Course:3: Processing
Lesson:Lesson 5 – Processing: Putting It All Together
Topic:The Research is Done –Let’s Get to Work!

The Research is Done ĖLetís Get to Work!

Youíre ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands on the collection.

processing equipment

Physically arrange the collection

You have already decided in your head how you want to arrange the collection. Now you should do the physical arrangement. In this case the file folders are labeled with venue title and exhibition dates, making the physical arrangement relatively easy.

Just look through each box, identify the files in chronological order (from 1965 Ė 2001), then move the files, in order, to new boxes. When you have one box filled with arranged records, put a temporary label on the box noting the date span, so itís easy to keep the boxes in order.

When youíre done, you should have five cubic feet of records arranged chronologically by exhibition dates. You should take a look at the arrangement and double check it to see if there are any mistakes.


 Before you get started, make sure you have adequate workspace that is clean and secure. Gather your supplies and have them in the processing area ready to use.





labelled boxes
Put temporary labels on boxes as you fill them, to keep them in order.