Course:3: Processing
Lesson:Lesson 3: Preservation
Topic:Microfilm and Microfiche

Microfilm and Microfiche


Store the master negative in a secure location in appropriate environmental conditions. (Master films should be stored at maximums of 65F, 35% RH, 5%.)

  • Wear gloves when handling master negatives.
  • Handle ALL films by the edges or leaders.
  • Resleeve fiche immediately after use.
  • Do not pull film rolls tight on the reel as this can scratch the film.

Processing Tasks

  • Microfilm reels should be individually boxed.
  • The film should be held in the wound position by a preservation-quality paper tag secured with a string and button tie. (Rubber bands contain residual sulfur, a source of film and emulsion damage, and must never be used.)
  • Storage containers should be made of high-quality, lignin-free, buffered or neutral paper.
  • Storage containers should be adequately labeled and should accurately reflect the contents of the roll.
  • Microfiche should be sleeved with the emulsion side away from the interior edges of the enclosure to prevent abrasion. (This also adds protection from adhesives on sealed edges.)
  • If you are storing the master negative and using copies, maintain an index that allows you to understand where each is stored and that shows the relationship between the master and use copy.