Course:3: Processing
Lesson:Lesson 5 – Processing: Putting It All Together


You are a processor at the Riveroaks Historical Society and Museum.  You recently appraised and accessioned a collection of papers from a local artist, Lisa Smith. The accession record for this collection contains the following information.

Accession number:  2002-013

Title:  Lisa Smith Papers


This collection consists of five cubic feet of records relating to the art of Lisa Smith. Lisa Smith was a local artist, recognized nationally, for her work depicting rural life. The records consist of exhibit files that include extensive notes and background material for each work exhibited, photographs of each exhibit, news clippings about each exhibit, and exhibit catalogs.

Dates of Records: 1972 - 1999

Source of Collection:  Emily Smith

Accession Date:  April 12, 2002

Amount:  5 cubic feet

Restrictions:  None

Location: Back storage room, Shelf 3

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 Artist painting canvas outdoors
Lisa Smith's records are about her art exhibits.