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Sections 11-8i through 11-8n of the Connecticut General Statutes authorize the creation of a dedicated fund and a grant program utilizing those funds to enhance or improve the preservation and management of historic documents. The statute imposes an additional fee of three dollars for the recording of land records, including deeds and mortgages.  The Historic Documents Preservation Account (hereafter referred to as the fund) is comprised of the two dollars from this fee that the town clerks forward to the State Library. The Office of the Public Records Administrator oversees the fund and administers the grant program supported by the fund for Connecticut's municipalities to help them enhance or improve the preservation and management of their records as well as provide training and technical assistance.

The Historic Documents Preservation Program offers three types of grants: non-competitive targeted grants, disaster recovery grants, and competitive grants.  The State Library awards these grants based on pre-established areas of greatest need as determined by the Public Records Administrator. 

The total amount of funds available for grants depends on the number of documents recorded the previous year.  This will vary with the state of the economy, which in turn affects housing sales and thus the recording of deeds and mortgages, and cannot be predicted with certainty. Targeted grants will receive priority funding from the program.  In the event that there is insufficient funding in any given year for both targeted and competitive grants, only targeted grants will be offered.

In accordance with Section 11-8n (b), the State Librarian established an advisory committee of town clerks representing small, medium and large towns from across the state that meets three times each year.


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Grant Projects in the News

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