Course:3: Processing
Lesson:Lesson 5 – Processing: Putting It All Together


  1. Place the processed folder in an archival box of the appropriate dimensions. (In our scenario, we are using cubic foot boxes.) You will find that it may be helpful to place the box on its side so that the folders lay flat as you continue filling up the box--this keeps the documents from bending.
  2. Continue to work your way through each file folder within the collection.
  3. Fill the box so it is snug and the documents donít bend when the box is sitting in the correct position. Donít overfill!
  4. Put a temporary label on the box to help you keep track of it.
  5. Below is an example of a collection of materials before and after processing.

Unprocessed materials

Processed materials

Pick the right size box for your materials.


If you finish a collection and have some room left over in the box, you should consider using a smaller size box. Or you may need to use a box spacer to support the documents within the box. Box spacers are available from archival suppliers.