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Newspapers Microfilmed by the Connecticut Newspaper Project

Arranged By Special Topics

Special Topic - Agriculture
Connecticut Farmer (1879-1894) 16 Reels which include:
Connecticut Farmer (Hartford, Conn. : 1879)

Special Topic -- Amateur Newspaper
Middlesex and New Haven County newspapers (1859-1942) 1 Reel which includes three amateur newspapers:
Clinton Courant (Clinton, Conn.)
Hamden Bi-Weekly Star
Leete's Island Times (Handwritten newspaper)
Saybrook News
Shore Line Times (Clinton, Conn.)
Shore Line Times And County Chronicle
Short Beach Daily (Amateur newspaper)
Stalwart (Guilford, Conn.)
Times (Guilford, Conn.) (Handwritten newspaper)
Times (Hamden, Conn.)

Fairfield County Newspapers (1870-1917) 1 Reel which includes one amateur newspaper:
Brookfield breeze
Brookfield news
Gleaner (Brookfield, Conn.) (Handwritten newspaper)
Newtown advertiser (Newtown, Conn.)

Neighborhood News (1939-1943) 1 reel which includes one amateur newspaper:
Neighborhood News (Granby, Conn.)

Special Topic -- Anti-Slavery
Anti-slavery Newspapers (1837-1859) 4 Reels which include:
Connecticut Press
Free Soil Advocate

Anti-Slavery newspapers (1838-1848) 3 Reels which include:
Charter Oak (Hartford, Conn. : 1838)
Charter Oak (Hartford, Conn. : 1846)
Free Soil Pioneer
Republican (Hartford, Conn.)
Slave's Cry

North and South (1858-1860) 1 Reel which includes:
New Britain Times (New Britain, Conn. : 1859)
North And South (New Britain, Conn.)
North And South New Britain Journal

Special Topic -- Campaign Literature
Connecticut Political Newspapers, 1840-1884 1 Reel which includes:
Castigator (Middletown, Conn.)
Harrisonian (Brooklyn, Conn.)
Meriden Daily Monitor
Middlesex Explorer
People (Danbury, Conn.)
State Guard (Norwich, Conn.)

Special Topic -- Congregationalist
Congregational Observer (1839-1842) 2 Reels which include:
Congregational Observer
Connecticut Observer, And New-York Congregationalist

Hartford Watchman, etc. (1836-1840) 2 Reels which include:
Congregationalist (Hartford, Conn.)
Hartford Watchman
Northern Watchman (Hartford, Conn.)
Watchman (Hartford, Conn.)

Miscellaneous Congregationalist (1833-1902) 1 Reel which includes:
Connecticut Observer (Hartford, Conn. : 1842)
Morris Herald (Morris, Conn.)
Priestcraft Exposed (New Haven, Conn.)

Special Topic -- Ethnic &/Or Foreign Language
Connecticut Foreign Language Newspapers (1907-1938) 1 reel which includes:
Bridgeporti Ujsag 
Capitale Tribuna Di Hartford
Connecticut American
Gazzetta (Waterbury, Conn.)
Italian=American Weekly News
Messaggero Del New England = The New England Messenger
Osterns Harold = The Eastern Herald
Parola Cattolica
Progresso Di Waterbury
San Carlino
Sole (Bridgeport, Conn.)
Tribuna Di Hartford = The Hartford Tribune
Vittoria (Bridgeport, Conn.)
Voce Italiana

Connecticut Hebrew Record (1920-1923) 3 reels which include:
Connecticut Hebrew Record

German Language newspapers (1858-1907) 1 reel which includes:
Bridgeporter Zeitung
Connecticut Beobachter
Connecticut Freie Presse
Connecticut Republikaner (New Haven, Conn. : 1871)
Connecticut Republikaner (New Haven, Conn. : 1882)
Connecticuter Zeitung
Hartforder Herold
Hartforder Stadt=Bote
Hartforder Zeitung
New Haven Anzeiger

Hartford chronicle (1940-1949) 2 reels which include:
Connecticut Chronicle
Hartford Chronicle
Hartford-Springfield Chronicle
New England Bulletin

Hartforder Anzeiger (1877-1880) 2 reels which include:
Hartforder Anzeiger
New England-Anzeiger
Providence Anzeiger

Indipendente (1907-1936) 1 reel which includes:

Lithunanian way (1950) 1 Reel which includes:

Que Pasa (1977-1992) 2 reels which include:
Que Pasa

Sentinella (1920-1948) 15 reels which include:
Sentinella (Bridgeport, Conn.)

Tribuna del Connecticut (1906-1908) 2 Reels which include:
Tribuna Del Connecticut

Verita (1926-1946) 16 reels which include:
Verita' (Waterbury, Conn.)
Verita, Corriere Del Connecticut

Waterbury Beobachter (1907-1917) 8 Reels which include:
Waterbury Beobachter

Special Topic -- Freemasonry
Canal of Intelligence, etc. (1826-1830) 3 Reels which include:
Anti-Masonic Intelligencer
Canal Of Intelligence
Free Elector
Norwich Free Press
Republican Free Press (Tolland, Conn.)

Special Topic -- Labor
Connecticut Labor Press (1918-1925) 6 Reels which include:
Connecticut Labor News
Connecticut Labor Press

Examiner (Hartford) (1881-1901) 1 Reel which includes:
Examiner (Hartford, Conn.)
Weekly Examiner (Hartford, Conn.)

Miscellaneous Labor newspapers (1836-1932) 1 Reel which includes:
American Mechanic And Home Journal
Connecticut Citizen (Ridgefield, Conn.)
Connecticut Craftsman
Connecticut Workman (Bridgeport, Conn.)
Hartford Labor
Labor Standard
Liberty Bell And Workingmen's Advocate
Mechanics', Operatives', And Laborers' Advocate
Stamford American (Stamford, Conn.)

Sub (Groton, Conn.) (1943-1948) 1 Reel which includes:
Eastern Connecticut News
Sub (Groton, Conn.)

Union Times (1941-1948) 4 Reels which include:
Union Times (New Haven, Conn.)

Special Topic -- Military
Connecticut Military Newspapers (1862-1875) 1 Reel which includes:
Connecticut Fifth (Winchester, Va.)
Connecticut War Record
Knapsack (Hartford, Conn.)
Soldier's Record (Hartford, Conn.)

Messenger (1943-1945) and State Guard news (1920) 1 Reel which includes:
Messenger (Bloomfield, Conn.)
New England State Guard News

Special Topic -- Prohibition and Temperance
Connecticut Fountain and Related Temperance newspapers (1848-1854) 2 Reels which include:
Connecticut Fountain
Connecticut Union
Fountain (New Haven, Conn.)
Fountain And Son Of Temperance
New England Fountain

Connecticut Home (1889-1894) 4 Reels which include:
Connecticut Home (Willimantic, Conn.)
New England Home

Connecticut Prohibition newspapers (1829-1911) 2 Reels which include:
American Conflict
Banner And Banquet
Connecticut Organ (Hartford, Conn.)
Gospel Temperance (Norwich, Conn.)
Home Messenger (Willington, Conn.)
Law And Order (Bridgeport, Conn.)
National Issue (Hartford, Conn.)
New Republic
New-England Examiner
No License Advocate
Norwich Gleaner
Norwich Spectator (Norwich, Conn. : 1829)
Norwich Spectator (Norwich, Conn. : 1843)
Norwich Reporter
Reporter (Norwich, Conn.)
Temperance Gem
Voter (Hartford, Conn.)
Weekly Reporter (Norwich, Conn.)
Windsor Herald
Winsted Sentinel

Maine Law Advocate and Examiner (New Haven) (1852-1856) 1 Reel which includes:
Advocate And Examiner
Examiner (Norwich, Conn.)
Maine Law Advocate
Maine Law Advocate And Home Circle

State Temperance Journal (1866-1904) 4 Reels which include:
Connecticut Temperance Journal And Family Visitor
Meriden Weekly Republican (Meriden, Conn.: 1870)
Meriden Weekly Visitor
State Temperance Journal (Meriden, Conn.)
State Temperance Journal (Middletown, Conn.)
State Temperance Journal (New London, Conn.)
State Temperance Journal And Home Visitor
State Temperance Journal And Meriden Weekly Republican
Temperance Journal (Hartford, Conn.)
Temperance Journal And Family Visitor

Special Topic -- Underground Press
Connecticut Underground Newspapers (1969-1983) 1 Reel which includes:
Alert (Middletown, Conn.)
Atalanta (Storrs, Conn.)
Black Voice (Waterbury, Conn.)
Force (Hartford, Conn.)
Forward Motion (Storrs, Conn.)
People's Weekly (Waterbury, Conn.)
Power Press (New Britain, Conn.)
Storrs Street Fish Gazette
Storrs Weekly (Storrs, Conn.)
Storrs Weekly Reader (Storrs, Conn.)
U Conn Free Press
Wild Raspberry (Hartford, Conn.)

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