taxes on Laundry
Taxes - Thank-You for Support
Tax on Dividends & Capital Gains (A-F) A-853
Tax on Dividends & Capital Gains (M-R)
Tax Reform Commission
Tax Refunds
"Tax Review"
Taxes and Tuition
Taxes on Advertising
Taxpayers Assn. Of Conn.
Utility Tax
Veterans Property Tax
Transportation Department A-854
Yellows A-857a
General Correspondence A-858
Subject Files A-859
Accident & Loss Prevention
Advertising Schedule
Aeronautics (General), 3 folders
Aeronautics – Letters to Foreign Air Lines
Air Pollution
Air Line Hi-jacking
Airports – State
Allyn St. Connector, January-September A-860
Animal Export Center
Ansonia Airport
Appreciation/Governor’s Trip to Bradley
Aviation Federal Legislation
Berkshire Line
Bi-Weekly Status Report
Bike Grants
Bolton Coventry Airport
Bolton Coventry Airport (Form Letter)
Bond Agenda
Bond Com.
Bradley Expansion
Bradley Gateway, 3 folders
Bradley International (Com. Wood's Trip to Europe) A-861
Bradley International Airport
Bradley Post Office
Brainard Airport
Bridgeport Airport
Budd Car Conversion
Budget – D.O.T.
Budget Requests
Bureau of Aeronautics Audit Report
Bus Capital Grants A-862
Bus Companies (Privately Owned)
Bus Crisis (A-L)
Bus Crisis (M-Z)
Bus Crisis Folder
Bus Form Letters A-863
Bus Legislation
Bus Letters
Bus Schedules
Bus Service, 2 folders
Bus Transit
Buses - Special Session Bushnell Connector
Bushnell Park Connector
Cab Hearings, 1974 June 11 A-864
Capital Grants
Capitol Land Use Transportation
Capitol Region Transportation Task Force
Car Pooling, 5 folders
Cargo Security
Charted Air Travel
Chester Hadlyme & Rocky Hill Ferry
Civil Aeronautics Board
Clam Digger
Commuter / Conn. Turnpike Tickets
Commuter Service A-865
Commuter Trains
Congressional Record
Conn. D.O.T.
Connecticut Company
Conn. D.O.T. Out of State
Conn. – New York Modernization Program
Conn. Safety Commission
Conn. Transportation Authority
Contract – CDOT
Cornwall Bridge
Cos Cob File
Cos Cob Power Plant
Council on Environmental Quality – 3221 – (Dale Van Winkle; Exec. Arr.=Huntington Williams)
Crisis Response Team
Danbury – Airport, Box A-866 A-866
Danbury - Bethel Transit District
Davis-Bacon Act
Day Trip Briefings
Dial A Ride
Diesel Cars to Go Gas Turbine
East Haddam Land Sale
East / West Highway
Emergency Highway Energy Act
Employment Emergency act
Energy Crisis
Enfield Suffield Bridge
Environmental Impact
Federal Aid Highway
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal DOT, 2 folders
Federal DOT Newsletter
Federal Highway Act of 1973
Federal Legislation
Federal / State
Financial & Budgetary Reports, 2 folders
Fire Chief Funds for Emergency Training
Fox File
Freight Car Shortage Testimony
"Gale Drive" A-867
Gasoline Shortage
General Electric, 2 folders
Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry
Gold Star Bridge
Governor’s Northeast Rail Testimony
Governor’s Representative for Highway Safety
Governor’s Special Commission on the Financing of Mass Transportation
Grade Crossing
Grants to Towns
Greater Bridgeport Transit
Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce ,Transit Committee
Greater Hartford Transit
Greater Hartford Transportation System
Growth Centers
Handicapped / Ramps
Helicopters, 2 folders
High Level Platforms
High Speed
High Speed Rail
Highway Beautification
Highways, Bureau of
Highway Communication System
Highway Construction Schedule
Highway Fund
Highway Fund A-868
Highway Fund, 1974
Highway Garages
Highways (Interstate) General
Highway Lighting
Highway Maintenance
Highway Research Board
Highway Safety, 1973 September 27
Highway Safety
Highway Safety Improvements
Highway Trust
Highway Workers
Highway (State Roads) General
Hoover Crafts
Interstate Commerce Act
Interstate-84 Canterbury
Interstate-84 East
Interstate-84 Waterbury
Interstate-84 West (Waterbury), 2 folders
Interstate-85 A-869
Interstate-95 Rest Stop
Interstate-95 / West Haven High School
Interstate-95 Connecticut Turnpike
Interstate-291, 3 folders
Interstate-291, 1973 July 31
Interstate-291 – Mayor Adams
Interstate-291 – Mag Letter
Interstate-291 Welles Petition
Jet Port, Box A-870 A-870
Kanell / Memos
Land Acquisition
Land Use / Transportation Planning
Lease – New Haven
Legislative Bulletin
Legislation, 1973
Legislation, 1974
Legislation – Urban Mass & Passenger Inter-City
Limited Access Highway
Long Haul Support Program
Long Island Sound Bridge
Long Wharf Parking
Lovers Leap Bridge
Mass Transit Backer – Labels – Toby Moffett
Mass Transit Legislation
Mass Transit – Mag Letter, 1973 August
Mass Transit – Printed Letter, 1974 February
Mass Transportation Telegrams
Master Plan, 1973
Master Plan, 1974
Memos from Colin Pease
Memos from Renee to Governor Meskill
Memos to and from Sam Kanell
Meriden – Markham Airport
Merritt Parkway A-871
Merritt Parkway (Ex. Order), 1974 April
Merritt Parkway Letter, 1973 December
Merritt Parkway, 2 folders
Merritt Parkway, 1973 November
Merritt Parkway Rt. 80 – 25
Merritt – Thank You
Metro Flight
Minor Improvements
Mohegan-Pequot Bridge
Monorail, 2 folders
Monorail – Mag Letter sent to Mayors
Monorail, 1973 November 19
Montowese Street Bridge
Motor Carriers
Motor Transport, 2 folders
Mt. Carmel Connector
Mystic Oral School
Mystic Seaport
Nahum – Mini Buses
National Highway Safety Bureau, 2 folders
National Railroad Governing Board
Needs Study
Nepaug Dam
New England Power Supply
New England Rail Office
New Haven Bus Service
New Haven Canal Line
New Haven Line
New Haven Railroad Terminal Building
New Haven Water Co., 2 folders
New Industries (G-E)
New London / Coleman St.
New York Giants Traffic Committee A-872
News Clippings, 2 folders
News – D.O.T.
News Releases - Misc.
Niantic Bridge
Noise Pollution
Northeast Corridor
Northeast Rail Crisis Petitions
Northeastern Railroad
Nutmeg Inns
Old Saybrook
Organization Manuals
Oxford Airport
Oyster Bay Bridge
Pacer – D.O.T., 2 folders
Penn Central
Penn Central A-873
Penn Central Crisis
Penn Central Freight Crisis
Penn Central R. R. Strike
Penn Central R. R. Transportation
Podell Bill
Poquonock River Bridge
Position Papers – Transportation
Postal Parking
Power Facilities – Pfec 5612 – Wadsworth Bill
Press Releases, 2 folders
Project 59-105-0790
Projects, 1973-1974
Property Control
Proposal for Bids
Proposed Regional Rail Corp.
Public Hearings
Public Notices
Public Utilities
Rail Abandonment A-874
Rail Bus
Rail Bus Demonstration
Rail Clamdigger
Rail Crisis Petitions
Rail Crossing in New London – Feasibility Study
Rail Freight
Rail Line Route Abandonment
Rail Motor Carriers
Rail Passenger Service
Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970
Rail Pax
Rail Strike Information
Rail Task Force
Rail Testimony, 1974 March 11
Rail Transportation Committee
Railroad – General Files
Railroad Task Force
Railroad Task Force – Exec. Order 24
Rapid Transit
Regional Rail Act, 1973 A-875
Regional Rail Agency
Representative Mail
Respiratory Health association Center
Rest Areas
Revenue Sharing
Rights of Way
Route 1
Route 2
Route 5
Route 6
Route 7 / Linear Park
Route 7
Route 7 Special
Route 8
Route 8 / Beaver Dam
Route 9
Route 10, 2 folders
Route 11
Route 12
Route 15
Route 17
Route 19
Route 20
Route 21
Route 22
Route 25 / Beachemin
Route 25 A-876
Route 25 (Merritt) (Mrs. Eltrich)
Route 27
Route 30
Route 32
Route 34
Route 35
Route 37
Route 39
Route 44
Route 45
Route 46
Route 47
Route 52
Route 53
Route 57
Route 58
Route 59
Route 63
Route 63 & 64
Route 66
Route 67
Route 68
Route 69
Route 70
Route 72
Route 75
Route 77
Route 78
Route 81
Route 82
Route 83
Route 84
Route 85 Project
Route 95
Route 99
Route 101
Route 106
Route 108, 2 folders
Route 110
Route 123
Route 124
Route 135
Route 136
Route 138
Route 140, 2 folders
Route 142
Route 146
Route 153
Route 154, 2 folders
Route 156
Route 159
Route 160
Route 161
Route 162
Route 171
Route 175
Route 177
Route 178
Route 190
Route 194
Route 195
Route 197
Route 229
Route 275
Route 318
Route 486
Route 649, 3 folders
SST A-877
Safety Belt
Safety Commission / Audit
Saugatuck River Bridge – Westport
Senate Testimony – Highway Bill – Transportation Fund
Senior Citizens
Signs & Billboards
Sherwood Island Connector
Shugrue, James – Memos
Sikorsky Aircraft
Sikorsky Memorial Airport – Bridgeport
Silver Lane
Silver Lane Widening
South Street Bridge
Southport Ticket Window Closing
Speaking Engagements
Speed Limits, 2 folders
Snow Emergency
Stamford Area Luncheon
Stamford Project
State Land
State Legislation
State Owned Vehicles
State Pier
State Planning Office
State Truck Usage
State Work Program, 1974
Stewart Air Force
Surplus Property
Task Force A-878
Testimony S-502 (Federal-Aid Highway Act 1973)
Three Bears Rest. (Merritt Parkway)
Ticket Window Closing
Toll Investigation
Topics – Stamford
Traffic Commission
Traffic Commission Parade Route – Derby / Shelton
Traffic Coordinating Committee A-879
Traffic Safety
Traffic Signals
Transit District Development
Transportation Advisory Committee
Transportation Fact Sheet
Transportation Fund, 4 folders
Transportation Institute, 2 folders
Transportation Legislation, 1972
Transportation Needs Study
Transportation News
Tree Removal
Truck Transportation
Trumbull Airport
Trust Funds
Tweed New Haven Airport
Unanswered Mail – S. H. Page A-880
United Transportation Assistance (testimony)
Unified Transportation Assistance (UTAP)
Unified Work Plan
Unified Work Program
U S #1