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Obtaining Certificates of Course Completion for Webinars
(to qualify for CEUs)
A service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library


This information is provided primarily to assist school librarians and classroom teachers in qualifying for CEUs as a result of attending a Webinar. In order to qualify for CEUs, the webinar must be at least one hour in length.


EBSCO Publishing will confirm professional participation of the online or onsite training session(s) with either an email confirmation or a signed certificate, as requested by the participant or the contact person for the event. For webinars, participants can request the confirmation during the webinar session itself - the instructor will set aside time at the end of the session to get the names and email addresses of all those who want to receive either a certificate or email confirmation of participation.

Joe Ceterski, MLS
EBSCO Publishing
800.653,2726 ext. 3427


There is a selection at the bottom of the webinar registration page for requesting a Certificate of Course Completion. Just check the yes box and a certificate will be e-mailed directly to you. The certificate includes your name, course name, date and course length (most online courses are 1 hour). The certificates are e-mailed within a few weeks of course completion.

Beth Reiten
ProQuest Information and Learning

iCONN Databases Showing Library Type and Vendor Affiliation

Public Schools Colleges Databases (A - Z) Vendor
No No Yes ABI/Inform Complete ProQuest
Yes Yes Yes Academic Search Premier EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Biography Reference Center EBSCO
No No Yes CINAHL with Full Text EBSCO
Yes No No Downloadable Audio Books Recorded Books
Yes Yes Yes EBSCOhost EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes E-Reference Books (GVRL)? Gale
Yes Yes Yes ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes GreenFILE (Environmental) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Hartford Courant - Historical ProQuest
Yes No No HeritageQuest Online ProQuest
Yes Yes Yes History Reference Center EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes iCONN OneSearch EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Kids Search (grades 3-8) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Legal Information Reference Center EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes LISTA (Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes MainFile (multi-disciplinary) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes MAS Ultra: School Edition (high schools) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes MasterFILE Premier (includes Consumer Reports) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Middle Search Plus (middle schools) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Newspapers (National Newspapers Core, Hartford Courant) ProQuest
Yes Yes Yes Newspaper Source Plus EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Nonfiction Book Collection - High Schools (2,700 titles) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Nonfiction Book Collection - Middle Schools (3,200 titles) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Nonfiction Book Collection - Elementary Schools (1,300 titles) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Primary Search (elementary schools) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Professional Development Collection EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Referencia Latina EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Science Reference Center EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Searchasaurus (grades K-3) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Student Research Center (grades 6-12) EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes Teacher Reference Center EBSCO
Yes Yes Yes TOPICSearch EBSCO

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