Course:4: Housing Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 3: Disasters--When Bad Things Happen to Good Records
Topic:Disaster Response: What Do We Do?


Disaster Response:  What do we do? 

Emergency Procedures 

The first priority in an emergency is the safety of the staff and patrons. Staff needs simple, straightforward information when disasters and emergencies occur. Your disaster plan should clearly and simply state what steps staff should take when responding to a disaster, including how to evacuate people from the facility.  

The template disaster plan includes several emergency procedures sheets. These sheets donít focus on how to salvage collections; they cover how to immediately respond to ensure the safety of the people involved. 

These sheets can be used as part of your overall disaster plan. They can also be used as stand alone documents--to be distributed to staff or posted as appropriate. (Note the overlap between security planning and disaster planning in these procedures.)

Resources icon

The US Government offers a multitude of resources to help with disaster planning. An excellent place to start is OSHA's Emergency Preparedness site. Another site to visit is the DisasterHelp site.