Course:4: Housing Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 3: Disasters--When Bad Things Happen to Good Records
Topic:What Do You Need?


What Do You Need? 

Basic Supplies

There are some basic supplies that you should have on hand, or know where to get, in case of a disaster. All of these supplies are available at your local discount department store. See the checklist in the right column for specifics. 

Keep these supplies on hand and make sure staff knows where they are! Your disaster plan should indicate where these items are stored, or how staff could get access to them quickly. A supply checklist is found on pages 10 and 11 of your disaster template. 

Disaster Equipment

Staff should also know where to find the equipment they may need to respond to a disaster. This equipment could include:

  • Extra keys
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Cut off valves for water, electricity, and gas

You should use page 4 of the template for this information.

Basic Supplies List