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Amendment Article VIII, Section 1


Justices of the Peace.

SJR 22                        1973

            Senate:            3640, 4350-4355, 4362-4363

            House:            7327-7336, 7830-7833

            Committee      Government Administration & Policy: None

                                                Total Pages: 23  pages


Adopted: November 27, 1974 by a popular vote of  301,707 in favor and 236,692 against.


“There was some concern … that this amendment meant to eliminate justices of the peace … All we’re trying to do … is remove the constitutional requirement that justices of the peace must be elected … There’s been a recent judge’s ruling which says that all justices of the peace must have their names printed on the ballot … some cities have 150 justices of the peace … [and] that would move the vote off the machine and on to paper ballots”.


--Rep. Eloise B. Green, speaking during the house debate on Wednesday, May 23, 1973 regarding proposed constitutional amendment S.J.R. No. 22.