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EBSCO Resources That Support Searching by Lexile and Listening

A service of the Connecticut State Library in partnership with your local library.


  1. EBSCO is presently able to assign Lexile levels to articles in HTML format only.
  2. Limiting a search by Lexile level using preset menu selections is generally available only in Advanced Search, if it is available at all.
  3. If the specific Lexile range you want set as a limiter is not available in Advanced Search, this limit can be set precisely using this command syntax:
         global warming AND LX 100-1000 [there is a space between LX and 100-1000]
  4. Some databases offer in Advanced Search the ability to limit search results to articles that are equal to, less than or greater than a specified number of pages. If this feature is not available in Advanced Search, it can be set using this command syntax:
         global warming and PG 1-10 [there is a space between PG and 1-10]
         global warming and PG 1- [this limiter equates to: one or more pages]
  5. The command syntax for (3) and (4) above can also be combined:
         global warming AND PG 1-10 AND LX 850-1050
  6. All articles in HTML format can be "listened" to at different speeds using text-so-speech. The ability to listen to articles being read is important to support individual students with different reading abilities as well as group listening.
  7. To limit searches to only articles that have the "listen" function, add the following command syntax:
         global warming AND LX 1-

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