3: Processing
Lesson 1: Introduction to Processing

Lesson 1 Introduction


Course Objectives

Course Overview

Lesson 2: Arrangement

Lesson 2 Introduction


Original Order

Collections and Series

Step 1: Research

Step 2: Look for Collections and Series

Step 3: Decide an Arrangement Scheme and Plan for Preservation

Step 4: Make a Plan

Lesson 2 Summary

Lesson 3: Preservation

Lesson 3 Introduction

Preservation of What?

Some Basic Rules for Handling Materials During Processing

Processing Supplies

Loose Paper

Bound Volumes

Maps, Architectural Drawings and Other Oversized Documents

Photographic Media


Newsclippings Within a Collection

Microfilm and Microfiche

Audio and Video Magnetic Tapes

Additional Resources

Lesson 3 Summary

Lesson 4: Description

Lesson 4 Introduction

More About Description


Finding Aids

Writing Your Own Finding Aids

Practice with Finding Aids

Lesson 4 Summary

Lesson 5 – Processing: Putting It All Together

Lesson 5 Introduction


Background Research

Identify the Original Order

Review the Records

Preservation Decisions

What’s Your Plan?

The Research is Done –Let’s Get to Work!

Arranging Decision

Let the Preservation Begin!



The Finishing Touches

The Finding Aid

Lesson 5 Summary

Course Conclusion

Additional Resources

How to Take the Course Exam