Course:2: Acquiring Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 4: Acquiring Historical Records and Establishing Legal Control of Them
Topic:Some Things to Remember About Acquiring Historical Records

Some Things to Remember About Acquiring Historical Records

Depending on your program, you may use other forms for transferring records. An historical records program that is part of a government may need to use specific forms to document transfers. These could include a certification of records disposal or a records retention schedule. A program that serves as the archives for an organization may use an internal transfer form to move collections to the archives.

All of these forms need to be modified to meet your organization's unique needs. You will also need to establish who can sign these kinds of legal documents on behalf of your organization. Remember to have your legal counsel review your forms.

Once these agreements are completed, they become vital business records that you should maintain as a permanent part of your archives. They are legally binding documents that provide protection from litigation. If ownership of records ever needs to be traced, these forms offer evidence of the previous ownership of the records.

Stack of forms
Specific forms may need to be used for some programs.

Court of Law
Remember that your signed acquisition forms are legally binding documents and are vital business records. They are your evidence of ownership.