Course:00: Course Navigation
Lesson:General Navigation Instructions
Topic:Accessing Links and Pop-ups

Accessing Links and Pop-ups

As you proceed through this course, you will see places where you can choose to "click here" to access material that is related to the current topic. When you click a link, the details will pop up in a separate web page that's likely to cover up the course page. When you're finished viewing the pop-up, simply click the small "x" in the upper right corner of the browser to close the pop-up and return to the underlying course page. 

In order to view the material, you may need to download and install a "reader" or "viewer." 

In the case of files originating in Microsoft Office, you will need to have the appropriate Microsoft viewer installed, if you do not have the Microsoft Office suite installed on your machine. To access the site from which you can download the viewer, click here

In other cases you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. To access the site from which you can download the reader, click here.


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