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List of Names included in the State Library collection of

Biographical Sketches

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The Biographical Sketches are bound compilations of biographical pamphlets containing sermons, discourses, biographies, memoirs, etc. After binding, each volume was numbered, and each individual pamphlet numbered according to its position within the volume. The class number for the series is 920.073 .B524 vol #.

They are shelved in the Special Collections area of the library and are accessible through archival procedures.

This tool is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all the pamphlets and indicates the specific volume and number.

Please note that when compiling this list in December 1991, Vol. 21 no. l had been removed from its volume for display in the Museum. Volumes 33, 34, 35, 36, and Vol. 72D-G were not on the shelf. Volume 79 is a collection of unbound, unnumbered pamphlets. Volumes 11-16 comprise the Ellen D. Larned Collection.

[Compiled by] Nancy Peluso, Jan. 1992.

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