Course:2: Acquiring Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 6: Documenting Your Accessions
Topic:Other Filing Options


Other Filing Options

You may want to consider a more complex filing system that cross-references other systems. Many historical records programs use a system that includes donor files, potential donor files, accession books or files, and collection files. In this case, your system might look something like this:

Donor files

Contain correspondence and related documentation relating to donors and the collections they have donated; including transfer documentation.

Potential donor files

Contain correspondence and information relating to potential and pending donor relationships.

Accession records

Contain the accession record elements and related material such as inventories of materials, including donor name so you cross reference to your donor files. There is one accession record for each accession.

Collection records

Finding aids, inventories, and other related information pertaining to your processed collections. These should include a reference to an accession number so you can cross reference back to accession records and donor information. (More about these in Course 3)

Collection files
You may want to consider a more complex filing system.

Screen shot of an electronic filing system
It's nice to be able to cross-reference your accession records to your donor information