Course:3: Processing
Lesson:Lesson 3: Preservation
Topic:Some Basic Rules for Handling Materials During Processing

Some Basic Rules for Handling Materials During Processing

  • Take time to handle records properly and handle them as little as possible.
  • Records being processed should be returned to storage when they are not being processed for an extended period of time, even overnight.
  • Label folders using Number 2 pencil (not pens!) or with computer-generated labels as long as the labels do NOT come into contact with the records.
  • Keep hands, supplies, equipment, and work areas clean.
  • Keep food and drink out of work areas.
  • Use archival quality supplies whenever possible.
  • Different formats will require different handling; make sure you understand proper preservation techniques for the material.

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Archival quality boxes
Use archival quality supplies and keep everything clean.

 folder and #2 pencil
Always label folders with a number 2 pencil.