Course:4: Housing Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 3: Disasters--When Bad Things Happen to Good Records
Topic:Who to Call


Who To Call 

When disasters occur, it is crucial that staff knows and understands who is responsible for what. A simple and concise list of responsibilities is crucial. The list should identify: 

  • Who is the senior decision maker?
  • Who interacts with fire, police, or other authorities?
  • Who will serve as back up if someone is unavailable?
  • Who should gather supplies?
  • Who is responsible for salvage?
  • Who is authorized to spend money?

The list should include names and phone numbers so the appropriate people can be contacted. You should update the list regularly. You can include this information on pages 3, 7, and 8 of your disaster plan template.

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Keep up to date a list that clearly shows who is responsible for what and contact information.