4: Housing Your Collections
How To Make The Best of the Building You're In

Course Introduction


Course Objectives

Course Overview

Lesson 1: Assessing and Improving Your Building

Lesson 1 Introduction

Your Building

Storage Areas

Spaces To Avoid: Attics and Basements

Climate Control


Protection from Fire

Protection from Water

Air Quality

Pest Control

Good, Better, and Best Storage Areas

Cleaning and Housekeeping

Records Storage Equipment

Lesson 1 Summary

Lesson 2: Security Planning

Lesson 2 Introduction

Physical Security

Do You Need a Security System?

Collection Management and Security

Implementing Security Precautions

Responding to Security Problems

Lesson 2 Summary

Lesson 3: Disasters--When Bad Things Happen to Good Records

Lesson 3 Introduction

Yes, It Can Happen To You

Fix What You Can and Prepare for the Rest--Make a Risk List

Be Prepared

Who to Call

What Assistance Might Be Necessary?

Identifying Priority Collections

What Do You Need?

Why Do You Need These Things?

Disaster Response: What Do We Do?


Lesson 3 Summary

Lesson 4: Conclusion

Course Summary

How To Take the Course Exam