Course:4: Housing Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 1: Assessing and Improving Your Building
Topic:Storage Areas


Storage Areas 

The area and environment in which archival records are stored is vital for the protection and preservation of those records. The right conditions will help ensure that records continue to exist and that the information within them remains accessible. We’re going to take a look at the storage area itself first, then look at the storage equipment. 

Remember that the first key action to take with archival records, regardless of where they are going to be stored, is to put them in the proper storage containers.  

We discussed appropriate archival quality folders and boxes in Course 3. Storage containers provide the records with a “micro-environment” that buffers those records from light, dirt, and moisture and protects them from deterioration. Archival records need to be stored in archival quality folders and boxes. 

Storage Archives
Your records need the right storage conditions.