Course:4: Housing Your Collections
Lesson:Lesson 1: Assessing and Improving Your Building
Topic:Lesson 1 Summary


Lesson Summary 

Caring for your historical records involves both managing your collections and managing the environment that your collections are in. Your building and storage areas don’t have to be part of a specially designed facility in order to provide adequate protection for your collections.   

In this lesson we have discussed several aspects of the physical environment--from leaking roofs to UV levels to shelving.  The outside shell of your building ultimately needs good routine maintenance and care in order to adequately protect your collections. The storage areas need to be the best that you can provide – and we have provided good, better, and best scenarios for you to consider. Do the best you can with what you have, and work to meet the “good” standard in order to provide the minimal amount of protection for your historical records collections.

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