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New Museum Website

The Museum of Connecticut History recently launched a new website at The site features information and images about exhibits, education related programs and events, collections highlights and much more. Web surfers, tourists, students, and those just curious about Connecticut history can make a virtual visit to the museum from anywhere in the world. Researchers can use the museum and library database links, and educators will get a preview of what's in the museum prior to their field trip. Parents can even print out a scavenger hunt for their kids to do when they arrive.

Another feature of the site is the use of blogs to highlight education programs and other activity in the museum. Patrick Smith, Curator of Education, has started a blog related to the very popular museum education program "Connecticut Invents". The blog has entries about Connecticut inventors, program updates, links to invention sites, and more. Future museum blogs may include curatorial activity including recent acquisitions and exhibit news. Overall, the website will better serve our current audience and hopefully entice new visitors to come see our exhibits in person. Check out the new site, it's a great way to get a taste of what's happening at the museum without leaving home!

The CONNector,  July 2007