Connecticut State Library with state seal

Final Performance Report
Grant Number: PS-20464-91


Microfilming Efforts By Other Connecticut Institution, Since 1991
(Does not include dailies and weeklies acquired by subscription from the major vendors or filmed annually by local institutions.)




Years covered

Filmed for

Filmed by

Avon news N/A N/A 1987-1996 Avon Free Public Library NEM
Bridgeport light 2 N/A 1988-1990 Bridgeport Public Library AMS
Bridgeport times and times-star 174 93,088 (page count N/A for some reels) 1918-1925, 1927-1936,
and still working on 1926, 1937-1941
Bridgeport Public Library AMS
Clinton recorder 76 N/A 1907-1980 Clinton Historical Society NEM
Enfield press 11 N/A 1983-1992 Enfield Public Library NEM
Housatonic ray [New Milford, Conn.] 2 1,474 1874-1900   NEM
Monroe courier 7 16,250 1985-1997 Monroe Public Library NEM
New Milford gazette 12 13,200 1885-1886, 1909,1919   NEM
New Milford times 48 43,146 1915-1946   NEM
Newington life 5 3,094 1996-2001 Lucy Robbins Welles Library, Newington NEM
Newtown bee N/A 23,604   Publisher of Newtown bee NEM
Rockville journal 30 27,370 1911-1959 Rockville Public Library, Vernon NEM
Rockville leader 31 25,619 1902, 1908, 1910, 1926-1964 Rockville Public Library, Vernon NEM
Waterbury Democrat 131 120,124 1887-1925 Silas Bronson Library, Waterbury NEM
Windsor Locks Journal 30 N/A 1880-1974 Windsor Locks Historical Society AMS

Filming companies:
Archival Microfilm Services, 1133 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT 06514
New England Micrographics, 344 Boston Post Road, Marlboro, MA 01752

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