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Other Course Features

In addition to course pages and pop-ups, you'll find exercises within the training. You'll know it's time to access them when their icon appears within a lesson page. For access, click on the link supplied.

When you've completed the course lessons, you'll find a short exam, accessed from the "Course Conclusion" lesson. Revisit any lessons you feel the need to review, then take the exam. When you've finished, you can print a certificate of completion to add to your training records.

IMPORTANT: Exam pages do not contain Previous and Next buttons. To return to course pages, click the Syllabus button in the left frame to see the table of contents and navigate directly to the page you want.

When you encounter a critical term in the text, we'll frequently highlight it in the right column with its definition.

Critical terminology will also be included in the course glossary, accessible from anywhere in the course by clicking the syllabus button, and then clicking the Glossary page (the last page in this Welcome section).

Course pages may include professional tips and facts and/or examples to complement the course content.

"Tips" are advice from the pros.

"Facts" are additional information we thought you'd find interesting.

"Examples" are just what you'd think--specific cases to give you a context for understanding course generalizations.

We'll also direct your attention to additional resources outside the course. These may be books or articles, or they may be links to web pages outside the course.

In all cases these links will appear in a new window, and your underlying course page will remain open, so that you don't lose your place.

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