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Lesson:Lesson 3: Preservation
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  Lesson 3: Preservation


Now that you have reviewed the records and understand how the collection will be arranged, you can begin the physical work of implementing that arrangement – re-filing materials, moving folders from one location to another, and generally putting the collection in the order that you have decided upon.

As you do this arrangement, you will also do some tasks that will help preserve the collection.

Preservation during processing involves:

  • Examining the condition of materials
  • Removing containers and materials that are unsafe for the storage of historic materials
  • Selecting storage conditions for the collection that will help keep it safe and in good condition.

Since preservation work depends on the type of material you are processing, we will look at several common types of material in this lesson. We’ll also look at basic rules for handling materials during processing and at some of the supplies you'll need.

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This lesson will take about 30 minutes to complete.

 Boxes with conserved materials
Preservation actions result in a collection that is protected from damage and will better stand the test of time.