Course:1: Archives and Archivists
Lesson:Lesson Three: Historical Record Collections
Topic:Types of Materials Held: Historical Records


Types of Materials Held, continued

Historical Records

Historical records, or archives, are made, received, or accumulated by a person or organization because they have ongoing, lasting value. They include papers, documents, photographs, maps, and other unique materials. Historical records are commonly referred to as "archives."

The organizations that collect and keep them are also often called archives. So, the word "archives" can refer to both collections of historical records; the building where they are kept; and the program or organization that manages the collections.

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Archives -- three definitions:

  1. Materials relating to the history of an institution that are kept for permanent preservation because of their evidential or informational value (e.g., documents photographs, books, maps, blueprints etc.)
  2. The place or building where archival materials are stored and cared for
  3. The organization that cares for archival materials

Maine map
This map is held by the State of Maine Archives

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Notebook of RPI's first professor, Amos Eaton. For additional information about this notebook, see the June 1994 issue of Rensselaer: The Alumni Magazine, "Preserving the Past."