Course:2: Acquiring Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 1: What Is a Collection Policy and What Does It Do?
Topic:The ABC Department of Archives

The ABC Department of Archives 

This exercise demonstrates how a collection policy can guide decision-making about what to collect. 

Click here to read the sample collection policy.
Note: If you'd like to print the sample policy, when the window opens, click File>Print from the top menu bar.  

Based on this collection policy, decide whether or not the ABC Department of Archives should accept or reject the following groups of historical records. 

Group 1

Sailing Association Records, 1915 - 1972, 22 cubic feet. A voluntary association of people interested in boating. The collection contains minutes, membership lists, photographs of members and events, and publicity materials. Accept or reject? Click here

Group 2

ABC Environmental Coalition Records, 1975 - 1983, 10 cubic feet. This group is concerned with the preservation of local wetlands. The collection contains lobbying records, press releases and clippings, correspondence, and financial records. Accept or reject? Click here

Group 3

ABC Bakery Records, 1912 - 1970, 3 cubic feet.

A local, family owned bakery shop, well known in the community until it closed in 1970. The collection contains financial data, letters from customers, and recipes. Accept or reject? Click here

Group 4

Literary Association Records, 1958 - 1969, 25 cubic feet. A local association of authors, teachers, and readers. The collection includes correspondence with authors, reviews of books, meeting minutes, photographs, and audiotapes of lectures. Accept or reject? Click here.

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