Connecticut State Library
It's a Sign!


Hilary Frye is a Library Specialist in the Law and Legislative Reference Unit of the Connecticut State Library. She looks up laws for legislators, helps public and staff understand complex copyright laws, and researches legal and legislative laws for the general public-all work in very serious subjects. But, in one of those unexpected, quirky turns of life, work has also allowed her to become an artist in her own right, the unofficial public sign-maker for the Connecticut State Library. Her art blossoms along the corridors of the State Library whenever there is a major holiday or a coming  event. 


Martin Luther King Day

How does one go from legal tomes to the world of light, shape, and colors? With the increased use of computers, library signs -- formerly made by hand or typewritten -- became the domain of computer graphics programs, and the possibilities for art became endless. It was about 2002 that striking new signs first began to appear in the corridors of the State Library, announcing special closings, events or holidays. Each was an original work of art catching the eye of the public and staff.

Hilary didn't sign up (forgive the pun) for sign-making. The work came to her because in the years before 2002, she says, she created some "really colorful" PowerPoint presentations and gave workshops on computer graphics. When a sign-maker was needed, she was given the job.

If you have seen one of Hilary's signs, you may love it or merely like it, but you will recognize that it is an original creation. She has received various comments, criticisms, and compliments over the years, and continues to give each sign individual treatment. She has now made over a dozen colorful, creative signs. Because of her talents, everyone passing through the State Library is  informed of closings and special events in an eye-catching way.  Thank you, Hilary, and keep up the good work!

Bonnie Linck, Librarian 2