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The Firelands

Albert E. Van Dusen in his history Connecticut (New York: Random House, 1961) states:

"At the western end of the [Connecticut Western] Reserve [in what is now Ohio] was a strip twenty-five miles wide known as the Firelands. This area was linked with Connecticut by bonds of suffering and destruction. As a result of severe British raids upon Danbury, New Haven, Fairfield, Norwalk, and New London in the Revolution, many families incurred great losses. After years of petitions for relief, the state finally took decisive action in 1792 to reimburse the victims and their heirs by turning over to them 500,000 acres in Ohio for equitable division according to losses."

Because of various delays a "full thirty years elapsed between the first British raid and the opening of the Firelands. By this time most of the sufferers were too old to migrate there..."(p.199). The Firelands are made up by the present-day Erie and Huron Counties, as well as a small portion of Ashland County, Ohio.

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The Connecticut Archives collection comprises the records of the General Assembly to approximately 1820 and is grouped into broad topics. For more information about this collection, see the main Connecticut Archives page. The series pertaining to the Firelands include:

Aldrich, Lewis C. History of Erie County Ohio. Evansville, IN: Unigraphic, 1978 [CSL call number: F497 .E5 H57 1978].

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The Firelands Pioneer / The Firelands Historical Society. 1858- [CSL call number F497 .W5 F5].

Hill, George W. History of Ashland County, Ohio. Cleveland: Williams Bros., 1880. This title has been digitized by Google books.

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