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Amendment Article XXIX

Crime victims’ rights.


SJR 13                        1996

            Senate:            1976-2001, 3234-3251

            House:             2802-2910

            Committee:     None for this resolution, but see Judiciary hearing for            SJR No. 4: 566, 568-573, 587, 589-595, 600-606, 676-682, 959-970

                                                Total Pages: 153  pages


Adopted: November 27, 1996 by a popular vote of  656,223 in favor and 179,882 against.


“It is certainly not the intent to provide a veto power to the victim of a crime.  But the intent is to allow a victim to express an opinion … to the court, rather than … indirectly throught the prosecutor ….”


--Rep. Lawlor speaking on the floor of the Connecticut House of Representatives , April 25th, 1996, to explain proposed constitutional amendment S.J.R. No. 13 which would provide for the rights of crime victims.