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Tel: 860-757-6550, Fax: 860-757-6594
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Supervisor: Steve Mirsky
Bill Room, Connecticut State Library,
231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106

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Bill Room at the State Library
The State Library Bill Room (860 757-6550) provides information on the status of current Connecticut state legislation and supplies copies of pending and current legislation upon request.

Bill Tracking
People wishing to track specific bills during the current CT legislative session are now able to use the "Bill Tracking" function on the CT General Assembly Web site. Please be aware that "Bill Tracking" only tracks the progress of each bill you enter into the list and doesn't detect other bills introduced which contain the same subject matter, if the bill dies and its contents are adopted in another bill's text.

Legislative Tutorial
An explanation and analysis of the Legislative Process in Connecticut, prepared by CSL Bill Room staff.

Legislative History
The Law/Legislative Reference Unit maintains the archives of Connecticut General Assembly documents, indexes legislative bills and House and Senate proceedings and public hearings, and compiles legislative histories for Connecticut Public and Special Acts. The Bill Room works closely with many legislative offices to acquire verbatim House and Senate transcripts and Committee Public Hearings transcripts that include written testimony submitted by speakers at the public hearings. Bill Room staff paginate and index these transcripts for reference and citation format purposes. These documents comprise a comprehensive record of legislative histories in Connecticut. The Guide to Legislative History Web site provides further information about these histories and how they may be obtained.

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