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The Connecticut State Librarian Appointed to Depository Library Council

Acting Public Printer William H. Turri has appointed Connecticut State Librarian, Kendall Wiggin, to the Depository Library Council.  Mr. Wiggin will complete the remaining two years of the three year term vacated by Richard Akeroyd who has stepped down following his retirement from the New Mexico State Library. The Depository Library Council, composed of 15 members, advises the Public Printer on policy matters relating to the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) which traces its roots back almost 200 years.  The FDLP provides access to published information of all three U.S. Government branches through partnerships with more than 1,250 libraries ranging from public libraries to research universities. As the head of a State Library that serves as a regional depository library, Mr. Wiggin is a strong advocate for public access to government information and at the same time is very aware of the opportunities and challenges presented by the inevitable transition to electronic documents. Responsible for a large historic collection of government documents, he plans to work with the Government Printing Office on the digitization and preservation of these collections.

CONNector, July 2007