2: Acquiring Your Collections
Welcome to Course 2: Acquiring Your Collections


Course Glossary

Course Objectives

Course Overview

Lesson 1: What Is a Collection Policy and What Does It Do?

Lesson One Introduction

The ABC Department of Archives

Assessing Your Capabilities and Resources

Do We Really Need a Collection Policy?

Elements of a Collection Policy

Lesson One Summary

Lesson 2: Writing A Collection Policy

Lesson Two Introduction

Element One

Element Two

Element Three

Element Four

Element Five

Element Six

Element Seven

Lesson Two Summary

Lesson 3: Appraisal -- Deciding What Records to Acquire

Lesson Three Introduction

Making Appraisal Decisions

Other Factors to Consider

Your Decision

Using an Appraisal Tool: The Riveroaks Scenario

More About Riveroaks

The Riveroaks Historical Society and Museum Scorecard

Lesson Three Summary

Lesson 4: Acquiring Historical Records and Establishing Legal Control of Them

Lesson Four Introduction

Legal Control

Legal Control: Purchase Agreements

Legal Control: Deposit Agreements

Legal Control: Deed of Gift Agreements

Some Things to Remember About Acquiring Historical Records

Lesson 5: Accessioning -- What Do You Have and Where Is It?

Lesson Five Introduction

Making Sense of the Collection

Doing the Paperwork

Working With Your Accession

Lesson 5 Summary

Lesson 6: Documenting Your Accessions

Lesson Six Introduction

Donor Files

Accession Files

Other Filing Options

Lesson Six Conclusion

Lesson 7: Course Conclusion

Course Summary

How to Take the Course Exam