Course:2: Acquiring Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 1: What Is a Collection Policy and What Does It Do?
Topic:Elements of a Collection Policy


Elements of a Collection Policy 

A Collection Policy includes these elements: 

Element 1: The name of the program and its parent organization (if applicable) 

Element 2: The purpose of the program 

Element 3: A description of the types of historical materials the program collects and the topics and areas of emphasis that the program specializes in. This should include the subjects, people, timeframes, and geographic regions your program focuses on. 

Element 4: A description of the formats the program can responsibly manage (manuscripts, audio materials, visual materials, photographs, electronic files, etc.) 

Element 5: A description of how those historical materials are acquired 

Element 6: A description of procedures used to remove materials from collections 

Element 7: A description of procedures used when materials are loaned

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Below are links to various collections policies. Examine them to familiarize yourself with the various treatments of the elements.  

California Social Welfare Archives Acquisitions Policy 

Revelstoke Museum and Archives Archives Mandate and Policy Statement 

The Commercial Fishing Museum Collection Collection Policy 

The Archdiocese of St. Louis Collection Policy 

The Eureka College Archives Collection Policy 

Niagara Falls Public Library  Collection Policy