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Troubleshooting / Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a detailed source of information about this learning interface?  

Yes. Click the "Help" button in the left frame. 

When I return to a page I've previously visited, the pictures have been replaced with a small red "x." 

To see the pictures again, click on the "Syllabus" or "Shortcuts" button in the left frame. Navigate to the desired page by clicking its name in the syllabus and the pictures should reappear.  

When I try to view a puzzle, I get the Puzzle Viewer pop-up window, but can only see the "Start" button and the clock. I get an error message saying that I don't have ActiveX running.       

From Internet Explorer: 

1. Select Tools--Internet Options--Security Tab. 

2. You will see a slider on the bottom half of the properties window. Move it to MEDIUM. Alternatively, you may see a "Custom Settings" button. Change your settings to "Medium." 

3. Click Apply, then OK.  

I can't get anything to happen when I click the links in the course. 

Do you have a pop-up blocker activated? You'll have to turn it off.


Help icon
Click the Help button to learn more about the interface.

"x" in window
This box appears when a picture is missing.

This menu is found on your MS Explorer top bar.

Change your setting to "Medium."