Course:6: Optional Materials
Lesson:Fundraising and Grantwriting


Fundraising activities range from the simple to the complex, from displaying a poster that asks for donations for a specific purpose to telephone campaigns, from bake sales (or book sales) to silent auctions. Fundraising is a process that requires creativity and ingenuity. What works in one place may not work in another.

Fundraising Tips

Set a goal
How much money do you need to raise? A fundraiser without a goal is like an arrow without a target.

Develop a plan
The more complex your fundraiser is, the more important planning it well will be. Understand who is in charge of what, and put one person in charge of overseeing the entire fundraiser.

Again, more complex fundraisers need a schedule developed so that you are sure that everything gets done in the right order and on time.

Select the right fundraiser
Select a fundraiser that your group can and will participate in and support.

Do one fundraiser at a time
Doing many fundraisers does not mean raising more money. Doing a few fundraisers and doing them well produces better results.

Create enthusiasm and excitement
You are raising money because you believe in your cause and you want others to believe, too. Show enthusiasm in what you do its contagious!

Run it like a business
Your fundraiser is a "mini" business. Treat it as a business. Make good business decisions. Use good accounting practices. Remember, you are doing the fundraiser to make money.

Dollar goal

Set your fundraising goal.

Develop your plan and a schedule, one fundraiser at a time.

Run your fundraiser like a mini-business.