Course:5: Access and Outreach
Lesson:Lesson 3: Exhibits and Loans


Exhibiting historical records is an important way to raise awareness; however, it must be done thoughtfully and with preservation in mind. This is even more important if your materials are going to be exhibited on loan in a facility and environment that is not your own.

Lending materials is common practice for some programs, and infrequent in others. In either situation, your program should have a standard loan agreement form that delineates the conditions of the loan. You may also want to consider a loan policy statement that governs the loaning practices of your organization.

Documenting Loans

A loan policy details the processes and requirements involved in loaning material for exhibition purposes. Read over our template loan policy now. This template policy is very generic and can be adapted for your own use as appropriate.

Be aware that the documentation of your loan agreement is a legal contract that should be approved and signed by the appropriate governing boards and signing authorities before the loan is official.

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The loan agreement is the signed document that makes the loan official. A sample loan agreement form is here. Again, it can be adapted for your own situation. 

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