1: Archives and Archivists
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Lesson One: Introduction to Archives and Archivists

Lesson One Overview


Historical Records

Some Uses for Historical Records

Lesson One Summary

Lesson Two: More About Historical Records

Lesson Two Introduction

The Uniqueness of Historical Records

What Do Historical Records Look Like? Are They Always Old?

Intrinsic Value

Which Records Are Historically Important and Which Are Not?

Lesson Two Summary

Lesson Three: Historical Record Collections

Lesson Three Introduction

Who Keeps Historical Records?

Types of Materials Held: Overview

Types of Materials Held: Historical Records

Types of Materials Held: Artifacts and Objects

Types of Materials Held: Published Materials

Comparison Chart of Functions and Responsibilities of Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Lesson Three Summary

Lesson Four: What Is an Archives?

Archives are Records

Archives are Repositories

Archives are Organizations

Who is in the "Archives business"?

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Lesson Five: What Is an Archivist?

Lesson Five Introduction

An Archivist's Responsibilities

How Is an Archivist Different from Other Related Professionals?

Lesson Five Summary

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