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Amendment Article XXX

Election of sheriffs.


SJR 15                        2000

            Senate:            897-907

            House:            2499-2558

            Committee:     Judiciary: 2302-2303, 2314-2316, 2451-2452

                                                Total Pages: 77 pages


Adopted: November 29, 2000 by a popular vote of  585,155 in favor and 307,275 against.


“This is a system that should have been changed a long time ago … the functions they perform are functions that ought to be done by civil servants who are hired … fired … and promoted on merit.” “


--Rep. Farr  speaking on the floor of the Connecticut House of Representatives on April 18, 2000 during the debate on proposed constitutional amendment Senate Joint Resolution No. 15 which will remove the constitutional article providing for election of county sheriffs.


County government was abolished in Connecticut in 1959 by legislative act, Public Act 152,