Course:4: Housing Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 3: Disasters--When Bad Things Happen to Good Records
Topic:What Assistance Might Be Necessary?


What Assistance Might Be Necessary? 

When a disaster strikes, you will need some help. It’s useful to have on hand, before the disaster occurs, a list of service providers and their contact information. This list may include contacts for everything from the local fire department to vendors who specialize in videotape recovery.   

Some ideas for your list are:

v  In-house Security

v  Fire Department

v  Police or Sheriff

v  Ambulance

v  Local Emergency Management Agency

v  Professional Advice / Conservator

v  Insurance Company

v  Freezer

v  Freeze-dry Service

v  Document Recovery/Salvage

v  Computer Records Recovery/Salvage

v Microfilm Recovery/Salvage

v Videotape Recovery/Salvage

v Computer Emergency

v  Legal Advisor

v  Electrician

v  Plumber

v  Carpenter

v  Exterminator

v  Fumigation Service

v  Locksmith

v  Utility Companies




…. Water

v  Architect or Builder

v Janitorial Service

You can fill in appropriate information on your disaster plan template, pages 5 and 6.


Lightning storm

Keep a list of service providers on hand for when disaster strikes.